25 Best Fallout New Vegas MODS

25 Best Fallout New Vegas MODS 2020

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In this article, we review the 25 best fallout New Vegas MODS 2020. The game of Fallout: New Vegas, is such a wonderful and outstanding one. But aside its uniqueness, the game can be guessed to be yet concluded; the root cause of its unfolding and unending nature. We don’t really know if the production of the game was actually rushed; even though many people imply that.

Nevertheless, amidst the apparent shortfalls of the game ___ which actually add to its beauty, various modders have come out with mods that advance the game into a more finite version. A lot of them attach either common crashes or extra content, which were arguably part of the initial plan. That notwithstanding, ranging from the ordinary quality of life advancement, down to the fun gameplay and the rest, we’ve been able to come out with the 25 best fallout new vegas mods.

1. Titan Fallout

Of course, the brand of power armor from Titanfall is way better than the normal power armor. This particular mod ___ The TitanFallout, gives one the opportunity to gather a mighty Titan from the sky, and this will drop to the ground, eventually coming against the enemies. Ordinarily, you can as well move inside of it and also have a direct control of it. In the case of its destruction, you will still have the opportunity to start a fresh production on a brand new one, and order it in less than an hour.

2. BLACK ARROW –It’s A Criminal’s Life

Become a gangster, don’t just dress like one. Do well to pay a visit to a town known as Blackrow, which is being controlled by organized crime.  Right there, you will get to meet the fellow, who is in charge, and right there, you will start to work your way right to the top of the mob. This you will kick start by cleaning some of the contest, and by laying ambush on some convoys and also robbing some banks, eventually eliminating yet another crime boss. You’ve got about three hours to explore this eventful mod.

3. Dust Survival Simulator

If for any reason you’re in search of a more commanding experience in New Vegas, then, Dust Survival Simulator is for you. It comes with the presumption that coming after the war, there came to be an epidemic that translated the desert into a harsher ambient laced with tribal warriors and flesh-eaters. Here, you’ve got no quests, instead, the only thing left for you to do is to try to survive to the best of your ability. Major part parts of the game have been remade, with the combat being more fierce , food and water becoming highly prioritized. Here, survival is only for the toughest of the folks.

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4. King Of The Ring

Have you really taken time to consider a little bit of boxing, as against the usual role-playing, which is very cool? This mod____ King of the Ring, comes with an addition of a gym and greets you with the opportunity to put on some gloves, whilst throwing punches at a couple of folks. Also, the modder here, playfully admits to have initiated the addition of up to one million dialogue lines, as well as over 200 hours of increased game play. More so, this is an exciting opportunity to deal a foe a punch and to be punched too.

5. Weapons Of The New Millenia

Here, the mod delivers a nice pack of armories into New Vegas ___ Colt M1911, Bushmaster M4A1 and AK-47.This is a chronicle of Team Millenia’s great new age firearms, all within a place. Also, you’ve got a choice of how to get these weapons; which could be by using cheat cabinets, which provides you with everything, at no cost. You can also get the weapons through the use of leveled lists and this comes with defeating foes , or you can as well purchase the weapons from vendors.

6. Traffic

Most likely, one would have had a couple of trucks and cars while working within the post-apocalypse, correct ? But then, within your not being able to drive the vehicles by yourself, putting in place the Traffic mod, connotes that you will be able to identify a moving car, each moment. This presents with a dint of submerging to your journeys.

7. New Vegas Bounties

There is of course no true Western in the absence of a bit of bounty hunting. This mod comes with an exciting combination of writing an exceptionally playing custom voice, even with the provision of a chain of increasingly tasking bounty missions, which will demand that you move back and forth the map, just to bring down numerous scoundrels and rebels.

8. Five Nights At Vault 5

This was not originally made to shield folks from atomic bombs, no! But then, they were made to carry out mean and uncommon experiments on the dwellers ___ same with all Fallout’s Vaults. Coming from the Five Nights at the Freddy’s horror game series, this particular mod drives you into a space, wherein you part with your gear, sending robots to get you down. There is need for to be discreet and soundless, so you wouldn’t be easily noticed. Of course, the whole place will at intervals be filled with radiation, leaving you with no other choice than to take it out.

9. Nevada Skies

An ambient with the harshness of the desert, and a locality with the instability of the post-apocalypse, then the weather in New Vegas is nothing but dull. Here, the Nevada Skies comes with the addition of a ton of interesting new systems of weather, adding to the adventurousness of the whole journey. You will pull through blistering sandstorms, hell-on-earth firestorms, thunderstorms and deadly radiation. Also, there is provision for some new features like new high-def sun and moon textures, darker nights and cloud systems with better looks.

More so, in the stock is a brand new item which gives you the chance to play with the settings, pending when you create the dream arbitrary weather systems fit for adventures; either by driving rain, adding a blood red sky or merely a momentary gentle snowfall.

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10. Mtui

This mod adds more increased text on the screen, giving you the opportunity to scroll less by seeing more. This is an enhancement to the FNV, wherein you scroll more, owing you sitting farther from the screen due to big fonts and also due to the fact that the display, makes very little use of the PC monitor’s real estate.

11. Realistic Headshots

Realistic Headshots increases the game to a very destructive level, whenever you score a direct shot on the dome. Of course, being shot in the head will most likely get you killed and shooting people in the head, will get them killed. This, in no way, makes the game pretty easy to get by; no it doesn’t! Greatly reduced are your chances getting headshot in VATS, with some robots and monsters still being able to take of the damage. More so, there is a high vulnerability rate of your very own noggin to the coming lead. Therefore, putting on a helmet is very much needed.

12. Fallout : New California

This mod is a very ambitious one, which a representation of several years of work by multiple modders as well as contributors. It is played out California within an entirely new Vault society, as well as , a weighty , catastrophic  overworld, left to be explored, just as you participate in a brand quest and secondary missions. Upon its release, it’s believed to be the best of Fallout games of 2018.

13. Populated Casinos

A big miss in FNV was the emptiness of the casino, in addition how uneventful the entire place is. But in Populated Casinos are made to be more exciting, for visitations. The tables for gambling are filled with frantic gamblers , with people  chatting and walking about, with the presence of a bigger staff. Here, Vegas is gifted with the whole eventfulness that weren’t there.

14. Roleplayer’s Alternative Start

Just as all games of FNV are different, commencing a new game might come with the ‘same thing’ feeling. The Roleplayer’s Alternative Mod Start comes with a brand new beginning. You will start from a random spot within the map, with just a few of the belongings picked out for you, based on your choice of answers to few quick questions.

15. Centered 3rd Person Camera

The Centered Camera here, makes it a lot easier to view your character starting from the front, take some nice screenshots of yourself with no need to slid to one of the sides of the screen. Most importantly, you’re giving the opportunity to zoom way out, so as to have a perfect look at your environment.

16. Improved Companion Sandbox

The Improved Companion Sandbox is basically for your companions and not for you. They will be engaged with some business of their choice; like performing custom idle animations, leaning against the walls or nicely sitting down on chairs within,  while you look to your own business. As against them standing idly, while you attend to yours. With that, they feel more like individuals.

17. Project Nevada

You really don’t have any need to align with the numerous tons of gameplay changes with this great mod. This particular mod ___ Project Nevada is nicely divided into several sections, for you to choice one and not all. The main mod is focused on including FPS elements like, a grenade hotkey, bullet time, as well as choices of zooms for scoped weapons. Also, another part of it lets you surgically advance your own body with cybernetic implants, enhancing your vision, speed, strength and durability. The next module after the second one, comes with tons of loads of rebalancing tweaks, so as to make room for more fierce fight and a more tasking survival experience.

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18. Nmc Texture Pack

The NMCs Texture Pack contributes in making New Vegas more faintly alluring, even with the unwholesome touch of beauty that comes in a decomposing landscape. All things, including; vehicles, roads, buildings  and trees, gave all been remade. Even if you’ve got some difficulty handling the biggest textures, there are three distinct grades of quality, for you to make your choice from.

19. Alternative Repairing

How are you even going to repair your tattered armors, dull knife and broken gun ? Ordinarily, you usually repaired all those by getting versions of the broken items that look alike, and making payment for a vendor to have them fixed. But alternatively, you can repair them by breaking down items that have always existed into base components , then put into combination those components into parts that can be used as bits of replacements for the gear. This makes you have the feeling of an original DIY enthusiast, whilst giving multiple options for repair, requiring some bit of extra effort.

20. Jsawyer Mod

This mod here by Joshua Sawyer ___ the main director of the game, is aimed at helping you out, in case you find the New Vegas too simplified. With the abounding series of tweaks, you’ll eventually garner little experience from the battle, your level will come up more slowly, you will be capacitated to carry less whilst having an increased vulnerability to damage.  Now, it has become more expedient to eat, drink and rest more. With this mod comes a lot of transformations for a more engaging experience, eventually making the Fallout New Vegas, a real struggle for survival.

21. Nv Interiors Project

Of course, it won’t be surprising to you to locate a group of boarded-up buildings, within the wasteland. Being an explorer with super power and arsenal filled with explosives, you will ordinarily expect to force your way inside. The two mods __ one for Urban structures and the other for Wasteland buildings , gives you entrance to those structures that were initially not able to be broken into, leaving you on the opportunity to explore and possibly find some secrets.

22. Monster Mod

New Vegas has series of unpleasant creatures , but you will at some point, become unenthusiastic over fighting just the same monsters always. This mod ___Monster Mod, comes with a couple of new monstrous beast. While a few of them are just merely tougher than the already-known monsters ; the scorpions, dogs and ghouls, even though lots of them are entirely new , part of which is the axe-carrying zombie mutants with two heads. Every journey within the desert will present you with a new and awful package of surprise.

23. Essential Visual Enhancements

In New Vegas, there are several ways to register a destruction, including; missiles, bullets, flamethrowers, energy blasts as well as grenades. Of  course you would want all these to come up with less difficulty. This particular Mod, covers up the massacre with brand new effects and textures, with a covering over the flames and explosions.

24. Run The Lucky 38

Don’t you think it’s time to match the brake, having sojourned through the desert, and construct something? The mod here, allows you to Run The Lucky 38 casino, translating it from a destroyed husk, into the jewel of the Mojave. You will need to secure the services of employees, enhance the amenities, organize the bankroll and enhance the amenities, in a bid to attracting an increased number of gamblers and customers right to your booming business.

25. Colored Maps And Icons

This mod aids you to make a choice of your levels of resolution, adding colors and coordinates, overlaying information, picking from a number of icon packs. You don’t need any eye-candy on your wrist, simply because it’s of the post-apocalypse.

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