How to take care of your outdoor furniture?

How to take care of your outdoor furniture?

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Every season, there are a few weather conditions that can cause havoc for your outdoor furniture. Springtime in the Midwest brings a few weeks of warm, sunny weather and a few weeks of rain and wind. How to extend your garden table or your outdoor furniture? These tips will help you keep your patio set from getting ruined from spring storms.

Ahead of time

Covering your patio furniture is a simple way to protect it against heavy rains and windy days. For example, you can buy affordable patio covers at stores like Walmart or Target. You could also create a mini-shelter with a tarp, but that could be tricky if the wind blows. Cover them with a waterproof awning cover if you have an awning over your patio table and chairs.

Another smart option is investing in patio furniture covers that are made out of water-resistant fabric. Just make sure they fit well for each piece of furniture; otherwise, they won’t protect it sufficiently from heavy winds and rain. Moreover, you can buy many weather-resistant outdoor furniture from vidaXL furniture at affordable prices.

While the storms are happening

If you don’t own patio covers or waterproof covers, you should take all your outdoor furniture inside while bad weather is in the area.

Use a protective cover

A table cover will protect your tabletop from rain and snow, while a cushion cover will keep your cushions looking new for longer. You can also use a waterproof tablecloth or a glass top to protect your furniture.

Closing the curtains is essential

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need to worry about things like curtains when they’re going out for the day. However, this is definitely not the case. If you want to protect your outdoor furniture, you should close all of the curtains before taking off to protect them fully.

Protect against tree sap

Tree sap is very difficult to remove and can stain your furniture if it gets on it. To prevent this, try placing small amounts of petroleum jelly around the base of each tree in order to stop any sap from getting onto your furniture in the first place!

Remove Mildew From Furniture

Mildew is one of the most common problems found on outdoor furniture, and it starts as small green or white powdery spots on wood, metal, or plastic surfaces. Mildew will only grow in the dark, damp areas that are exposed to excessive moisture, such as rain or sprinkler spray from your yard.

Keep it dry

If you’re storing your furniture for the winter, make sure that it’s completely dry before you put it away. If there are any damp spots or mold, allow them to dry thoroughly before putting the furniture away. You can also purchase covers that will protect the furniture from moisture when you store it outdoors over the winter.

Move it around

Don’t leave your furniture in one spot year-round. Move it around every few months so that the wood doesn’t crack or warp in one place. And if you use a cover on your furniture when it’s not in use, make sure to move the cover every few months so that mold or mildew doesn’t get a chance to develop on the fabric.

Clean and oil it often

Wipe off any dirt from your furniture with a damp cloth, and then wipe down with a dry cloth to absorb any moisture left behind by the damp cloth. Always follow up by wiping down with an oily rag after cleaning, or apply a natural oil such as linseed oil or olive oil with a clean rag

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