Stainless steel is our future: commercial kitchen wall shelving

Stainless steel is our future: commercial kitchen wall shelving

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The good work of any establishment with a kitchen directly depends not only on professional staff, but also on high-quality equipment. Professional kitchen equipment can be of various types: standard (stainless steel kitchen shelves, tables, sinks, scales), refrigeration (refrigerators, freezers), thermal (frying and cooking devices) and electromechanical (equipment for the first food processing). Every year manufacturers present new modern equipment as the innovations move on. Thanks to them, there are a lot of opportunities for a professional kitchen, for example, limiting the time to clean the working surfaces or handling the problem of storing lots of dishes and products. That is why it is necessary to follow these innovations, which will increase the speed and quality of production and, as a result, the profit of a restaurant, cafe etc.

Why exactly stainless restaurant shelving?

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Today you can find many foreign and domestic companies that are engaged in the production and sale of commercial kitchen wall shelving and other equipment. You can choose the perfect design solution for yourself with a successful combination of design, quality and cost. Most well-known manufacturers of kitchen equipment prefer to use stainless steel as a material, which guarantees the quality and durability of products. By purchasing industrial kitchen equipment for catering from companies that have all the necessary permits and certificates, you will acquire the best examples of the global kitchen equipment industry!


Stainless steel used for the production of wall shelves fully complies with all sanitary standards:

  • good level of durability;
  • reliability;
  • resistance to chemical and detergents;
  • resistance to various types of deformations;
  • ease of use;
  • long service life.


Hence, more and more restaurateurs choose exactly stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mount!


Stainless steel shelf types

There are a lot of varieties of stainless steel shelves on a contemporary market:

  • open and closed stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mount;
  • closed hinged shelves;
  • shelves that complement other equipment (racks);
  • two-level;
  • single-level;
  • drying shelves.


Commercial kitchen wall shelving is very popular nowadays, because this piece of kitchen furniture can be placed where other equipment cannot be. Stainless steel shelves can easily replace large cabinets and complement the interior either of the professional kitchen or a domestic area. With any type of stainless steel shelves, you won’t spend a lot of time looking for the right kitchen utensils, as you would do with cupboards. All stainless steel wall shelves are very compact and, thanks to them, you will be able to properly organize the space even in a little kitchen.


Benefits of commercial kitchen wall shelving

Everyone who is faced with working in a professional kitchen knows that the kitchen should be comfortable and functional. There are several advantages of stainless restaurant shelving. Firstly, stainless shelves are very space-saving, which is the best solution for a professional kitchen. In order to help the chefs cope with any load, everything in the kitchen must be correctly arranged, from equipment to kitchen utensils. The hinged stainless steel shelves can be used to store dishes, food and various utensils. A kitchen shelf is an accessory that is not used directly for cooking.


Secondly, commercial kitchen wall shelving is very resistant to various deformations, so they are considered the most reliable and strongest. On such a shelf, you can store anything you want, even the heaviest dishes. Additionally, stainless steel hardware is considered to be durable. A stainless steel shelf is the best accessory for a professional kitchen. Stainless steel can be cleaned effortlessly, just apply a little detergent and wipe it down and your shelves will always be perfectly clean. If you want to save your money and time, then buying steel wall shelves is the right decision!

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