How to Get Your Etsy Back After you are Banned

How to Get Your Etsy Back After you are Banned

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How to Get Your Etsy Back After you are Banned – In every game, there is a rule. Once you play by the rule, you are on the safe side. With every business, Etsy has its policies and is not ready to compromise on that. So one way to avoid this is to read and abides by their rule, and you can be sure of a smooth running of your account. Notwithstanding I will run through a few of their no-go area. I may economize with words so to save you time.

If you are familiar with Etsy’s mode of operation, you will know no one is permanently secured from the heavy hands of suspension. They can come on you without prior announcement or warning. You get an email to that effect after your account has been suspended. So the best thing for anyone selling on Etsy is to stay clear of those things that might earn you a ban or suspension.

Account suspension means you will not be seen on Etsy while the ban lasts. That means you cannot receive new orders or attend to those already placed by your customers. Once your account is banned, Etsy can even remove you from the search engine. Apart from that, you would not be able to place your product listing or edit the existing ones. Besides, your banned account would not allow reading your customer’s view or cancel any existing orders from your customers.

You are cut off from trading. You know the implications of lack of communication between you and your customers. Etsy account suspension is better imagined than experienced.

Before looking at how to recover your banned account, you should know what can lead to account suspension on Etsy, let us look at some dangerous signs that you are about to cross the firing line.

One, if you get an email from the Etsy integrity department asking about your activities. This is a sure way of knowing something negative is about to happen. Their investigator would like to know about your products and services, process and dealing with your customers.

Two, chargeback from the customer is another reason you should suspect you are about to fish in the troubled waters of Etsy. When a dissatisfied customer files a chargeback on your account, they are calling for the attention of Etsy. Your thoughts about that are as certain as mine. Yes, suspension of your account is imminent. Etsy will send a request seeking detailed information that you must respond to within 5 days. Caution, however, is you must give an accurate and sincere response to place you on the safe side.

Three, your customer review is determinant of your success or otherwise on Etsy. A more positive response indicates satisfied customers and a negative review shows they are not satisfied. Simply put, you are not offering quality goods and services. As you know reviews are like publicity and advertisement telling you a trusted brand to deal with.

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Why your account could be suspended

Table of Contents

1. Selling prohibited products.

Etsy is not a place where everything goes. Violating this area will see your account banned. It is against the rules on Etsy to sell any tobacco, alcohol, or stimulants, and other items related to human or animal waste. Get Your Etsy Back

If you are into chemicals that are both dangerous to man and animal, then Etsy is not a place for you. Any product that promotes, exhibits, or incites violence, hatred, injustice, harassment, bullying, oppression, or attack will open your account to the heavy hammer of Etsy authority. Pornographic contents in any form are not allowed on Etsy.  All those items are illegal whether in the advert, print, or audio.


2. Payment defaulting.

Some may wonder why I am bringing this up since it is mandatory to pay for rent. But for some reason, some marketer on Etsy fails to pay the rent of their shop. Though this may sometimes be unintentional for some sellers, yet it happens. This often led to account suspension. Though this shouldn’t happen because monthly you are given detail of your dues. So acting at the appropriate time is an antidote to keeping your business going on Etsy.


3. Violating Etsy copyright laws.

Every business and corporation has the codes and modes of operation. Though this principle differs from one company to another. Therefore, keeping to these rules guide against conflicting with that organization. Like any other business, Etsy has copyright law that guides operating or doing business with them. Presenting another person’s intellectual work and brands as your own attracts a penalty from Etsy. This applies to those also buying from other Etsy sellers. Get Etsy account Back

You will be violating Etsy copyright if you pass off what belongs to others like yours. To avoid this penalty, create a brand that is entirely yours. Where you want to use another person’s, obtain permission to do so. This especially is important to products that have a restriction for usage and those requiring the original owner’s consent.

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4. Shut down due to an error from Etsy.

Sometimes you wake up and find out you are no longer on the Etsy platform. Etsy can bring down your Shop without any prior notice. This may not be deliberate. For some reason, your Etsy is banned or suspended for no known violation or complaint from buyers.


5. Offering unapproved services.

One of the reasons Etsy could close your Shop or suspend your account is where you are offering an unapproved service. Esty is known for dealing with a tangible product. Products were exchanged for payment between buyer and seller. You will be heading into trouble if you will offer nothing visible and tangible for a payment from the customer. In other words, goods must exchange between you as the seller and a customer as the buyer. You are the producer while your customer is the buyer.


6. Bad relationship between you and your customers

Etsy takes exception to sellers on their platform treating the customers wrongly or unfairly. Etsy expects shop owners on their platform to treat their customers well. The principle that the customer is a king holds sway on Etsy. You may be banned if you have any unresolved complaints from your customers. If you falsified information on your listing, it will also get you into trouble. One way to come out clean on this is to always deliver on your promises. The discovery of a foul play will lead to the suspension of your account.


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How to Get Your Etsy Back After you are Banned

The earlier you come to terms with Etsy rules, the better. That will even help you guard your shop and operation on Etsy jealously.

You can appeal for your ban or suspension for any reason except one. However, you cannot file an appeal if you have multiple violation cases or you have been banned a couple of times earlier. There is no guarantee they will grant your request. The result of your appeal for restoration of your Etsy account rests solely on the specialist investigator from Etsy.

The following are a few steps you can take to revalidate your account.

You send an account-reopening message to the support department from your account page. In your message, you give details of your transaction history. That message will also include items on your listings, how has your dealings fit into Etsy policy. You also include what you think or know might have led to the closure of your account.

Also, try to make the investigator know how committed you are to the ideals of Etsy. Share your transaction history with your buyer’s positive review. Give them reasons why you should be given a fair trial. Though this does not automatically resolve the issue, you are sure you are one step forward. Get Your Etsy Back

You wait for the reply after you have submitted it. One thing that happens when you want Etsy to lift your ban is to excise a lot of patience. Most times, they will send you an email template stating they are looking into your case. So if you are the impatient type, you can kiss your shop goodbye.

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Due to the size of the Etsy market your appeal might take a few weeks before you receive a mail rejecting your appeal or restarting your account. A specialist will be assigned to look at your case. His findings will determine your fate. You could be doing yourself a big favor if you responded to any query honestly. Meanwhile, resolve all cases between you and the buyer before the appeal process can begin. If you are also having issues with the legal team, that complicates the problem. Those with multiple Etsy policy violations have no right to an appeal. If after the long wait for the investigator’s assignment, and your case is unsatisfactory, they will not reinstate your account.

The essence of this post on how to get back your Etsy account after you are banned is more of a proactive step than the solution. If you know all these happy are you if you implement them because you will save yourself a lot of stress and hassle than thinking of getting out their hook. This is because you may not recover from its effect. In some instances, you may not even get back your account. Therefore, do all that is required so they would not suspend in the first place, and you will enjoy trading on Etsy.

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