Covid-19 & the Positive Role of Minecraft in Players Lives

Covid-19 & the Positive Role of Minecraft in Players Lives

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The COVID-19 pandemic took the entire world into its jeopardy; literally, every business sector suffered. The pandemic affected all and sundry. “The Work from Home” terminology spiked up, and it is still has been practiced widely on a global level. Just like work, the children’s play activities also shifted from outdoor to indoor. With parks and playgrounds empty for any kids’ activity, the parents had no choice but to engage their kids in healthy playing activities inside the comfort of their homes.

Research indicates that playing video games has numerous health benefits related to spatial, cognition, learning and creative skills. Therefore, with this proof, the parents should not be too worried that not doing outdoor activities negatively impacts the children’s health.

Talking about healthy indoor activities, video gaming takes the lead here. It gives you extra fun and entertainment during these challenging times. It also keeps adding a valuable impact on the kids’ mental health.

Minecraft, a sandbox video game by Mojang (Now owned by Microsoft), has revolutionized the gaming genre of creativity and building house. According to Australian Research, 753 parents in Melbourne were asked about what sort of video games their children are playing.  And what are the gaming devices? The survey found out that 53% of children (Age group: 6 to 8) and 68% of children (Age Group: 9 to 12) have been actively playing Minecraft. More than half of those children were playing this game more than once a week.

Minecraft concept is pretty simple. As a player, you get the chance to play four different modes known as survival mode, creative mode, hardcore mode and the recently released adventure mode. In the game, you build houses, buildings, cultivate stuff, and fight for your survival. The game can be played in an offline mode and invite other players online to be a part of your team.

The kids involved in the following creative gameplay of Minecraft that fulfill their play activities needs massively:

       In Minecraft, the kids build their design and creative sense according to their aesthetics. They also choose to use “Redstone”, which works as electricity in the game and allows the kids to build structures and weird machines.


       Kids know that they cannot go into the park during a pandemic and take a swing or see a saw. On the contrary, they fulfil this need by moving up their character high into the sky and then fall it back to the ground. The kids can make a roller coaster and have the fun of the intense tracks. 


       Many kids start commentating on their play in Minecraft, and this dramatizes their playing experience. A total package of fun addiction.


       Kids can make whatever they want, like a movie house, a restaurant, a house, an empire. This gives them a diverse in-door playing experience, and they feel immersion that they are really in the game and enjoying it all.

This was about the impact of the Minecraft playing experience, specifically during the current times. You can expand this to a broader level with a variety of games like Clash of Clans, World of Warcraft, and Warframe, to name a few that keeps the player involved in healthy strategy activity. During the pandemic, the game Black Desert Online also boomed massively and players started selling their BDO accounts since the demand raised by a mile.

The Parents need to make sure that their children’s indoor play is safe and gives an enjoyable experience, and what more enjoyable can be other than playing video games. Wohoo!!

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