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How to Underline in Quizlet – In this article, we will show you the 5 Ways to underline texts in Quizlet easily.

Quite a number of Quizlet users may be oblivious of how to use some of the features in the online portal. A case study is crystal clear in how to make use of the underline feature. This article will have these ill-informed Quizlet users covered, how to tweak the Quizlet settings, as we will elaborate on how to underline the website online board.

What is Quizlet?

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This question will likely come in mind if you have not been to their online portal before. With the growing need for extra class training for students so as to re-equip them after class lessons, this online educational came up with this application too so as to complement what was said and taught in class. Now let’s look at how this service came on board and how they have an impact by educating students and mitigating teacher’s stress.

Quizlet was created by an American developer Andrew Sutherland as an online study application that gives students added training through the site’s learning tools and games. About 13 years back at the beginning of 2007, this educational app was released for use, and since then it has got credits from lots of users who are fascinated by how the app works swiftly.

Quizlet is fully operated online in either the application or website, and it has features like flashcards and various games and tests which aids in training students and users of the platform.

Quizlet is an internationally recognized study app that is used mostly in the US and in many other countries. The website generated over 300 million user-generated flashcard sets and more than 50 million active users in its years of operation. Quizlet has got many accolades and has attracted a lot of users to its platform. It no new news that the site now ranks among the top 50 websites in the United States.

Furthermore, Quizlet was recognized by SimilarWeb as the fastest-growing US Education site in 2015.

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Quizlet Mobile Learning

As the aim of Quizlet is to help students including teachers practice and master what they learn, by giving them the edge from what they have in study. The app’s information is organized into “study sets” that users like teachers or students add to their accounts. To start with this app, register an account with them, log in to the site, and choose the appropriate study set for the concepts they need to review. Study sets on Quizlet can be created by a teacher or any other user of the app.

Because of the flexibility and customization available, Quizlet can be used in any grade level and any type of class. It is deduced from the above that Quizlet can help students study irrespective of their educational field as they are more than a website for students.

After having an idea of what Quizlet is and how it works, it’s next to get into the theme of this post, which is ‘how to underline texts’ with the online app tool. We will outline how to underline in Quizlet online portal, and subsequently delineate the benefits to students and teachers in using this online learning system.

Underlining in Quizlet

Most often, you come across some texts and words being crossed below by an underscore. This is the modern way to underline or underscore a word. Underlining a word is applicable in cases where there is much need to show emphasis and draw significance to the word.

The use of Underline commands in Quizlet is equally like the application of Bold and Italics in writing phrases and texts. All these commands are grouped under text formatting and are used to help draw attention to important words or phrases. Formatting of texts helps to make the write-up more proficient and presentable.

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Ways on How to Underline in Quizlet

There are different methods in making an underscore to your phrase while writing on Quizlet online application tool. These methods though may be different in their application, but they produce the same result.

Are you inquisitive on how to underline on Quizlet? Below are the steps to follow to use the Underline commands;

1. Highlighting the text on Quizlet writer

In this method, you will go to the applications writing dashboard (which is where you want to write your texts).

  • Highlight and select the text you want to underline in your writing.
  • On the Home tab, you will see the Bold (B), Italic (I), and Underline (U) command in the Font group.
  • Just click on the ‘U’ which is for underlining a text.

This method is just simple as the selected text will be modified in the document you are writing. Was this easy to do? Were you able to underline your text? If this was easy to go through, you can try other following methods.

2. Inserting underscores

Another way of underlining a text or a word on Quizlet is by putting a special character outside the texts you wish to underline. Here is how to go on with this method;

  • Select the Underline type from the variety of other formatting styles
  • Put underscores _ _ on each side of words or phrase you wish to be underlined

This method is somewhat fast to do when writing, as you will only be inserting the characters only. It will also serve the stress of going long processes in underlining a word. Up next is another method that is helpful and maybe pretty easier for you.

3. Using the Underline Command on the Home ribbon

Quizlet has the list of various font formatting features in the mobile application. These features are accessible in Excel 2010 by locating the Font group on the Home ribbon. Here is how to get started in this method;

  • Go to the Home ribbon
  • Select the texts to underline
  • Click the Underline Command in the Font group

That’s all, this gives a single underline under the selected text you highlighted.

4. Placing an underline by double underlining

This method is very similar to the above, but it differs in the result. Using this method will output a double underline in the text you wish to go for.

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  • In this method, you will use the Underline Command on the Home ribbon in the Font group, or follow the method in step 3.

This will result in placing a double underline under the selected text.

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5. Using CTRL+U keys

This is the quick key-combo for underlining texts anywhere. It is very much popular in Microsoft Word. The same is also applicable to Quizlet as you can as while underlining a text by using the control key. Here is how it works;

  • First, highlight the text you wish to underline.
  • Punch and hold the Control key and then press the “U” key at the same time.

That is it on how to underline a word, text, or font on Quizlet. We’ve dissected the simple ways to give an underscore below your text. We hope you are now acquainted with how this is done.

Features: Why Quizlet is Preferred for Online Learning

You may wonder what’s in this online study application that makes them be so popular. Let’s quickly take a gander at the features in this app that got them the best US educational site accolade in 2015. Quizlet has seven standard study modes that are included in the application to facilitate student learning. These are Flashcards – used to review terms and definitions; Learn – a personalized study mode on how well you know the information in a study set; Write – a study tool in a fill-in-the-blank style; Spell – a study mode for dictation; Test – quizzes on information on the study set; Match – a trivia game by matching terms and definitions; Gravity – another question and answer game.

These and many others are the features that are available for students in Quizlet online learning application tool.


The work of training students and setting them up for success does not just end on the daily teaching lessons. What needs to be inculcated into their education is a social assessment tool to help them after classes. Understudies need to be taught the information and be provided with effective ways to review what they’ve been taught.

In this way, the online learning tool comes to play.  A lot of schools and teachers consider using Quizlet, an online study tool, to help students prepare for tests by using these application tools. We wouldn’t want to emphasize much again about Quizlet as we have encapsulated all that you should know about the mobile application study aid.

This writeup also covered excessively on how to underline using Quizlet. We hope you now have a glimpse of how to put that underscore below your texts!

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