Aortic Valve Insufficiency Treatment; Everything you need to know

Aortic Valve Insufficiency Treatment; Everything you need to know


Today, cardiovascular system pathologies are the most common diseases of elderly people. Often, these patients cannot be treated properly in their own country, so they have to go abroad. The good news is that with the right approach to the organization of treatment abroad you can save your money and time.

Today, Germany offers state-of-art treatment of heart pathologies. Actually, the combination of modern technology and highly skilled doctors makes it a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Here you will find effective minimally invasive options for the aortic valve insufficiency treatment.

What is aortic insufficiency?

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Aortic valve regurgitation is a pathological condition when the valve cusps can’t work properly. Thus, blood flows back from the aorta into the left ventricle.

Due to the constant backflow of blood, the heart cannot pump blood through the vessels efficiently. Thanks to compensatory mechanisms, a body can cope with this condition at first, but after a while, its reserves run out. The longer aortic valve regurgitation remains untreated, the less effectively the patient’s body can compensate for it.

Severe aortic regurgitation leads to irreversible consequences, up to death. That is why it is recommended to undergo aortic valve insufficiency treatment as early as possible in order to avoid complications.


Most often, aortic valve insufficiency develops slowly. For many years, the patient may not feel any symptoms. However, when aortic valve insufficiency progresses, the body can no longer compensate for the condition, and the patient notices the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue or weakness during physical exertion
  • Dyspnea on physical exertion, or at rest
  • Chest discomfort
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Swelling of the lower extremities

In case you notice several signs on this list, it is recommended to see your general practitioner as soon as possible for an unscheduled medical check-up.


Often the problem can be solved by conservative measures, without surgical intervention. But this is not always possible, and in most cases, surgical aortic valve replacement is required. Do not be afraid, because with the help of state-of-the-art equipment in German clinics any operation will be safe and painless for you.

As a rule, effective and safe treatment for valvular heart disease is transcatheter aortic valve replacement. This type of treatment is usually less traumatic and more effective compared to open surgery. Patients feel much better already in a couple of days after aortic valve surgery. After the rehabilitation period, they can return to the usual daily activities.

You will have an easy rehabilitation period. During the rehabilitation period, you will stay in the most modern wards, which have everything you need. In addition, you will receive high-quality medical care, which will help you to forget about all your health problems.

Treatment during a lockdown

Because of the COVID-19, many countries are in lockdown now. This hampers undergoing modern treatment abroad for millions of patients. However, there is a solution. Thanks to the medical tourism operator Booking Health, treatment abroad is available even during the lockdown.

With the help of Booking Health, you can start your treatment right now. All you need to do is to leave the request on the Booking Health website. Specialists of the company will contact you in the shortest time. They will provide you with all the information and help with the preparation of necessary documents.

Treatment abroad may resemble a vacation

If you have long wanted to undergo treatment abroad, but you do not want to spend time on the organization of treatment, there is an ideal solution for you. To save your time and energy, contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health.

A team of specialists will do all the work related to the organization of treatment in the best foreign clinics. Thanks to Booking Health, you will get the best prices for treatment in the most modern hospitals in the world. In addition, you will have a wide range of advantages:

  • Assistance in selecting the best hospital and doctor
  • Personal interpreter services
  • Financial control, exclusion of extra fees
  • Insurance against complications
  • Assistance in buying medical products

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