10 Lessly-Known Warning Signs of Melanoma that you Shouldn't Ignore

10 Lessly-Known Warning Signs of Melanoma that you Shouldn’t Ignore


These are the Lessly-Known Warning Signs of Melanoma that you Shouldn’t Ignore. Today, taking a leap into the world of healthcare, it is no new news about how cancer is a very dangerous cankerworm that is eating into the fabric of life and claiming lives yearly. As there is no definite cure for the disease, it is advisable that you get it treated as early as possible.

Cancer as we know is simply strange growth of malignant cells. These malignant cells end up spreading and causing damage to different parts of the body. Skin cancer is a common form of cancer. It is cancer that attacks the skin and is mostly caused by exposure to the sun. Hence some of these cancers are identified by sores appearing around the neck, face, nose, and regions exposed to the sun.

Although the common myths around these are that it is only caused by the sun and only affects white people, they are actually wrong. Normally cancers can develop hidden for over 10 years but skin cancer can be easily noticed at times. There are three most common types of skin cancer:

i. Basal cancer

ii. Squamous cell carcinoma

ii. Melanoma

Melanoma is one of the forms of skin cancer and it is a problem because it is hard to detect unlike the others whilst still being the most deadly of them all. Cancers are best treated when diagnosed early. Well, here are ten ways you can identify melanoma at its early stages :

These are the 10 Lessly Known Warning Signs of Melanoma that you Shouldn’t Ignore;

1. Weird, out of Place Looking Mole

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One of the signs of melanoma is noticing an ambiguous and resistant mole quite noticeably difficult from the normal moles you have or experienced. If you notice any weird mole growing or an existing mole taking up a different shape, it’s advisable to book an appointment as soon as possible.

2. Vertical Dark Streak on your Nail

The other symptom of melanoma besides moles is a vertical dark streak on your nail. Mostly for dark-skinned people, killing the rumor that skin cancer is only caused by the sun and only affects the white folk. A dark streak developing on the fingernails is a sign that the cancer is attacking the skin beneath the nails and these are disastrous if not checked on time. Melanoma also attacks at the phalanges so if you notice something say something.

3. Vision Problems

One of the other symptoms that can be associated with this, because if it occurs at the skin at the base of the retina. It will cause eye problems, so if you ever have sight-related issues, you should see your doctor early, in case it is a symptom of melanoma.

4. Resistant Pimple

Early melanoma stages include resistant pimple. If you have a pimple on any part of your body that may be refused to leave with the rest of its squad and has defied multiple attempts to eradicate it because it has the high probability to develop into a mole and it is a symptom to check out for. The pimples most time bring no pus when burst and are likely to sometimes increase in size at times.

5. Mole on Sole of Feet

 Another place that is should look for signs of melanin is beneath the feet at the sole. Another evidence that the sun doesn’t necessarily cause all types of skin cancer especially melanoma. They can either be sores, discoloration, or hardening. Keep good hygiene and look out for any abnormalities at the mole of your feet.

6. After Effects of Mole Removal

If after you remove a mole, it begins to exhibit some different funny characteristics like

Swelling: the area around the mole begins to either increase in size or growth begins to occur

Colorization: if the area around the mole begins to take a hue, either dark or light and maybe starts to expand, you should take note.

Refusal to heal: If the mole then turns into a sore that defies all treatment, it should sight a warning. If you are encountering or encounter something like these, you should do well to check yourself in case it is melanoma so that does not escalate.

7. Inside your Mucal Membranes

Well, since we have established the fact that melanoma can happen anywhere if you feel a constant irritation or pain in your mucal membranes ( inside your nose, mouth, and genitals), it is always be advised to go for full body checks as often as possible and tell the physician to conduct full-body checks especially on these hidden areas.

8. Large Brownish Spots

This is one that is quite hard to not notice, once you detect a brownish spot that expands in size irregularly, it should ring a red alert. These spots could happen anywhere on your body and even in hidden areas so be on the lookout, it is your body, your responsibility. If you come across any of these especially new ones or old ones that started expanding, go check your self as soon as possible because it could be skin cancer.

9. Irregular Coloring on the Skin

Well, I wouldn’t be emphasizing on the fact that if your skin is one color and begins to take another hue, it, of course, should be a cause for alarm. Go see your dermatologist immediately.

10. Moles that Spread.

The last one on my list today,  if you have any moles that continue to increase in size or spread to different places around the same region, it is a symptom of possible melanoma and should not be brushed away and left unattended to. If you have any of these symptoms, watch them closely and if symptoms persist, go and see your doctor.

The thing about melanoma, skin cancer, and cancer, in general, is that during their building process, it hardly causes discomfort or pain. So it will advisable to go for a full CT scan at least once every 18 months. It is a bit expensive but health is better than wealth and considering the fact that everything we eat (synthetic products) and products we use increase the rate of contacting it. Cancer is not a death sentence. The earlier, the best.

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