10 tips to pass drug test naturally even if you are intoxicated

10 tips to pass drug test naturally even if you are intoxicated


10 tips to pass drug test naturally even if you are intoxicated. Taking a drug test is a nightmare, especially after you’ve hit a blunt or two at a party during the weekend.  Even though they are quite easy to pass when you’ve been given time to prepare and detoxify, it can be very hard to pass the test when the timeframe is short.

The consequences of a failed test may be dire, as it usually involves loss of job and other life changing consequences. With such high stakes, you really don’t want to leave anything to chance.

So if you’re taking a drug test soon, this list is for you. Below are tips to pass drug test naturally within a short time.

10 tips to pass drug test naturally even if you are intoxicated

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1. Know the system that will be used for the test:

If you need to pass a drug test even though you have drugs in your system, the first step is finding out the kind of test. Some agencies test hair samples, some test saliva, and majority test urine.

Fortunately, urine test is the most common type of test, and also the easiest to hack. Generally, drug tests measure the amount of alcohol, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines, PCP, Marijuana, Cocaine and Opioids in the body.


2. Take both THC detox drinks and same day detox pills 2hours to the test:

Flushing drug metabolites from the body can be stressful and time consuming. However, the combination of  THC flush drinks and same day detox pills can help achieve the same thing temporarily in just 2hours.

Detox drinks are special beverages that help to remove drug metabolites from the bladder, and to keep the urine clean.  Combined with detox pills which have a more enhanced formula,   it is a very effective way of having drugs metabolites free urine even when you are an addict. With this system, you must ensure that you urinate at least 3times before the test.


3. Drink a lot of water, and use vitamin B2 or B12:

One of the most common methods of temporary detoxification is drinking plenty of water to reduce the concentration of drug metabolites. This system helps reduce drug metabolites through frequent urination. The urine sample will be diluted by the time of the test.

The right amount of water to drink differs from individual to individual, and it is left to you to determine which amount of water is perfect for you. However, this system changes the color of the urine so the intake of vitamin B2 or B12 is required to make the urine yellow once again.


4. Timing is very important :

The timing of the drug test is important, and greatly affects the number of drug metabolites that will be seen. You need to know the best time to collect your samples; whether saliva or urine.

When you sleep, drug metabolites concentrate on the body. So you are strongly advised not to take samples early in the morning. If it is a urine test, make sure you’ve urinated at least once that day before you collect your samples.


5. Take aspirin and Zinc :

Taking greater aspirin that usual is great for passing drug test. You can use aspirins before the drug test to alter the level of drug metabolites temporarily. However, this system can leave you a little light headed.

Also, Zinc sulphate can be used, as zinc is assumed to move metabolites from the urinary tract to the fecal tract. You can take Zinc the night before the rest, and another 50 grams on the day of the test.


6. Use powdered artificial urine:

One of the most common methods of passing a drug test without stress is the use of fake urine. Liquid fake urine doesn’t usually have the smell of fake urine, so it can be easily detected.

However, powdered fake urine is not easily distinguishable from real urine. Fake urine contains important components of real urine. To get the right temperature, you can use the heat pad that came with the product, then maintain the temperature. With this, all you have to do is swap.

This system is safe when you aren’t observed during sample collection. However, if you will be monitored, you might want to try another method.


7. Watch your diet :

On the morning of your test, you are advised to eat food that is rich in fat and antioxidants. Green tea and other kinds of tea can help, also coffee, cranberry juice, and some fiber in your meal can help to mask meth, marijuana, and opiates. Tea and coffee are diuretics, and they can clean the body of water and sodium.

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8. You can add adulterant to your urine sample :

Adulterants can be added to urine to mask drug metabolites and give a false negative result. Papain and iodine are great adulterants.  Papain has been shown marijuana concentration in urine by 50%, and Iodine is known to destroy morphine.

Both of them are not easily detected by the regular adulteration tests. Apart from Iodine and papain, many adulterants exist. Unfortunately, many of them are ineffective, and others can be easily detected during lab tests.


9. Have a plan B, and buy only quality products:

Passing a drug test when you’re a drug user is somewhat like gambling, so if you want to be sure that you will pass the drug test, you should combine different methods.

Also, buy only quality products from trusted brands (especially fake urine and detox drinks and drugs) and ensure that you check the customer reviews.


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10. Test yourself :

A test before the actual test can help you know if the methods you’ve used are effective. You can get a simple household test kit or you can go to hospitals or drug shops where drug tests are done for free. You should test yourself at least 3 times before the actual test to make sure that you will pass the official test.

Drug tests are easy to pass with hacks. However, all the steps should be carefully followed, and time should be taken into consideration. Nevertheless, the best way to pass a drug test is to stop using drugs.

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