How to Enable Origin Overlay in Titanfall 2

How to Enable Origin Overlay in Titanfall 2

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Origin overlay not working? Here is an exclusive guide on how to enable Origin Overlay in Titanfall 2. Origin is a very popular video game distribution platform. This platform is used to host games that are published by EA(Popular publisher also known as Electronic Arts). Do you know that the only way you could purchase games owned by EA is via origin? Origin as a game distribution platform has its own fair share of pros and cons. some users make assertions based on their experience, that Origin uses a lot of CPU power while playing games like Titan fall 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Battlefield 1, etc. As for its pros, it used for broadcast gameplay, accepting party invites, and even chatting with your friends while playing video games.

Most people turn off origin game overlay because of the excess load on the CPU of their low-spec laptops. In the course of this article, we would be looking at how to turn on or enable origin game Overlay in titanfall 2

Before I commence this guide, here is a rundown what we would offer you in this write up:

A brief introduction to the Titanfall 2 game

An introduction to the Origin game distribution platform

Then finally our stepwise guide on how to enable game overlay in on.

Without further ado, let’s delve in

A brief intro to the Titanfall 2 video game

Table of Contents

For starters Titan, Fall 2 is a first-person shooter game that allows its players to control both their titans and a pilot. The pilot has a lot of abilities that enhance play and gives you a wonderful combat experience.

The pilots have a jump kit that helps to wall-run and double jump.

An introduction to the Origin game distribution platform

Origin is the social media of the gaming industry. With origin, you can manage your profile, network with friends via chatting. Isn’t all these features interesting? Origin boasts of over 5o million users worldwide.

Downloading games is origin is pretty optimized for speed. You can even play the newest games while they are still downloading. There is an offline mode that allows you to pay your single-player games when you don’t have internet access. It has become a gaming standard, that online games should have cloud saving features. This is very much available in Origin as you can still play the same from a different PC as long as there is internet connection. The last sweet feature of the origin game distribution platform is its game library. They have a single game library, where you can keep all your PC games.

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 Stepwise guide on how to enable game overlay in Origin


Step 1: Check to know whether your system has the minimum requirements

 For you to be able to download Origin and play games with it on your PC, you need to meet some requirements. If you are using a Windows machine, you need to be running a minimum of Windows 7 operating system or later.

Also, you need a 1Ghz processor and a minimum RAM size of 512. If peradventure you are using a macOS, then let’s review the requirements for macOS. You would need an OSX 10.9 or later, with a processor of the make; Intel core 2 duos as a minimum.

Step 2:  Download and install Origin

Go to the origin official website and download the origin software, then install it

Step 3: set up your EA account

When you are trying to set up your EA account, you will be asked the following questions

You will be asked for :

Email address- so that they can keep in touch with you.

Public Id- this is what you would be known by on origin or and also in their forums

Password- for lockdown sake

Your country- so that they can work for you and your location

440" crossorigin="anonymous">

date of birth- to ensure that you are old enough to enjoy all the games origin has to offer.

Step4: Close any Background Software

 Sometimes, our computer can appear to have no open programs, but there might still be some that are running on the background. These are known as background applications, and most of the time, they are not always visible to the task manager when they are currently running.

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How they tend to affect your computer

For every application that is running, your PC uses up most of its processing power and memory. This makes the PC slow down which can in turn result in frame rates and some laggy gameplay. Sometimes, your game can even crash. So on this note, if you have such experience, especially on a low spec PC, you can do any of the following:

  •       Disable or close the programs
  •       Add Origin and your games as exceptions to your security applications.

Disable or close the programs (especially, the MSI Afterburner)

  1. If the origin game overlay seems not to work when you enable it, then try to close some background software.
  2.   To do this, go to the taskbar, and right-click to select Task Manager.
  3.   Then, click on the processes tab if you haven’t selected it
  4.     Look at the third-party apps listed under apps and background. Close then by highlighting with your mouse and clicking End Task.
  5.     Origin users have oftentimes confirmed that background programs such as Razer synapse, Steam, and MSI Afterburner are three programs that really cause a lot of conflict with Origin Overlay.
  6.     Endeavor to close these background programs, so that you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Add Origin and your games as exceptions to your security applications.

Depending on the type of security software that you are using, you have to add the origin software as an exception to those security programs in other to avoid interruption in set up or even gameplay.

The following are steps you can follow to add Origin as an exception.

  •  Locate the origin.exe in: \Program Files (x86)\Origin, if you performed the installation to another folder, look there instead. Don’t forget to also add the OriginClientService.exe that is located in this folder to your exceptions too.
  •  To add a game, go to the game folder, and copy the path of the game.exe and add it to your exceptions.

Step 5: Open Origin Client and Log into your EA account

Log in to your EA account, with the details you previously provided in your registration procedures

Step 6: check requirements  for downloading titanfall 2

You need to have these specifications as the minimum requirements before downloading titan fall 2

  •         Operation System – 64 bit Win 7/8/8.1/10
  •         CPU capacity  – Intel Core i3-6300t
  •         RAM  size – 8GB.
  •         Your hard disk Free Space – 45GB.
  •         Your DirectX – 11
  •         Internet Connection speed – 512Kbps

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Step 7: download titan fall 2

You can either download the game for free from third-party vendors or make an official purchase from the origin

Step 8: Install and add to your game library

if you purchased titan fall 2, the game will automatically be added to the game library. But if you downloaded Titan fall 2 for free from third-party vendors, then follow the path of the file, and add it to your game library

Step 9:  click on the origin menu and select application settings

self-explanatory step

Step 10: click the origin –in-game tab

Simply click on the origin in the game tab

Step 11: Enable origin overlay

Click on the toggle on/off switch to turn on the game overlay in Titanfall 2.


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