3 Lifestyle Habits To Improve Longevity

3 Lifestyle Habits To Improve Longevity


We all desire to expand our lifespan as much as humanely possible. A longer life comes with the promise of more time to be with those we love and to do the things we feel called to do during our time on this Earth. Science continues to introduce new ways to boost immunity and strengthen longevity across different populations worldwide. With this information, individuals can take their health into their own hands by taking up healthy habits that provide them with potentially improved longevity. If you’re looking to improve longevity, here are three lifestyle habits.


1.    Eat Healthy Foods

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There is debate over the ideal human diet, but ultimately, you must be sure that you are supplying your body with the nutrition it needs to thrive. You can determine your macros and see the ratios of proteins, fats, and carbs you should eat each day to maintain your weight or to reach particular fitness goals. Also, try not to eat too late in the day. Your body needs time to digest properly. Get the right vitamins and minerals, like calcium or iron supplements, and strive to eat a balanced diet of various healthy foods.


The earlier you have dinner, the more time you give your body time to digest, fast, and do the more profound healing your body needs to thrive.


The brief fasting periods you give yourself during sleep can improve longevity by cleansing the body of debris, including debris that builds up in the brain. This not only improves longevity but reduces your risk of developing cognitive issues like Dementia down the road.


3 Lifestyle Habits To Improve Longevity

2.    Get Up Early And Go To Bed Early

Your body is like a machine; you must train it to do what you want.

We have in our DNA circadian rhythms that govern our wakefulness and sleepiness. These rhythms can quickly get out of whack. From stress, artificial light, and other factors, it is easy to fall off track and put our body into a confusing position.


The best way to resolve issues and improve longevity is to get up early. By waking up early consistently, you can teach your body what to expect. An earlier rise means that you’re going to wind down earlier as well, giving you more ability to fall asleep early and wake up early the next day.


Those considered “morning people” tend to be healthier, happier, and less stressed than their counterparts. If you’re looking for improved longevity, waking up earlier is a good start.


3.    Start Exercising Regularly

Human beings were made to move! Our ancestors were constantly on the go, hunting, gathering, living nomadic, healthy lifestyles, and relying on movement to aid their survival.


Start exercising regularly to stay physically healthy, improve longevity, and increase feelings of accomplishment. If you’re new to exercise, start with the basics like walking or stretching, and increase your intensity when you’re ready. As long as you stay moving, you’re giving your body what it needs for better blood flow and circulation.


We are hard-wired to stay active, despite the convenience-based lifestyle in the modern world. Our bodies are also very tuned into nature, which means we have to find a healthy balance between making our bodies work for our needs and those that align with the laws of nature.


Take Up Healthy Habits

To improve longevity, take up healthy habits like those mentioned above. How you live your life consistently will ultimately make or break your health. To live life to the fullest and for the greatest amount of time possible, make healthy choices and respect what your body needs to thrive!

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