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Body Positive Style and Dating: How to Accept Yourself and Date


We are used to hearing about how women worldwide are sacrificing their health to lose a few pounds and wear a smaller size of jeans. And, indeed, it’s hard to be happy and live life to the fullest when you constantly have to count calories. But what about men? Men may not be as criticized for being overweight, but that doesn’t mean they don’t feel like a sore thumb because of it. Fat shaming has no gender, after all.

That is one of the main reasons the body-positive movement has emerged. Because only by getting rid of the imposed “perfect body” image and accepting your body the way it is can you find peace and learn to live a happy and fulfilling life. By accepting yourself, you can not only improve your physical and emotional state but also improve your love life. Sounds too good to be true? Today, we’ll prove you’re wrong. So, sit back and relax as we’re going to break down the top tips on how to accept yourself as a plus-size man and finally find true love.

What is Body-Positivity in the First Place?

Body positivity, as we know it today, is about empowering people and inviting them to accept themselves as they are. The movement exists to challenge and question the ways in which society at large presents and observes the human body. It’s a movement about accepting yourself and your body for what it is. When you join the body-positive movement, you learn to get rid of the complexes that bind you, which is an incredibly liberating and healing feeling in the long run.

How Can Body-Positive Movement Help You Find Love?

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By recognizing yourself as a plus-size man in the first place, you will begin your self-love journey. And the online space can help you find like-minded people who are also on the path to self-acceptance. You can always open dating apps for plus size women and get inspired by other plus-size men and women living their lives to the fullest. They register on dating sites specifically to chat, flirt, and arrange dates with like-minded people from their area. Self-acceptance is empowering, and you’ll see how it affects plus-size people all over the world the moment you enter any fat dating site. And you can be one of them! All you have to do is learn self-acceptance, and you’ll see how quickly other people start to love you as well.

The Basic Principles of Body Positivity: How to Love Your Body?

To improve your life, you’ll have to follow the main principles of body positivity, and here are some of the main ones.

  1. Accept the Shape of Your Body

Our bodies are wonderfully diverse, but unfortunately, when we see so many digitally distorted and altered bodies in the media, we often lose sight of the fact that different people have different proportions. Self-love arises when we accept the shape of our body and collaborate with it instead of fighting against it. Better worry about accepting the difference between people’s bodies, which is precisely what makes them unique and beautiful.

  1. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Many men and women obsess over the idea of getting rid of their stretch marks, wrinkles, and blemishes. But having imperfections is a natural characteristic of being human, and when you can see that all those strange little things, simple quirks of your body do not detract from it, and instead, are an incredible part of the story of your own person, immediately it no longer makes sense to continue spending money on procedures to “correct” your body.

  1. Silence That Criticism That Is Inside You

Do you know that nasty inner voice that tells you you’re not good enough, successful enough, or handsome enough? That voice lies. And unfortunately, the more you listen to it, the louder it will speak to you, and it will deafen you, so much so that you will hardly be able to hear the positive things in your life in the face of so much negative shrillness. The good news is that the criticism that lives inside you can be tamed. With practice, cognitive behavioral therapy, or other methods, you can train your brain to counteract the negative with a more active and joyful inner voice.

  1. Make Peace with What’s on Your Plate

Many times we attach a great deal of emotional charge to our foods by using names like “bad food” or “cheat foods.” As soon as we associate a certain food with some negative emotion, it is very difficult to be close to that food and have nothing happen to us. As a result, we become trapped in the fear or guilt associated with food, which, in its turn, perpetuates the cycle of negative body image.

  1. Forget the Idea That Everyone Has to Like You

And last but not least, stop waiting for everyone to like you, simply because that will not happen! We can never please everyone, and when we get caught up in the opinions of others to define our worth, we are fighting a losing battle. Focus on liking and accepting yourself, and you will notice that others will too.

Main Steps to Impress Plus-Size Women Online

Now that you have learned how to love yourself and your body, you can find support in your partner, especially if they are also on the road to self-acceptance. The best way to do so would be to find a plus-size girlfriend on a dating site because that way, you’ll be sure that she, too, is overweight and interested in romance. And to ensure everything goes smoothly, we’ve prepared some tips on how to impress her.

  1. Be Respectful

This is an essential rule that should never be forgotten. Remember to be polite, never be rude to girls on dating sites, and if one of them refuses to chat with you or doesn’t respond to your messages, just move on. You have thousands of other options, don’t take one rejection as a personal insult.

  1. Share Your Story

The easiest way to build a connection with someone is to share your story of self-acceptance. Even if you are just at the beginning of your journey, sincerely telling her how you strive to learn to love yourself will make her heart melt. It will also make your woman comfortable enough to open up to you, too.

  1. No Pressure

Don’t rush things even if you can’t wait to meet your plus-size girl for a date. It may take her longer to agree to a face-to-face meeting, and that’s okay. Continue to show her your support, and soon, she will happily agree to meet you.

  1. Be Supportive

Speaking of which, don’t forget to show your support. She may have just begun her journey of accepting herself, just like you, so she needs your approval and support, too. If you become that person for her, she’s bound to be supportive of you in return, which will eventually create a strong bond between you.


Accepting yourself and your body is a long and difficult journey. Still, the difficulties fade into the background when you have a loving and supportive partner by your side who is going through the same life experience as you. Use today’s tips to meet a woman who wants to walk this path with you and live a long, happy life together!


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