How to become a locksmith in USA - Education, Training, Skills Required, Lucrativeness, Tips to Succeed

How to Become a Locksmith in USA – Education, Training, Skills Required, Lucrativeness, Tips to Succeed


In this article, we will show you how to become a locksmith in the US. Here you will find the kind of education training you need and the skills requirements. We will also share with you the lucrativeness of the professional as well as good tips to help you succeed in this profession.

The profession of a locksmith requires much willpower and dedication towards helping people any time of the day. If you love helping people even in the middle of the night, then becoming a locksmith is the right profession for you.

A locksmith career requires a heart willing to help people anytime in the day or night. People can face lock-related problems anytime, and you, as a locksmith, need to visit them and help them at the right time. The profession of locksmith is not restricted to opening a faulty lock.

The present locksmiths use state of the art technology to offer the most innovative solutions to their clients. The profession is challenging as locksmiths need to work on advanced technologies used in the present-day locks such as Artificial intelligence and biometrics.

Locksmiths need to know all the technologies used in present-day locks. They need to stay updated with the latest software used in the manufacturing of locks as they need to use it for repairs. Let us know what you need to become a locksmith in the USA.

Training needed to become a locksmith in USA

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As training is required in any profession and locksmithing is no exception. Becoming a locksmith requires you to undergo a combination of classroom and practical training. The practical training also helps you gain some skills and experience you need to start this profession.

Many locksmith schools in the United States offer training programs that offer online or offline training courses. If you visit the website of Associated Locksmiths of America, you can find a list of approved locksmith training programs. These courses teach the processes like key identification, key making, installation of locks, lock picking, and repairing security systems.

Certification required to become a locksmith in USA

All the locksmiths in the United States are required to have a certification to work in this profession. The Associated Locksmiths of America offers various certifications to locksmiths as per their levels of expertise. The ALOA offers some certifications for locksmiths as Certified Professional Locksmith (CPL), Registered Locksmith (RL), Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL), and Certified Master Locksmith (CML).

All the locksmiths are required to pass an examination that tests their knowledge in essential areas of locksmithing. The Associated Locksmiths of America also requires the locksmiths to pass an examination in two of the 26 elective categories. These categories include topics like safe installation, basic electricity, alarms, and keyless locks.

License needed to become a locksmith in USA

As locksmiths are given access to homes and security areas, their employees and customers should be able to trust them. Therefore, they need to be reliable and qualified from an approved training institute. All the locksmith need to obtain a license and show the clients that they meet all the standards of training and experience.

In many states of the US, locksmiths need to pass a criminal background check that proves they have a clean background. Also, they need to pass the criminal background check in order to obtain an apprentice license. The applicants of apprentice licenses also need to show their employment with a licensed locksmith.

Skills required for locksmiths

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People come out with various types of problems that locksmith needs to handle. From the opening of locks to repair of broken keys to deal with high-security systems, they need to handle a variety of tasks. Here is the list of basic skills that locksmiths in the US must-have.

  • Repair and maintain locks and security systems
  • Operate the tools and equipment required for installation and repair of locks
  • Unlock the locks, safes and other security systems when the key or code is not available
  • Visit the customers at the place they need locksmith services
  • Copy the keys and maintain records
  • Make duplicate keys with and without the original keys
  • Rekey the locks when customers lose their keys due to some reason

Join a Professional organization

There are many organizations other than Associated Locksmiths of America that offers that new locksmiths can join to gain some benefits and recognition. Joining a professional locksmith organization offers them a number of benefits. These organizations offer them access to higher education, industry bonding, computer-based testing, and insurance options. Locksmiths can use these resources to grow their customers and strengthen their business.

How lucrative is the locksmith career?

Locksmithing is a career that is always in demand. The career will be in demand as long as people are careless about their locks and keys. Moreover, the lucrativeness of this career depends on your ability to grow your business and how you make money from it. If you know the right skills to unlock the locks and repair them, people will trust you can call every time they are stuck in lockouts.

Moreover, the amount of money you earn from this profession depends on whether you work for someone or prefer doing your business. How you market your business to grow it and how you gain the trust of customers determines how much you can make from this profession.

Tips to succeed as a Locksmith

Every locksmith needs to develop some skills and qualities to succeed in their profession.

Customer comes first

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Locksmiths need to gain the trust of the customer by offering high-quality services. Whether a customer calls you in the day, night, or odd hours, you should treat him/her with the utmost respect. At times customers behave rudely due to the frustration they face from lockouts. However, a locksmith needs to be polite and serve its customers with quality work.

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People call a locksmith when they are stuck in a lockout or similar situation. Therefore, a locksmith needs to reach its customers as soon as possible. Punctuality is an essential quality that every locksmith should possess. Customers note the contact details of every handyman they call, and they love to call those again who visit on time. If a locksmith reaches late, customers are likely to call someone else the next time.

Help the customer understand

A locksmith who communicates with the customer and helps them understand the problem is more likely to develop a future relationship. Communication is the key to develop trust and long-lasting relation with customers. Also, offer them some tips to avoid future lockouts and taking care of their locks.

Marketing your business

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It is essential to focus on marketing to succeed in any business, and locksmithing is no exception. The more people know you, the more are the chances to get calls from customers. You should choose the right channels for marketing, both online and offline.


Although people call a locksmith when they are in trouble, some locksmiths take advantage and charge a too high price. A professional locksmith should charge a reasonable price and focus on serving customers instead of making money. Although every locksmith needs to make money, they should focus on creating more customers and charge them reasonably.

Thank you and follow up

In addition to offering quality customer service, thanking the customers is essential to show your willingness to serve them.  Moreover, you should call them the next day to ensure that their lock or security system is working well. In case they face a problem, they may call you again when they need locksmith services.

Final Words

These are some tips to become a locksmith and thrive in this profession. Beginners can start as a mobile locksmith and then grow their business as they gain customers. Following the tips in this post can help individuals to start and succeed in the profession of locksmithing.

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