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15 Best Twin Mattress Brands 2021 Review – Welcome to our best twin mattress reviews. A twin-sized mattress is a single mattress usually with dimensions — 75 inches (6.25 feet) long and 38 inches (3.16 feet) wide. Thickness may be of varying sizes. It is usually adequate for either a child or an adult. This mattress is a decent preference for children and dormitories. They are flexible and can be used for day beds, bunk beds, hideaways, trundle beds, etcetera.

Utilizing these mattresses in bunk beds doubles the sleeping breadth of that room which makes them ideal for portable rooms and apartments where you wish to maximize space. Their accessories such as sheets, pillows, cushions, coverings, etcetera, are affordable. They can be reversed and rotated to extend their lifespan. The term “twin” comes from the fun fact that kids who share a room usually tend to have similar furniture, and in this case, single beds.

15 Best Twin Mattress Brands 2021

Table of Contents

1. Lucid 10-Inch Twin Hybrid Mattress 

Being the best on the list, Lucid offers mattresses of unraveled quality. Lucid provides you with a range of options to choose from; plush mattresses or Firm designs depending on your needs.

Key Features

Novel hybrid technology —base and sides built with 5-inch edge support that provides edge-to-edge support.

5.5-inch separately enveloped steel coils over each layer to boost air circulation within the mattress.

Double layered 2-inch bolster foam which creates an even feel.

Bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infusions which help reduce foam associated odors.

The hybrid technology incorporates the sturdiness and convenience of memory foam with Marshall or pocket coils.


Provides the utmost satisfaction.

The bamboo charcoal concept helps prevent moisture and odor build-up.

Stylish knitted covers for an appealing feel.

Built-in aloe vera infusions for thermal regulation.



Rating: 4.3; 1900+ reviews.


2. Zinus 12-inch Green Tea Mattress

Step into a world where mattresses are just like marshmallows and frames clasp together in a matter of seconds. Green Tea has been imbued into the foam to keep the odor under control. This green tea infusion can be replenished.

Key Features;

Manufactured with double 3.5 inches high-density base support foam.

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The first two layers are made up of convoluted foam which allows for airflow between the two layers.

The successive layer is a 2-inch comfort foam overlaid with about 3 inches of memory foam.

Infusion comprises castor oil, green tea, and activated charcoal.

The egg-crate structure of the convoluted foam permits a continual flow of air between the layers which helps prevents bacterial build-up as well as dust mites and mold.


Green tea suppresses microbial growth.

Activated charcoal lessens odors.

Eco-friendly merchandise.


The possible build-up of mold in the long run.

The intense smell of foam.

Rating: 4.2; 44,000+ reviews.

Price: $156.00 — $344


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3. Signature Sleep Contour Mattress

Signature Sleep fetches you 50+ years of experience. They offer numerous varieties of mattresses to match your sleeping style. They deliver comfort without compromise thus use CertiPUR-US materials in multiple designs. This mattress integrates the independently enveloped technology and memory foam technology and as such, said to maintain Hybrid technology. This technology fetches you the benefit of both former technologies. Obviously the best twin mattress for college given its superb design.

Key Features

Signature Sleep Contour Mattress is essentially 10 inches in thickness.

At the heart of this mattress are 7-inch-thick coils made of 15-gauge steel which are underlaid and overlaid in triple layers — 3 inches thick.

Coils are easily compressible and swiftly recover from under your weight.

Adapt easily to your body’s contours in all 7 zones – head, shoulder, upper and, lower body, spine, hips, and lower extremities.


Hybrid tech.

Steel coils impede motion transfer.

Insulator layer to diminish pressure.

High-density foam for reinforcement.

Fire retardant railing.

Soft, cozy cover for better sleep.


Unable to remove or wash/clean mattress cover.

May develop indentations over time.

Rating: 4.3; 9,000+ reviews.

Price: $302.39


4. LINENSPA 8-inch Hybrid Mattress — Twin styled

These mattresses offer you exceptional quality and service for years to come. Linenspa has dedicated 15 years of developing these products that satisfactorily perform their job. Their mattresses are fairly priced and manufactured using high-quality materials. With wide areas, this product is considered as the best twin mattress for toddler.

Key Features

An 8-inch profile and a medium-firm feel which provides superb comfort.

A layer of soft memory foam helps alleviates pressure.

Fairly long lifespan.

6-inch coils are overlapped with a 1.5-inch layer of comfort foam finished with 0.5-inch memory foam.


Fortified steel coils.

Comfort foam provides added support and shape.

Quilted memory foam exterior layer.


May collect bedbugs.

No edge support.

Borderline support in the center.

Rating: 4.3; 13,500+ reviews.

Price: $500.74


5. Dreamfoam Bedding Unwind (TWIN)

These mattresses are produced in the US by the veteran craftsmen. DreamFoam by Brooklyn Bedding has been developed with your desires in mind. The collection stars a wide range of latex options besides memory foam. They retail high-end latex mattresses and several more. This hybrid mattress delivers a medium-firm firmness grade for extraordinary support. The uppermost foam layer assumes perfectly, the shape of your body, cradling it to aid relieve pressure points while asleep.

Key Features

The 9.5-inch thick mattress comes in a universal medium-firm comfort grade.

A soft 1.5 inch top layer of quality gel-infused contouring comfort foam gives a soft and breathable sleep surface.

A 6-inch core durable innerspring coils and a  2-inch transition foam layer enable for increased support as well as decreased motion transfer.


CertiPUR-US authorized foam.

Reinforces steel coils as a base.

Quilted exterior for improved ventilation.

Excellent edge-to-edge support.

Diminished motion transfer.



Not so sturdy.

Rating: 4.4; 200+ reviews.

Price: $134 — $199


6. Zinus 6-Inch Spring Twin Mattress — Double Pack

The Sleep Master mattresses arrive with durable 6-inch Bonnell springs. These twin mattresses are ideal for youngsters and young adults. They are excellent for trundle beds, dormitories, day beds as well as bunk beds. The Bonnell springs are designed with heavy gauge steel which offers substantial support. The tiers of foam and quilted exterior offer support and comfort. Super material and toughness makes it the best twin mattress for kids.

Key Features

Set of double twins mattresses.

Steel Bonnell coils for added support.

CertiPUR — US Certified;

Durable and very comfortable.


Reduced VOC emissions.

Eco-friendly merchandise.


Springs may loop out.

The propensity to harbor bedbugs.

Rating: 4.3; 1,800+ reviews.

Price: $149.00 — $245.30


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7. Linenspa 5-Inch GEL Memory Foam Mattress

This gel memory foam mattress enables you to fall asleep quickly so you could wake up refreshed and satisfied. It has a solid base of high-density foam overlain with gel-infused memory foam. These mattresses are wonderful for your playful kids.

Key Features

Sixty percent (60%) polyester fabric.

5-inch thick memory foam mattress with reinforced firm support.

1-inch comfort layer designed with gel-infused memory foam for relieving pressure point.

4 inches of high-density base foam for adequate back support.


A stable core of high-density foam.

Gel-infused gel foam layer.

Excellent for kids’ rooms.

CertiPUR-US certified component materials.


Actual mattress’ proportions may sometimes not match stated values.

Presence of a gap between the bed & mattress.

The gap is hazardous to children.

Rating: 4.4; 2,300+ reviews.

Price: $188.00


8. Homelife Comfort Sleep 8-Inch Mattress

HomeLife Co. delivers to you luxury bedding and furniture at an affordable price. The company has been setting standards across the industry with its couches, dining sets, platform beds, beds, as well as mattresses, etcetera. This deluxe furniture company from the USA brings you this mattress with unraveled comfort all round.

Key Features

Unaided superbly pocketed 15-gauge pocket coils — double-sided.

Valuable foam and polyester layering between cover and coils for satisfactory comfort.

Hundred percent GreenFoam™ Certified Foam

Easily compressible and foldable to easy transportation.


Suitable for kids’ rooms.

CertiPUR-US authorized.


May sometimes not expand to the full loft.

Rating: 4.1; 700+ reviews.

Price: $85.00 upwards.


9. Homelife Harmony Sleep 8-Inch Mattress

Every Home Life mattress is built with numerous layers of pressure-relieving foam overlying independently pocketed coils in pockets. These assure elegant support and comfortable sleep for a really long while.

Key Features

Independently hoisted 15-gauge pocket coils

Lasting foam and polyester layering between cover and coils for optimum convenience.

Fits any Standard Twin Bed Frame

Easily compressible and foldable to easy transportation.


Pillowtop layout.

Durable mattress.

Great for fellows with backaches.


Coils are visible.

Notches can develop in various places.

Rating: 4.6; 400+ reviews.

Price: from $70.00


10. Modway Jenna — Twin

Modway provides you with the latest trends and designs from around the world. They examine their consumers’ needs and facilitate them with phenomenal quality products. Modway Jenna is the supreme quilted top 10-inch twin innerspring mattress offering comfort beyond imagination.

Key Features

The internal layers of the mattress are designed with top quality materials.

The base is composed of 8.5-inch high singly encased coils.

Coils are packed under a 1-inch responsive foam and 0.9-inch convoluted foam padding.

The contour feature helps keep pressure off the neck, shoulders, back, and hips.

Isolated motion — bounce and motion limitation, absorbs motion disturbances that may occur between sleep partners.

Fire-resistant polyester materials.


Flame resistant cover.

Counteracts motion transfer.


Get increasingly uncomfortable with time.

Rating: 4.5; 1800+ reviews.

Price: from $130.00


11. Amazonbasics Memory Foam Mattress (Twin Styled)

This is an Amazon brand. The AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress is a sizable 8-inch twin-size model. This mattress comprises three layers of foam that provide optimal support and incredible softness. The base has 4 inches of profile cut hard foam. This layer is crowned by 2 inches of punched fluffy foam and 2 inches of memory foam. All these layers are held in place by an Oeko-Tex certified fabric that is robust yet soft to touch.

Key Features


Plushy feel.

Reinforced base/bottom.


CertiPUR-US approved foam.

Oeko-Tex insured fabric

Firm supportive base

Cocooning top for superior comfort


Fiberglass may sometimes induce itching.

If extremely soft, it may lead to backaches.

Rating: 4.5; 30+ reviews.

Price: $138.25


12. Inofia Sleeping Super Comfort Hybrid Mattress (Twin)

Inofia Sleeping Super Comfort Mattress Set is a good piece to relax in after a tough day at work. A good night’s sleep is the greatest stress reliever. These mattresses help align the spine, give sleep and comfort that boosts recovery, and replenish health.

Key Features

Orthopedic design — medium-firm feel.

Bouncy yet durable and supportive.

Materials used in production are CertiPUR-US issued.


Promotes cooling.

Fire-resistant layer.


Prone to developing indentations.

Rating: 4.6; 60+ reviews.

Price: $309.00


13. Modway Emma — Twin style

This 6-inch thick mattress is yet another offering by Modway Inc. It is a firm mattress that is ideal for the guest room or kids’ room or even a dormitory. It can as well fit into a vehicle and it’s great for hostels too.

Key Features

Conforms to every position to whoever sleeps on it.


Easily compressible and foldable.

Quilted polyester for a great sleek feel.

It features a 0.75-inch memory foam as well as an incorporated 5.25-inch of responsive foam.

Dual-layer design.


Durable dense foam base

Conforming central layer of memory foam


Effortlessly indented.

Rating: 4.1; 500+ reviews.

Price: $105.31


14. Linenspa 10-inch Latex Hybrid Mattress (Twin)

This mattress from Linenspa works on absolutely any base — be it a box spring, a platform or slatted bed rim, a metal grid, or a modifiable base. It has just 3 requirements relative to the base of which are; supportive; comfortable; and clean.

Key Features

7-inch independently enclosed steel coils that are wounded with foam support.

2 inches of fast response foam and latex which makes up the comfort layer.

A quilted-foam top covering.

Durable and soft.


Fine charcoal particles which help retain odour and moisture.

Memory foam assumes your body shape for better comfort.


The fiberglass layer may sometimes elicit itching.

Rating: 4.0; 500+ reviews.

Price: $1,240.95


15. Best Price 6-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress possesses a responsive as well as an active suspension that sequesters and lessens motion transfer between sleep partners. The mattress is composed of a 3-inch layer of ultra-dense base foam. This layer is capped by a 2-inch-thick pressure relief foam layer which is coated with a 1-inch memory foam layer. All these layers are affixed to one another by a poly jacquard layer of polyester.


Fine charcoal particles which help retain odor and moisture.

Memory foam assumes your body shape for better comfort.


The fiberglass layer may stimulate itching.

Rating: 4.2; 7,000+ reviews

Price: $588.72

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