15 Best Games to Stream on Twitch

15 Best Games to Stream on Twitch 2020

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15 Best Games to Stream on Twitch 2020. Do you want to start streaming as your career and find it passionate to stream the best games on twitch? Then you are in the right place. If you want to be a streamer, you need to get more viewers on your channel. Whenever you are streaming the most popular games on your channel, your viewers will turn into your audience. But you have to choose the best games to stream on your channel. This article will show you the most demanding and top 15 games to stream on twitch.

What are the 15 best games to stream on twitch? 

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If you want to be a pro streamer, there is no other option that will be better than streaming the most exciting and top games on Twitch. But why should you stream the top games? Viewers often want to watch streaming the top games. While you are streaming the top games and need a perfect twitch overlay, you will find more viewers on your twitch channel. At a time, they will turn into your followers. Thus if you want to gain more viewers on your channel, you have to start streaming the best games on twitch. But how can you start if you do not know about the basics like the twitch overlay, best webcam for twitch or the best games. We are going to show you the most exciting games according to the top streamers.

1. Super Mario maker

The super exciting game Super Mario maker has become so popular worldwide after the release of the game. This game allows fans to create custom courses. If you want to stream a game to make your audiences more interested, Super Mario Maker will be one perfect game for you. It is the most challenging yet most interesting game on twitch. The highest level is the super expert level. One player can play with ten lives. This game has become so popular that it has turned into a top game over the other games.


2. FIFA 2020

The FIFA2020 comes with the ultimate improvement of the previous version. It’s a perfect game if you like to stream soccer games. You can experience the best football game in authentic mode. FIFA2020 introduces the authentic style of playing football. You are allowed to create your dream football team. You can go on a deeper level if you want. But it is better if you know everything about how to play the FIFA2020 before you start streaming.


3. Fortnite

If you are streaming already, you know about the game that is the most-watched yet. We are talking about the Fortnite. This game has beaten the world-class game the League of legends. Fortnite is released on several software packages. The Fortnite battle royale is the most interesting mode in the whole Fortnite game. It can be a bit harder for the novice streamers but if you are a pro streamer, this game is perfect to stream.



Whether you are a streamer or not, you may have heard the name of a game. People worldwide have become addicted to one game that is PUBG. The most exciting and unbeatable game of the last year is the PUBG. Regardless of age and generation has just loved this game. This game has reached so many positive reviews. As it was an unbeatable game in 2019, it is predicted that PUBG is going to be the best game in 2020.


5. Dead by daylight

The Dead by daylight comes as a horror game for the twitch streamers. It is an exciting multiplayer game. One the player has to play to kill and the rest of the players will try to survive. They have to play to escape themselves from the killer player. If you like to stream horror games, The Dead of the daylight will be the one perfect game for you.


6. League of legends

One game that is more exciting for streamers is The League of legends and that is why most gamers spend a lot of time on it. This game has crossed more than 70 million of view. The game has introduced a unique style and design of streaming. If you are a pro streamer, you can control it like a streamer. People have spent more time watching this game which has turned it into the unbeatable one. Thus if you want to get more viewers on your channel, you can start streaming with The League of legends. For the streamer’s convenience, the guide for playing the League of the legends is available. According to the tutorial, you can know how to control the champion. If you play according to the process, you can enjoy a unique style of playing.


7. Shadow of the tomb raider

If you are not a streamer still, you have heard the name of one exciting game that is the Tomb raider. The final chapter of this game has released. This chapter is more terrible and exciting than the other levels. The game allows the player to experience the underwater environment. As everything in this game is a bit challenging and terrifying, it allows using several advanced techniques. The streamer can download different outfits and weapons based on the levels.


8. Overcooked

We have talked about the thrilling games. Now we want to make you know about a cooking game. It’s not a battlefield like the other games. But makes you act like a chef. You can play as a team. Every player has to be ready to cook any sort of food item. You have to create an effective team with the team members. Like the other fast-growing games, this game has millions of views. So there is a chance to increase the followers.


9. Grand theft auto lV

The one game that is full adventure and action is the Grand theft auto lV. It is one of the best selling ever and much entertaining game. If you are a new streamer, this game will help you to gain new followers on your channel.


10. Resident Evil 7

The game Resident Evil 7 has introduced the streaming world with a new horror game. Streamers can experience the terrifying horror era with the horror series. The game comes with three additional episodes. The terrifying structure of the game has turned it into a survival horror game. Fear and terrifying sequences appear at every level of the game. Every element in the game is enough to make the streamer feel creepy and thrilled. The entire house feels so dangerous. Add this game to your streaming list of you like to stream the horror games.


11. Minecraft

Do you like adventurous games? Minecraft takes you to the world of adventure. It’s a simple game where you have to place blocks. This game was one of the best selling pc game in the last year. For getting the latest updates of the game, streamers can play from different devices. It requires only the active play station. The Minecraft consists of the survival mode and exploration mode.

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12. Warcraft 3

One game that streamers like to stream regularly is Warcraft3. The novice streamers find it enjoyable to stream the Warcraft3. Warcraft3 is improved than the previous version. But it remains unchanged. If you want to play a fan base game, the Warcraft3 is the perfect game for you. It is unbelievable that more than 40 thousands of streamers can play this game at a time. It is predicted that this updated game will add more viewers to the twitch streaming channels. Because a hugely positive reaction from the viewers is seen which has made it a top excellent game. I think you already have a clear idea about Warcraft3 which is enough to start streaming.


13. Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 will takes you to the epic scenarios of the world. It comes with the largest battlefield of the world with the unique weapons. You can not imagine the battle in this game. You will find the war as hell in the game. Now it is predicted that the next chapter will release a new free update.


14. Counter-strike

If you are an action game lover, you can start with a streaming Counterstrike. This incredible game has engaged a huge number of audiences on the twitch channels. It is popular as a team-based game. The goal of the streamer is to make the team successful. It is up to the streamer to complete the mission successfully. You have to play as the counter-terrorist. Though its a multiplayer game, you will get the chance to show your streaming skill. But we can ensure that you will be entertained. You can play this game online with your friends.


15. Street fighter5

Lastly, we want to suggest you one fighting game. If you consider this generation, Street fighter5 is the ultimate destination for the fighting game lovers. This game comes with all the original release of the Street fighter5 including the 34 stages, 200 costumes and 40 characters. However, you will find this edition in different ways. You can finish it according to your expectations.



We have put together the 15 best games to stream on twitch in this article. Choosing the top game can lead your streaming career to a new path. Though it’s a bit challenging to gain a significant number of followers on your twitch channel, choosing the best option will lead you to somewhere. We have tried our best to include enough authentic information so that you can choose the best game. It’s your turn now to choose the best game.

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