How To Choose Your Bridesmaid

How To Choose Your Bridesmaid


First of all, congratulations on taking the first step of finally settling down with the love of your life. Next on the list is planning your wedding and while doing this you will come across the troubling decision of choosing the right bridesmaid for your big day.

Your bridesmaid can also be referred to as your cheerleaders, this is because they will be around you to ensure your utmost happiness and make sure your wedding is perfect. If you are not comfortable with the ladies you pick, you are one step in the direction of ruining your big day. While making the delicate decision of choosing your bridesmaid, ensuring you don’t hurt anyone’s feelings is the ultimate goal. To avoid such problems, I will be showing you how to choose your bridesmaids in this article today.


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Friends you have known the longest, are most likely friends you should consider when deciding your bridesmaid. If you have known a particular person for a long, you both are most likely to share a strong bond or connection and also understand each other perfectly well. However, some of the family members you are closest to could also be considered, this is because they will always stick around even long after your wedding day.


In all tour planning, your financial capabilities come first. If you are not capable of sponsoring a large number of bridesmaids, it is okay to cut down on the number of ladies you would need even though it’s just four or two ladies. You also need to consider the budget of the ladies you have selected, ensuring they will be able to afford your wedding material is a thoughtful thing to do.


If you are planning a small wedding, you will have to choose a small number of bridesmaids. Imagine expecting 50 guests at your wedding and you have 14 ladies as your preferred bridesmaid that is way too much, Or you plan to perform a dance routine or play a game on your big day, you may have to consider friends you that can dance or ladies that are funny and fun to be with when choosing your bridesmaid.


In trying to choose your bridesmaid, it is pertinent to consider the thought and point of view of your fiancé, yes because, both of you are closely involved. Your partner’s opinion matters a lot, if both of you are not happy, how will you enjoy your wedding day? If your partner is not okay with a particular person don’t hesitate in dissolving her from your list of intending bridesmaids.


  • You are the most important person of the day, so all energies from your chosen ladies should be focused on ensuring that you remain in the spotlight of the day, you may have to scream this into the ears of your already selected bridesmaid.
  • You must understand the number of girls you choose for your big day should be your decision to make. It does not necessarily have to be the same number as your husband’s groomsmen. It is very okay if your bridesmaid is more than the groom’s men or even lesser than the number of the selected groom’s men.
  • The bridesmaid outfit and how they should appear, is your decision to make, for goodness sake, it is your wedding day, not theirs.
  • Your bridesmaid could be fat, short, tall, dark, fair, chocolate, crippled or could even be a guy, You should not narrow your choice to a specific body type or gender.
  • Choosing a bridesmaid with the hope that when she’s also getting married she would also choose you, is a wrong fallacy that needs to be avoided like a plague.
  • You need to understand that a lady who is already married can also be your bridesmaid. Bridesmaid duties do not revolve around single ladies alone.
  • It is very okay if you decide not to choose a particular lady because of her behaviour, character, or for some personal reasons. You can give her another duty like saying the toast e.t.c
  • It is more than okay if you decide you don’t need any bridesmaids at your wedding after all


In conclusion, your feelings come first, follow your heart and guts, do not let anyone intimidate you on whatever choice you make in selecting your bridesmaid. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, make sure you are intentional about your happiness and that of your partner. You owe no one an explanation for making decisions regarding your big day. After successfully choosing your ladies, move on to the part where you fill them in on their responsibilities and your expectations, then relax and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

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