Significance of kundali matching for marriage

Significance of kundali matching for marriage


Have you ever heard about marriage Kundli matching? It is an astrological ritual Indians follow once they plan to get married. We believe in a phrase that marriages are made in heaven, so, when two people share this heavenly bond, they must assess the compatibility first based on the position of these heavenly bodies at the time of their birth.

But how to test compatibility? How astrologers match Kundalis for marriage? And most importantly, is matching kundali before marriage so crucial? Let’s answer all of these questions one by one.

What is Kundali matching?

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As per the belief of our ancestors, each celestial bodies have a profound impact on our life. When two people plan to tie the knot, the stars of their respective Kundali, impact both of them. That’s why before the marriage, astrologers analyze Kundalis of the bride and groom to view the positions of various stars and their possible impacts on married life.

In order to get the right match, they assess eight different factors. Based on the star’s position in both the Kundalis, they derive certain Guna (point) for each element. This is known as the Ashtakuta system(Viewpoints of eight elements).

Apparently, 36 is said to be the highest score, and a couple whose Kundali matching achieves 36 points are indeed a match made in heaven! This Guna Milan sets the base for further predictability. But there are various methods of Kundali matching. Let’s know about all of them now!

Methods of Kundali Matching

There are two distinct methods to match birth charts. Mostly astrologers match Janam Kundali by Date Of Birth. Knowing the exact Date of birth and time of birth helps astrologers to derive the accurate analysis.

However, not all people are aware of the right time and Date of birth. In such cases, the Kundali match is done by the name. The first letter of the name denotes a specific zodiac sign. Based on the traits of the zodiac sign, astrologers then derive their interpretation.

Nowadays, people quickly get free kundali matching for marriage on various websites. Just fill the Date and time of your birth along with your name, and instantly the software will provide you reliable results.

Why is Kundali Matching a determining factor of marriage?

According to our Indian culture, when two people get married, they will stay together for seven births. With marriage, not only couples but two families connect with each other. Choosing your life partner and getting married is one of the most critical life decisions.

Briefly speaking, with marriage, life changes completely. Therefore it is of utmost importance to choose the right partner. Mental, emotional and physical compatibility, deep understanding, and a strong intimate bond is the base of harmonious marriage life.

But how to know what will be the future of the marriage? Will it be a blissful journey? With marriage, will you be able to cope with your life goals? Your Kundali matching report will give you your answers! It can answer and well predict the future journey.

To be more precise, let me share different reasons why matching your Birth Chart is so essential!

The best tool to evaluate the compatibility

When astrologers evaluate most essential eight factors to test the compatibility, you are well assured that any challenges will not break your harmony and adaptability

Career and financial prospects

In today’s time, where husband and wife both are working, their future depends on join finances. Hence, it is advisable to assess career growth, financial stability, and professional journey through horoscope

To bear the offspring

When a person shares this heavenly bond, after a few years, they are going to plan a baby. Kundli match can even throw light on it. Surprised? Well, it can accurately tell the timings and health of a child. It can also predict if there is a problem attached to it and what can be the best remedy!

Doshamukti and remedies

Sometimes the bride or groom may suffer from particular Dosha (ill placements of the planet). It can harm their marriage life. Astrologers predict such Dosha by kundali matching. Mangal dosha and Shani dosha are a primary concern for them.

With Dosha comes its remedies. Astrologers tell you various solutions, and you are asked to do certain Kriya or Puja as a part of remedies

Concluding thoughts

As they say, prevention is better than cure. If you really wish marriage to be a harmonious and blissful journey of two souls, take a wise decision of Kunadali matching.

There are plenty of websites that provide free online kundali matching. It is quick, handy, and very accurate. Try to understand your partner better by kundali matching and open a new dimension of your relationship!

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