Highest Paid Foreign Languages To Learn

Highest Paid Foreign Languages To Learn In 2021


In a field of diverse career opportunities, learning a foreign language is increasingly becoming important in the current job market. As such, many people now see it as a full-time career objective, and there’s no shortage of new languages for one to learn. Here are the highest-paid foreign languages that will give you better career prospects in 2021. 

1. English

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English is the most popular language based on the number of speakers and the most widely studied as a second language. Billions of people have studied English as a second language, and it’s among the official languages of over 67 sovereign states. Even better, you can easily study the language online or enroll in a local college. 

The language has continued developing over the last 1400 years and it is commonly spoken in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, and some parts of Asia. That makes it important to learn how to communicate in English, especially when looking to work in these parts of the world. 

2. French

Known to many as the language of romance, French has over 80 million native speakers and over 150 million non-native speakers. Because of the country’s colonial past, many people speak French outside France, and more people are finding it necessary to study the language for business and personal reasons. 

France’s colonial history made French the second most popular language in Europe, and it’s taught in many schools as a foreign language. The language is officially spoken in countries like Canada, Ivory Coast, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Switzerland, Equatorial Guinea, Monaco, Rwanda, Seychelles, Haiti, and many others. As a result, there are over 220 million French speakers globally, and the number is expected to hit 750 million by 2050. 

3. German

Germany is among the nations with the highest GDP in Europe, and it’s a great economic powerhouse that’s offering lots of new career opportunities to people. As such, learning how to communicate in German will offer you great bonuses in the business field compared to other languages. It’s also among the three official languages used in the European Union. 

Native speakers widely speak the German language in Europe, and it’s also the lingua franca of Eastern and Central Europe. This language has over 110 million native speakers and over 50 million non-native speakers. It’s the official language of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, but it’s also spoken unofficially in Brazil, Denmark, Italy, Hungary, Namibia, Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. 

You can learn German in several weeks, although six months is the recommended study time to become proficient. Fortunately, there are over 185 million German speakers worldwide, so you’ll have plenty of people to communicate with while doing business or studying in Europe. 

4. Spanish

Spanish has widely spread across the Americas and Europe, making it among the top five languages to study in 2021. Different Spanish-speaking countries are among the leaders in the global economy, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to use the language in business and your personal life. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to better understand Spanish arts, culture, and music. 

This language is officially spoken in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Panama, Honduras, Equatorial Guinea, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Uruguay. It’s also unofficially spoken in the United States, Andorra, Gibraltar, Belize, and Andorra, making it the second most commonly used language in the world. 

With intense studying, you can master the language in six months, although there are also long-term programs you can subscribe to. Fortunately, experts rank it as one of the easiest languages to learn for English speakers, although it can be a little challenging for beginners. 

5. Italian

With only about 63 million speakers, Italian might seem like a less popular language in the world. However, you’ll be surprised to know that Italian is the most studied language on the globe for pleasure and culture. It’s also the fourth most common language in most US high schools and colleges, with 20% of most students enrolling for the language year. The show Italian is growing faster than any other language in the US.

Italian is officially spoken in Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Croatia. It’s also unofficially spoken in Albania, France, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Eritrea, and Malta.

6. Arabic

Officially spoken in 22 countries in the Arab League, Arabic is spoken by over 300 million people worldwide. Arabic is also among the UN’s six official languages, and it ranks second among the highest paying translation languages. As an Arabic translator, you can expect to earn approximately 34,000 euros annually.

Modern Standard Arabic is officially spoken in 26 states and one disputed territory, making it the third most widely used behind French and English. The language is also unofficially spoken in Ceuta, Brunei, Cyprus, Eritrea, Indonesia, Mali, Israel, Pakistan, Senegal, South Sudan, Melilla, and Niger.

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