5 Best Gaming Gear Every Video Gamer Needs

5 Best Gaming Gear Every Video Gamer Needs 2020

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Are you search for a gaming equipment list? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we show you the 5 best gaming gear every video gamer needs in 2020.

You will need these gaming gears whether you are an avid gamer or want to start a video game business.

Not every individual but some who enter the gaming scene intend to contribute to the industry on a professional level. Some yield success, while some don’t.

It takes exertion of effort and perseverance to become the pro gamer or stand amongst the best top laners in EU West. But that’s not the concern here. If you have the knack for gaming and the thirst to rigorously practice, you will achieve your goals yet passion and practice alone aren’t the only factors involved.

The right gaming equipment and accessories will help you build and sustain a quality gaming experience in the long run. Not only do you need the right gear but also a stable internet connection. It’s quite common for emerging gamers to fall victim to continuous lag due to poor internet connectivity.

In turn, it hinders their performance and some end up not following their passions. If the same dilemma is making you miss out on immersive and smooth gaming experience, you can consider opting for the cox bronze bundle for a connection with zero barriers.

Back to the real deal, here are the top gaming gear picks we have jotted down for every gamer out there.

5 Best Gaming Gear Every Video Gamer Needs 2020

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1. Keyboard – Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Mechanical gaming keyboards by Razer are the main attraction for your entire PC gaming needs but the BlackWidow Chroma V2 simply takes the lead.

The switches can take up to 80 million keystrokes so it might as well last you a lifetime. The keys have individual backlights that add to the appeal, as well.

Razer’s mechanical switches have been renowned for years already so no wonder the Chroma V2 model won countless credible awards. The best part is, it’s not only limited to your conventional PC system and even offers support for MAC.

2. Laptop – Alienware 13 R2

It’s amazing to have a quality gaming laptop under $1,000. You can certainly compromise on the pricing scale but staying under budget and getting a good deal out of it is a sure win. Don’t go on its small screen. The resolution will hook you up to gaming all night as the specs are a beast.

Alienware laptops are solid and even with a Core i5 processor, it’s as speedy as the current benchmark of a gaming system. It’s packed with NVIDIA GPU for a graphic card.

3. Mouse – Logitech G900

For gaming, it’s best to go wireless. To swiftly move the cursor across the screen while playing a MOBA, you definitely need the Logitech G900. Logitech is known worldwide for its gaming accessories so we couldn’t afford to not give the spot to the brand’s mice.

The mouse guarantees zero lag and a battery life that lasts up to 30 hours of non-stop gaming.

Equipped with a 2.4 GHz of wireless connectivity, it’s the dream of every gamer to have a fully filtered and balanced gaming experience. Despite its looks, the mouse is lightweight and the buttons can be customized as you deem fit.

4. Headset – Astro Gaming A50

We always tend to look for a gaming accessory worth both the money and value it offers. But before anything else, the first thing that strikes our minds is our budget.

What if we tell you can find a headset that not only falls under your budget but also is a hell of a beast? Well, Astro Gaming A50 is there to fulfill all your wireless gaming needs.

You won’t be connected to the cord and can connect the headset to your PlayStation, Xbox or even your Mac. The sound quality cuts through any external noises and hands over a lag-free audio delivery with 2.4 GHz frequency.

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5. Computer – HP Omen PC

The HP Omen for laptops has its dedicated fanbase but the desktop PC is worth the purchase, as well.

A laptop meant for both seamless entertainment, gaming, HP Omen PC has the horsepower to run every triple-A title video game you have been eager to try out which your slowed down sluggish PC couldn’t grant you.

A 1TB HDD and 512GB SSD is enough to boot your system in seconds and not wait for the loading screen buffer into eternity. The only visible drawback is probably the design. The structure is a bit buff and not as sleek as other PC systems falling under the same specs.

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