10 Best Cambly Promo Codes Free Minutes

10 Best Cambly Promo Codes Free Minutes 2021


Cambly referral codes or promo codes are codes that you could use to get free minutes to video chat with any native English tutor on the platform. It can also be used to get some percentage of discounts while purchasing a Cambly package.

10 Cambly Promo Codes

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  1. pjscef72
  2. uye2
  3. hfa3
  4. smyh360
  5. muna813
  6. noura198
  7. aumrit0
  8. shankar1539
  9. ramla26
  10. bekir1208

How to Use Cambly Promo Code

Applying a Cambly promo code is quite easy. All you need to do is signup first and then enter the referral code later. Once you log in, click on the “referral code” button and then type in any of the referral codes posted here. You will be given free 10 minutes for your first lesson.

How to Earn Cambly Free Minutes

Cambly free minutes can also be earned by partaking in the Cambly student referral program. To do this,

  • Log in to your Cambly account either on the app or via the website.
  • Find and click on the “Free Minutes” option. On the app, the option can be found in the hamburger menu located at the top left corner of the screen. On the website, the “Free Minutes” option can be found on the setting menu located at the top right corner of the webpage.
  • Upon clicking the button, a page containing your own shareable link along with some social media icons will be displayed. Start sharing your link with friends on social media, inviting them to try out the Cambly platform. You can give your Cambly promo code to friends that have already signed up without using a referral code, informing them to insert the code in the “Referral code” option found on the app or website.
  • The moment your friend has completed the above-listed steps, he/she will get free 10 minutes. Now, when your friend has taken his or her first lesson with the free 10 minutes, you will be given free 5 minutes. If your friend subscribes for a Cambly package, you will be rewarded with free 60 minutes which you can use to learn English on Cambly.
  • To gain more free minutes, you need to keep inviting friends.

About Cambly

Cambly is an online English teaching and learning platform co-founded by two ex-google employees – Kevin Law and Sameer Shariff, in 2012. The company allows tutors to teach the English language to students through video chats. Cambly provides on-demand English tutoring by native English speakers. This they do through their own in-app video platform. Students get to log in and learn English anywhere, anytime, and any day. Cambly acts as a platform that grants students access to native English speakers all over the world, in order to get involved in a real conversation in English, obtain structured English lessons, and other things like exam preparation (IELTS, TOEFL), job interview preparation, business English, etc.

Cambly Job Description

Your job as a Cambly tutor is to teach the English language online through a video. It does not involve correcting homework for students unless you just choose to do so of your own free will. Unlike some other English learning platforms, Cambly does not focus on teaching only Chinese or Asian students, students around the globe sign up to learn English through Cambly. You will be involved in short conversations or chats with students, and what you do depends on what the student needs help on. Since you will be teaching through a video, you are required to have a webcam, fast internet connection, and a computer.

As a tutor, when you log into your account, you will get a ring on your dashboard whenever you have a student waiting to talk to you. You have the choice of accepting to take the session or rejecting it. Cambly students chat with you through their mobile phones (Android or iPhone), the company has a mobile app for the two platforms. Teaching sessions can vary in length depending on the package purchased by the student, some can stay online for a couple of minutes while some would spend an hour.

With regards to class schedule, you can work 24 hours a day since there is always student all over the world that is online and willing to learn. However, you will find the teaching hours to be most concentrated in the afternoon and evening time. This is because, by that time, students might have been back from school or work. Hence, there is no class schedule on Cambly, you can teach any time, any day, and anywhere as long as you have a student. Cambly does not require a minimum number of hour from tutors, you can work however long you deem okay by you. As a tutor, you also don’t have to plan or prepare for lessons.

In addition to Cambly which is where you will be dealing with adult students, there is a program called Cambly kids, which is where you will be dealing with kids or minors. Cambly kids pay $12 per hour.

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Cambly Requirements

To teach with Cambly, there are certain teacher qualifications and technical requirements that you must meet.

Teacher qualification: to be accepted to teach English on Cambly, you must be a native English speaker. You are not required to have a teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree or teaching experience to get accepted for the job, you just need to know how to speak English very well. However, having a certificate or teaching experience will help you more but it is not a requirement, it is purely optional.

Technical requirements: since you will be teaching English through video, Cambly requires you to have a computer or laptop with a webcam and good audio capabilities, you cannot use a mobile phone to tutor. Most laptops come with webcams but if you will be using a desktop computer, you will have to get an external webcam. You are also required to have a microphone and headphone, preferably a headphone with noise cancellation capability.

Your lighting must be good and the environment conducive enough for learning. Your internet connection must also be fast enough in order to create a good user experience and prevent lesson disruption or slow transmission. Cambly will check all these technical requirements before you can be approved for the job. The low number of requirements is one reason why a lot of tutors prefer Cambly to other platforms.

How to Register

Cambly is quite easy to register with. The company has made the application process as straightforward as it could be. To join, all you need do is go over to their “become a tutor” page and then create an account by filling out a form. You have options when it comes to account creation. You are allowed to create an account using your Facebook account, google account, or apple account. Another way of signing up is by using your email address and creating a password.


Cambly pays $0.17 USD per minute and $10.20 USD per hour. Cambly will automatically track your time as you chat with students. You should know that you will only be paid for the actual time spent in video chats with students. However, Cambly still compensates tutors for no-shows. If you got booked by a student and then, the student fails to show up, you will be paid for a portion of the time which could range from 10 to 15 minutes.

For Cambly kids, you get paid $12 per hour or $0.20 per minute with no deductions. If kids are a no-show, you will get a 10-minute compensation which will amount to $2.00. Payment is made through PayPal and is delivered every Monday, you will need to accumulate up to $20 before you can withdraw.

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