10 Best Friends Quiz to Know How Close You Are – Edited

10 Best Friends Quiz to Know How Close You Are


This is ‘how close are you and your best guy friend quiz’. We had to come with this ‘how to tell if someone is your best friend quiz’ so you will know if you are keeping the best of friends.

The best friend quizzes are usually a fun-filled way of interacting with friends and should ideally not be interpreted to mean your friend doesn’t love you. The aim of the quiz is to create excitement, relive past experiences, and also pique interests between friends. It can be played multiple times and is best played with a minimum of 2 people.  Some best friend quizzes are highlighted below:

These are The Top 10 Best Friends Quiz to Know How Close You Are;

Table of Contents

1. Where Did You Meet Your Best Friend

This quiz takes friends down memory lane to try and recall where and how they met. This is actually fun because sometimes it could be in awkward places and in odd situations. People who end up as best friends may have started on the wrong foot. Some of the common places where friends meet include school, church, online, work, weddings, parties, neighborhood parks, malls, through another friend, etc. This quiz is an exciting way to recall how friendship was birthed.

2. What Is Your Best Friend Most Afraid Of

This is true friendship quiz, it will help you find out if you share the same fear. This quiz tests the depth of the friendship because you really have to know someone well to know what that person is afraid of. This question is suited for long-time friends and spouses who have been vulnerable to each other. Most people tend to be most afraid of heights, old age, death, creeping/crawling insects, being broke, not being married, etc. The list is inexhaustible. It is however expected of a close buddy to have an idea of a friend’s fear.

3. How Often Do You Text Your Best Friend

It is alright to text friends once in a month or two but if someone is your best friend it is expected that texting should be more frequent. While you do not have to text the person every day, it is expected that best friends should text more than once within a week. This quiz is intended to really decipher if the friendship is truly appreciated.

4. What Is Your Best Friend’s Dream Destination

Best friends often plan trips together or discuss vacations. It is expected that a dream destination would have crept in amongst friends’ conversation topics. Some top destinations of the world include Dubai, Paris, London, New York, Thailand, Bahamas, Bora Bora, Cape Town, Barcelona. Knowing a friend’s dream destination shows you are in tune with your friend.

5. What Is Your Best Friend’s Best Dish

Definitely one of the best friend quiz questions to ask. Food is a basic necessity; man cannot survive without food. A test of friendship is knowing your friend’s best food. It is assumed that friends would have gone out eating together or had an indoor meal hence, a friend’s best dish should be known.

6. What Makes Your Best Friend Mad

Every human being on earth has thresholds and has limits to what they can deal with. Even amongst best friends, there are boundaries. This quiz is entertaining and it is geared towards relaying how human a best friend is and expressing the fact that friends do get upset but that does not stop them from being special and great to be with.

7. What Is Your Best Friend’s Greatest Strength

This can actually be a tough question and it is a test of how well you have known and observed your friend. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses which people generally can get to know but only a close friend would be able to pick the greatest strength.

8. What Is Your Best Friend’s Favourite Music Or Movie

Best friends at some time would have attended a musical concert or cinema together and even if they had not, there is a high chance they would have talked about their favorite movie or music. This game is an exciting way to talk about movies and music as these are recreational activities. Topics that relate to music and movies tend to put people in a relaxing mood.

9. What Is Your Best Friend’s Favourite Sport

Sport is a recreational activity and most people tend to have one or two sports that they fancy. There are some people that are however not into sports. Some of the common sports include football, basketball, rugby, table tennis, lawn tennis. Knowing your best friend’s favorite sport shows a level of depth in the friendship.

10. What Is Your Best Friend’s Middle Name

This seems like an easy question but it is one that only people really close to you would know. This question is a way of teasing your friend to know if he/she knows such detail about you.

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