5 Things to Do If You Have Acne Prone Skin

5 Things to Do If You Have Acne Prone Skin


Nobody likes waking up with a new pimple, but when you have recurring issues with it, you certainly want to find solutions. While there’s not always a one-size fits all kind of fix for healing acne, these tips below can help you avoid breaking out, take care of a breakout, and have overall good skincare. Take a look at our tips if you’re trying to improve the texture of your skin.


1. Improve personal care

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One of the most important ways to take care of your acne-prone skin is to have great personal hygiene and commitment to your overall skincare routine. If you have oily hair or are using cheap tweezers to pluck facial hair, you may want to switch things up with your products.

You may need to shop around for the best hair products to ensure your keep your hair healthy and oil-free or use professional tweezers that can help you avoid ingrown hairs that can lead to infected follicles and pimples.


2. Visit a dermatologist

If you’re ready to get to the root of your acne problems, you’ll want to have a visit with your dermatologist. They’ll be able to help you determine what your acne may be caused by and hence, be able to prescribe the right kind of product for your specific needs.

Whether you do a checkup with a dermatologist online or in person, getting a professional’s help with your acne can ensure you get the right treatment plan for your specific needs. It may be an investment to visit a dermatologist but finding the solutions that you need for clear skin are more than worth it.


3. Don’t scrub your face

If you’ve just started getting acne, it may be easy for you to want to “scrub it away!” However, this can do a lot of damage. From getting rid of your natural skin oils (causing dryness) to irritating your breakout and ending up with scarring, there are several reasons why you want to avoid exfoliating more than is necessary. Yes, you need to cleanse your face and clean those pores, but over-exfoliating or even using a harsh exfoliant is a big no-no for anyone with acne.


4. Be careful with your makeup

If you wear makeup, you may be trying to cover up your pimples and laying it on thick to hide your acne. Firstly, this isn’t actually as helpful as one may think as far as hiding acne goes, and second of all, it can at times, make your acne issue worse.

Makeup can cause clogging in your pores and doesn’t allow them room to breathe, which in turn can lead to your acne getting worse. Additionally, if you’re not using the right kind of foundation for your issues, you could end up aggravating your condition. Shop for the right kind of foundation for your skin texture and your needs.


5. Avoid popping pimples

You know those people that pop pimples at the first chance they get. While this may be ok if you have one or two every once in a while, it can be detrimental to those with serious acne. You’ll only make it look worse and slow down healing.

Additionally, if not careful, you could end up with scarring from popping your pimples, so while it may be painful and unsightly to be patient with your breakouts, it’s best in the long run.


In Conclusion

From visiting a dermatologist to being careful with how many times you exfoliate on a weekly basis, it’s important to take care when you have acne-prone skin. Understanding your specific condition can go far in helping you to take the best care of your skin and avoid or handle breakouts as often as possible. While it may not be fun to deal with acne, when you know how to best handle it, it gets easier!


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