15 Best Orbital Sander

15 Best Orbital Sanders for Woodworking, Plastic and Metal Working

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Let’s take a look at some of the best professional orbital sander available today. Our review will cover the best orbital sander for metal, the best cordless orbital sander, etc.

Deciding on a decent random orbital sander to work with could prove to be a herculean task when one is presented with numerous products. So, here’s a list put together just for some top models available on the market today, along with customers’ reviews, ratings as well as pricing options and purchasing links just to serve as a guide;

15 Best Orbital Sanders to Buy

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1. BOSCH GET75-6N Random Orbital Sander 

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With an inclusive dual-mode, the first runs as an integral random orbital sander, while the other, the Turbo mode, rapidly drives the disc and promptly removes things.

This engine enables BOSCH GET75-6N to act similarly to a grinding machine; every fiber of abrasive on the wheel surface is shredded by shear deformation from the workpiece by a small segment. It can tackle the epoxy signs in your first design; the definitive piece is incredibly flat and smooth. There will be no tracings of tool marks or distinct tell-tale signs.

Key Features

Pad system comes with numerous holes compliant with a vast variety of abrasive disks.

Fashionable tapered top, soft in the handgrip.

Aluminum die-cast gearbox along with a dual-bearing pad mount removes vibrations.

Utilizes a vacuum cleaner and hose; this machine possesses an exceptional dust collection component for optimum efficiency.


Get stuff rapidly with flexible speed.

Finish evenly on numerous surfaces.

Aid users with slim-grip style and flexible.



Plastic, back pad prone to breakage.

High Demand for precision while using the plastic disc.


2. BOSCH ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander (woodworking)

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You could name this item a woodworking lover! It possesses some resourceful features which help to distinguish it from the other 5-inch prospects; hence, cabinet builders, woodworkers, and carpenters all want this orbital sander which finishes the job in no distant time.

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Although quite powerful and rugged, it is considerably light and maneuverable, weighing only 3.5 pounds. BOSCH ROS20VSC has a microsystem which collects smaller particles measuring as little as half a micron in diameter, and twist-off dust that can be removed for clean-up.

Key Features:

Whirling up or down between speed measuring 7.500 opm to 12.000 opm.

Attains the smoothest sanding effects;- with its several speeds, its tough hooked surface, and 2.5-amp motor.

Due to the ergonomic nature of the low-vibration ROS20VSC, one need not bother about arms getting exhausted or experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome.

The machine includes a micro-filter structure that ensures sawdust or traps debris within the dust-catching canister.


Effortless clean up of dust.

Equipped to remove particles smaller than half a micron in diameter.


Barely stable.


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3. BOSCH ROS65VC-5 Random Orbital Sander

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This model is a satisfactory fit for the overall one because of its three most noticeable features: An ergonomic (straightforward control and handling), next is the dust control advantage (reduces specks of dust in the air and on the surface). Lastly, the integrity of the surface (whirling free and consistent smooth required)

Eight neoprene-like pads house the tool’s shell which keeps the body afloat off the base, thereby taking care of the vibrations. The decoupling is exceptionally successful at extracting the bulk of kinetic energy that is disseminated to your hands while the device is running.

Key Features:

Possess dual dust collection systems which can be either integrated paper filter and screw-off cap or a vacuum hose contact with inbuilt airflow control

Vibration can be regulated by the Bosch system

It comes along with a sturdy aluminum die-cast gearbox with a stunning dual-bearing brace; therefore, the long-life construction prevents wobble and vibration.

Multiple ergonomic grip stations aimed at avoiding tiredness, and the in-front removable handle at tight spots.


Lengthens the usage duration by locking on the button.

Delivers an exceptional finish by microcellular pad backrest.

Convenient for both six and five-inch pad.



Loud and sometimes vibration.


4. FESTOOL 575074 Random Orbital Sander

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Are you having a hard time trying to move without turning off between a rough and final sander? The FESTOOL 575074 will assist you with its multi-mode sander. The fierce mode is to remove, and the great action is for thorough finishing.

For abrasives which are up to 4.000 grit, after using a Festool sander, you’ll be wholly impressed with the quality of your work. This item is broadly versatile. Additionally, this multi-mode can likewise work in a gear-driven, eccentric motion for amazing stripping and reductions of material. Even when you have many corners to work out, this sander will deliver you the triangular (delta) pads.

Deals with elaborate moldings and profiles that would usually be complicated with the tedious sanding by hand.

Key Features

Portable and lightweight for overhead manipulation and vertical extending.

Various speed adjustments based on usage.

The Jetstream system fosters a highly productive reduction.

Levels the vibration for proper smooth sanding.


Surplus and thermal safety.

Possess the random sanding advantage.




Lack of exterior color variety.


5. DeWALT DCW210D1 Random Orbital Sander

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Whenever the DEWALT DCW210D1 is mentioned, I need to highlight both a new random brushless orbit sander and a brushless braking grinder. That’s all we called 20V Max cordless power sander! This sander attraction is its lightweight, cordless, and seems to be doing better than any 5′′ random orbit sander I have used before. I haven’t done runtime checks yet, but the lightweight battery pack does well.

DeWalt partly pays more attention to the design to attract customers, even in a very first look. Besides that, they also spend lots of effort into controlling vibration and balancing the sander, too.

Key Features;

Velocity regulated from 8.000 opm to 12.000 opm to adjust the application.

Eight hole hook loop pad for altering paper conveniently.

The dust port flawlessly fit the dust collector.

For accurate sanding, the short profile height lets the user get nearer to the work surface.

Dust bag having a single hand locking.


Cordless package with ample power.

Simple to access double speed and power.

Affixed dust cleaning into the power switch.

Approximately an hour functional capacity with 5-ampere hour battery.


Heavyweight induced by the battery.

Impoverished standard dust extractor link ( requires a costly non-DeWalt vacs adapter).


6. MILWAUKEE 2648-20 M18 Random Orbital Sander

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This random orbital sander is the right improvement to every collection due to its platform of battery. Milwaukee amazes everyone not just by their statement of corded power source without cord, but they also utilize a brush motor, not a single fuel tool. The rationale for why they refused to boost this engine is that their products have attained all the wishing specifications for satisfactory performances. Millwaukee is currently the best orbital sander with vacuum attachment. Nothing better than that!

Key Features;

Differing speed from 7.000 opm to 12.000 opm.

Comprises a global hose adapter.

Bolstered with a loop sanding pad and rapidly change hook.

Filters are assembled in the dust canister.

Over 150 tools from parts of the M18 system.


Robust engine.

Ergonomic system.

Numerous accessories


Brief duration running.


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7. MAKITA BO5041K Random Orbital Sander

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You would discover it is easy to adjust this random orbit sander- MAKITA BO5041K, even for a complicated job. This sander expands the distance between a modular structure and the streamlined shape of the body, which extended the handle and the front edge. Undue fluctuations at reduced speed the sander’s running time to a few minutes so that you are not at risk of being injured. Vibrations drop down as soon as the speed hits partway on the dial, and the sander is functional on long tasks. A big, shut-on capable, and tension-sensitive trigger also earns this machine better maneuverability. The design of Makita’s system conforms to the priority of shifting between heavy and light-duty sanding.

Key Features;

Owing to the thumb flick, the speed dial will permit switching from 4.000 opm to 12.000 opm.

The ergonomic layout comprises a section of rubberized areas for holding and gripping the sander.

Pad control system for satisfactory control when finishing (decrease swirling/scuff).

Increased power, an effective device for collecting dust, runs through the sanding surface


Inexpensive price.

Robust and long charge.

Numerous bit alternatives.


Find difficulties with harder wood.

Too heavy for one-handed usage and long run.


8. CRAFTSMAN CMEW231 Random Orbital Sander

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If you require some heavy-duty, you should quit thinking about what corded or cordless sander to buy then buy a mechanical sander rather. Less noise, this random orbital sander is smooth and full of power; it has a dust collecting system and vibration-free. Apart from the color variety and removable surfaces, these manage to be the same, efficiency start and stop rate as well as tool and weight setup.

Key Features;

Simple to accomplish your task with 3.0 Amps and 12.000 opm.

Has a high-performed dust collector assembled to 11/4inch vac hose and a dust bag.

Plugged dust help retain durability.

Adequate for elastic peg hook.


Sturdy motor for heavy-duty.

Incorporates sandpaper and dust bag.

Primary maintenance.

Economical and friendly.


The grip may be inadequate.


9. 3M 20317 Random Orbital Sander

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This random orbital sander is regarded as the best air sander, particularly the auto bodywork. It provides sufficient wrist aid and comfort operators all the time. Apart from the durability, the refined internal muffler helps diminish noise and breaking off. These flexible sanders function well with 3M™ hookit™ disc pads, enabling operators to apply the Scotch-bright surface conditioning disks unit. It is also composed of a strong rubber handle, angled throttle alloy steel lever, and has built-in wrist aid for power.

Key Features

The 3M™ Abrasives manipulates the balance and low profile.

Ergonomics, improved reliability and disturbance rates improve convenience and control for long-term usage.

Air-powered strength surpasses brushless motor sanders, providing hours of steady usage.

Lessening household tears since the stable composite and aluminum body.


Durable and longevity.

Safe and friendly with users.

Industrial effectiveness.

Smooth noiseless and operation.

Adequately suited for industrial areas.


Absent vacuum function.


10. PORTER-CABLE PCCW205B Random Orbital Sander

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Rather than having variable speed like others, this cordless sander has just one rate. PORTER-CABLE PCCW205B although, not the first cordless sander; it is the most cost-effective on the market. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about dust when using this random orbit sander. The dual-port converter from the new sander will fasten to vacuum hoses of various diameters.

Key Features

Sanding with safe profile controlling.

Remove dust sufficiently by a vacuum port (Hooking up to 1 1/4” hose).

Dust foolproof shift for technical longevity.

Removable dustbag for gathering dust accurately.


It can be powered by a battery.

Portable and little vibration.

Comprised of efficient clamp usages.


Singular fix speed.

Big hand size.


11. ENERTWIST Random Orbital Sander

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With a combination of tools, ENERTWIST Random Orbital Sander accomplishes as a renovation. They suggest that the sandpaper category directly impacts on the product; hence, they supplant the brush and also pads at suitable internals. This random orbit sander can manipulate both outside and inside. And with outstanding craftsmanship, can perform the task of a beginner to that of a purchaser.

Key Features

Random orbit action with six-speed ranging from 5.000 to 12.000 opm.

Portable and affixed three situations of rubberized palm grip for adequate comfort.

Switch papers quickly with a loop system and hook.


Numerous choices for speed.

Manufactured to handle with long run time.

Increased removal rate and smooth finish.


No vacuum.


12. TACKLIFE Random Orbital Sander

When you’re all clear about the needs, you can select a TACKLIFE Random Orbital Sander as your indoor coworker. Additionally, the machine remains stably in low noise and hacks most of the vibrations with the construction of ball bearing. One more remarkable point is the setup of a rubberized palm grip for improved handling.

Key Features

Varying speed up to 13.000 opm.

Decreased noise and low vibration.

Ergonomic layout, entirely regulated with six speeds.

Traps dust with a high-performance standard.



Portable size and lightweight.


No case incorporated.

Plastic; lacks a durable body.

Operable by electricity.


13. SKIL 7492-02 5″ Random Orbital Sander

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In this model, they repair the heightened spin rate for better cleaning. The SKIL Pressure control technology organizes the engine to be more responsive to the overall adaptability to both amateurs and professional sanders. Your work areas will constantly remain tidy due to a dust steal switch and a microfiltration feature. They also conserve the longevity of your sander. Additionally, a vacuum combined with an interior canister will aid in cleaning up the system.

Key Features

Nonadjustable speed 12.500 opm runs by 2.8 amp.

Pad brake reduces signs of scuff and whirl.

An alarm system to prevent excessive pressure.


Outmatch for dust collection.

Outstanding hand size for long-term tasks.

Thick and simple to switch sanding pad.


Poor power output.

Dust tape and canister are barely stable.


14. BLACK & DECKER BDCRO20C Random Orbital Sander

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If you are a lover of the environment, guess it’s time to recycle your woodworks. The BLACK & DECKER BDCRO20C will power, control, and eliminate stuff at any rate you desire. BLACK+DECKER has set the standard for ingenuity and design of power tools, outdoor safety equipment, and household products since 1910.

Key Features

Cordless power is suitable for rapid touches and minor projects.

Dust collection generated equally.

Rapidly change papers by look system and hook.

Lightweight compared to leading brands.

Absolute speed for fast removals.


Simple to handle various applications.



Only suitable for small jobs.

Tedious to switch off the catching bag.

Low battery life.


15. BLACK &DECKER BDERO600 Random Orbital Sander

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Much better than your requirements, this machine with its ergonomic structure and compact design will boost projects to the next level. An additional feature is the dust collection system which leaves your work area/surface neat and safe. It comes with a paddle switch that enabled turning on and off convenient and friendly with users while operating. This random orbit sander (2.4-amp motor) can barely handle an enormous workload; therefore, it should not be used for major projects/jobs.

Key Features

The paddle switch tactility makes it simpler to turn the sander on/off.

Works/task made more simple with 5 in small size and 3-pound weight steer.

The full speed is 14.000 opm operable by 2.4 amp motor.


Paper switch flexibility.

It can get around crammed and tight areas.

Good speed rate.


Not suitable for the major projects/tasks.

Tight short cord and difficult to hold/control.

The list above was created with consumers’ reviews and needs with attention to the variability of speed, durability as well as dust collection systems and precision of the orbital sanders.

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