16 Ways to Stop Hair Loss Naturally 2020 (Men and Women)

16 Ways to Stop Hair Loss Naturally 2021 (Men and Women)


It’s natural for some hair strands to fall off daily (usually 100 strands) but if you see unusual hair loss, then it’s time for you to take matters into your hands.

Whether in men or women, hair fall can cause serious confidence issues as it’s the primary beauty part for everyone. Styling your hair depending on the latest trend is something that everyone wishes to do. However, nearly one-third of the population worldwide suffers from hair fall and you might be one of those people.

Hair loss happens for many reasons. From genetic disorders to hormonal changes and imbalanced diet and nutrition – you may notice hair fall at a young age. While some of the problems have solutions, not all can be cured with outside ingredients such as hair loss caused by genetic issues. But the good news is that you can stop hair loss by following a healthy lifestyle and taking consistent hair care.

So, today we are here to tell you some of the healthy ways where you can curb hair loss. The methods we mentioned here use home ingredients and you can easily find them in local markets. But remember, the results may vary from person to person depending on your hair texture, regularity, etc. And the following methods are suitable for both men and women:

1.   Eating a balanced diet

Called the Mediterranean diet, it includes mainly herbs and other essentials that promote hair growth and controls fall. Eating raw veggies and herbs decrease the risk of female or male pattern baldness or at least decrease the speed.

It’s a method that shows guaranteed results after studying the eating patterns of various people. So, next time you want to include junk or high-calorie foods to stop your hair loss, switch to healthy choices like salad greens, basil, etc.


2.   High intake of protein

Protein is the main source of strength for your hair. Lacking it, you will witness high hair fall, so always see that you are taking protein-rich food. For instance, foods like soya, lean meats, fish, lentils, etc. have a high content of protein.


3.   Multivitamins

Vitamins like B, A, iron, zinc, etc. are necessary for healthy hair growth. So along with protein, your foods must contain all these essential vitamins to control the hair fall. When seeing heavy hair loss, take foods containing these vitamins or you can take externally after the suggestions from the doctor.


4.   Regular hair wash with a mild shampoo

External care is as important as providing nutrition from inside. Regularly wash your hair with a mild shampoo to clean the dirt, grease, and other pollutants. It applies to both men and women.


5.   Massaging with essential oils

Essential oils like lavender, etc. help to some extent in curbing hair fall. Mix these oils in almond or sesame oil to get the effect you want. They not only add strength and moisture but make your hair shinier after doing a head bath.

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6.   After head bath care

Taking care of your wet hair after a head bath is important to control the hair fall. Don’t rub vigorously with a towel or don’t comb too much on wet hair. As wetness makes the hair follicles weaker, hair fall will be more.

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7.   Treating your hair with ginger and onion juice

Ginger and onion juice are said to have hair fall controlling and hair-strengthening properties. Using them regularly are shown to have positive effects on your hair. Take the juice and rinse your hair with it. Leave your scalp overnight like that and shampoo the next day. Do this every once or twice a week to see a positive change.


8.   Locking moisture in your hair strands

The best to lock moisture in your hair is by keeping yourself hydrated. In whatever busy schedule you have, make sure you are drinking enough water both for your body and hair. Also, applying oil and shampooing locks moisture and reduces the risk of hair fall.


9.   Have you tried green tea?

Green tea is not only good for your body but also for your hair. Take green tea water and pour it on your head. Then do a head bath to see the change you want. As green tea is rich in antioxidants, it helps to kill the germs that are responsible for hair fall.

10.         Know what suits your hair

Use hair products and hairstyles that suit your hair. Relying excessively on outside chemicals is not best for your hair. Also, style your hair in a way that it’s not further damaging your hair. For instance, people having thin hair should avoid high and tight ponytails as it can increase hair fall.

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11.         Avoid excessive smoking

Excessive smoking is shown to have bad effects as the smoke restricts the blood supply going to the hair strands. So avoid it to see a change in your hair fall.


12.         Your body energised

Keeping your body physically active not only keeps you fit but helps in your hair growth as well. As an energised body functions well, your hair does not have any reason to lose its strength.


13.         Let go of the stress

As we have heard many times, stress and overthinking can have adverse effects on your body and hair. There are many studies backing the theory. So find ways to relieve stress from your body. The best is by doing mediation and practising deep breathing exercises regularly.


14.         Limit the use of hair styling products

While trying to be fashionable and stylish, you may be using too much hairstyling and heating products. Always remember that with simple curls or straightening, you could achieve the look you want. So for hair fall control, limit the use of styling products.


15.         Don’t take too many medicines

Some medicines have side effects and one of those may be hair fall. While you can’t avoid taking all the medicines, you could try to control the intake for the simplest of pains like a headache, etc.

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16.         Limit hair colouring

When colouring the damaged hair, you should know how often you should colour your hair. It helps in avoiding unnecessary stress and damage to your hair.


The final wrap

While hair loss is a serious issue, with the right care and knowledge, you can control hair fall significantly. Whether you are a man or a woman, following the above-mentioned tips will set you in the right direction in controlling hair fall.

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