39 best jobs in the Navy | Navy jobs in demand 2019

39 best jobs in the Navy | Navy jobs in demand 2020


Are you looking for us navy jobs? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we look at the 39 best jobs in the Navy. Here you will see the list of Navy jobs in demand 2020 and their job description and salary.

The US Navy is the world’s largest and most capable navy. In terms of battle fleet and active personnel, it is larger than the next top navies all joined together, including its allied countries. It also has the third-largest air force in the world, with more than 3,700 operational aircraft, and over 290 deployable combat vessels

There US navy divides jobs into E-classifications or ratings, similar ratings are placed into groups known as communities. For example, ratings that are Maintenance in nature, are placed in the Maintenance community. Ratings that deal with logistics are placed in the Logistics community. The US navy ratings are also called Military Occupational Specialties.

In the organization of the Navy, no matter what kind of job engaging in, the staff are actually contributing their own strength to the cause of human security and national defense. It is precise because of these people who have paid silently that peace and tranquility in the world have been established. For some personnel who have performed outstandingly in their jobs, the relevant Navy authorities often award them with custom navy challenge coins as an encouragement, which is also a token of recognition and group honor.

39 best jobs positions in the US Navy

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The US navy has a long list of jobs ratings starting from highest paying jobs like airmen, air traffic controllers to lower-paying jobs. Below are a selected list of 20 best jobs in the Navy, classified based on importance and pay rates. Our focus is on the highest paying navy enlisted jobs as well as the best navy jobs for civilian life.

1. Commercial Pilot

The commercial pilot is one of the top best job position in the US Navy. As you would expect, their main objective is to navigate fixed-winged aircraft or helicopters. Certified commercial pilots are also hired by US airlines after completion of training, with little experience.  Becoming a Navy pilot is not that easy as it requires a lot of physical, mental, and psychological tests and training. This is one of the reasons why it’s the most rigorous and highly competitive position in the US Navy job ratings. On average, a commercial pilot earns $130,059 yearly.

2. Air Traffic Controllers

Air traffic controllers are responsible for the controlling, directing, and guiding of Navy aircraft and instruct pilots using radio communications. Its one of the best job positions in the US navy as they are always in the airport’s control towers, tracking exact aircraft position as it travels, ensuring it’s safety, and providing the shortest and most efficient journey route. An average air traffic controller earns $118,430 annually.

3. Nuclear Engineer

Due to the high competitiveness of ratings in the nuclear field, being a nuclear engineer is one of the best job positions in the US navy. Applicants of nuclear engineering need to be well-qualified in math and science since they’ll basically be operating nuclear reactors. Not only is it very technical, but also requires a broad amount of education and training, nuclear engineers make $91,883 yearly.

4. Information Security Analyst

When looking for best job positions in the US navy, an information security analyst is one to go for. Their job mainly is to operate and maintain global satellite telecommunications in the navy fleet. By the protection of navy communication networks, implementation of firewalls, and data encryption. An information security analyst main job is to ensure proper safety measures are in place to safeguard and protect classified digital information. Their pay rates are an average of $97,741 yearly.

5. Navy Nurse

A Navy nurse is also one of the best jobs positions in the US navy, as nursing assistants are much needed in the navy. The duties of a nurse in the navy include: following directions under a senior nursing staff, transporting patients, assisting in daily healthcare activities such as treating of wounds, admission of drugs and general wellbeing of sailors. The average salary of a Nurse starts from $68,450 a year.

6. Culinary Specialist

Being a culinary specialist is one of the best job positions in the US navy because of the high rate of payment and the rigorous process of becoming one. To become a culinary specialist, requirements include a strong working knowledge of food production and techniques, distribution of foods, providing exceptional customer services, and management. A culinary specialist job also involves preparation of meals for foreign dignitaries, providing food for servicemen on a ship, submarine, or onshore. Average culinary specialist salary is $67,760.

7. Mass Communication Specialist

Mass communication specialist presents the navy story to the public and the rest of the world through different media platforms. It’s one of the best job positions in the US navy because it allows broadcasting news and print journal stories for the military on civilian newspapers and television stations. They are also permitted to record videos and photographs of navy operations, navy events, and exercises.

8. Administrative Services Manager

An Administrative Services Manager or Yeoman’s job consists of planning and coordinating administrative services of the navy, ensuring reports are accurate and efficient, creating deadlines for the administrative department, hiring and terminating administrative personnel, overseeing procedures and policies to improve operations in the navy.

9. Commercial Diver

Another best job position in the US navy is commercial diving. Their job includes: working under the water’s surface, salvaging wreckages, providing tactical support in diving missions, installing and repairing equipment underwater. The average salary for a commercial underwater diver is $54,750 yearly.

10. Hull Maintenance Technician

Hull maintenance technicians are involved in all metalwork jobs on the ship surfaces and structures to keep them in good working condition. Their jobs also include: carrying out maintenance of shipboard plumbing, repairing rescue boats, and maintaining ballast control systems. Their salary ranges from $33,700 to $36,000 annually.

11. Aviation Boatswain’s Mate

When listing best navy job positions, aviation Boatswains mates cannot be left out.   They are the men you see running around on flight decks of aircraft carriers. Their main jobs are launching and retrieving aircraft from the flight deck, refueling planes, and directing traffic aboard aircraft carriers. Average salary ranges from $31,000 to $36,000 yearly.

12. Sonar Technician First-Class

As the name suggests, they are responsible for conducting underwater surveillance. They also key in search and rescue operations, detecting enemy vessel movements and also help repair sonar equipment. A Sonar Technician average salary ranges somewhere between $32,000 and $48,000 annually.

13. Aviation Ordinance Man

Aviation ordinance is also one of the best jobs in the US navy. They are the men responsible for operating and maintenance of aviation ordnance equipment which includes; missiles, bombs, torpedoes and so on. They are also responsible for maintaining and loading of small arms. Average salary is $45,576.

14. Aviation Machinist’s Mate

Aircraft engine mechanics carry out inspection, tests, and make adjustments and repairs to aircraft propellers and engines. They also carry out daily routine checks and maintenance of aircraft for flights. Their average salary is $45,576 annually.

15. Air Man

Another best job position in the US navy is the airman. Their duties do not require much than repairing and maintaining parked aircraft and their equipment to keep them ready for flight operations. They are also involved in operations relating to landing and taking-off of aircraft. Average salary is $25,289 annually.

16. Cryptologic Technician 

When talking best navy jobs, cryptologic technicians are no less. They exist for specialized duties such as a collection of shipborne, airborne, and land radar signals. They are the ones operating systems emitting high-power signals to diffuse radar-guided weapons systems.

17. Builder

Builders are responsible for constructing and repairing concrete, masonry, and wood structures used in shipbuilding and are also involved in painting work. They are knowledgeable in all materials involved in shipbuilding and give material and labor estimates when necessary. The annual salary ranges from $19,000 to $54,000 depending on the type of builder.

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18. Construction Electrician

Their job is to install and repair wiring and lighting systems. Construction electricians repair electrical components such as circuit breakers and transfers used in submarines or navy ships. They also use different testing devices to detect electrical issues in technical equipment for purposes of repair. Average annual earnings are $38,000.

19. Hospital Corpsman

Hospital corpsman is a specialty health care provider, a medical administrator, or a doctor at a medical treatment facility. They function on the battlefield as corpsmen when Marine Corps are engaging in war whereby they provide emergency medical care to injured Marine Corps in a combat environment. Average salary is $35,000 per year.

20. Information technology / Information Warfare Rank:

As you know, technology is the most advancing field in this 21st century; proficiency in the latest technology will place you ahead of your comrade. Are you an expert in IT?

If yes, there is a job prospect for you in the Navy department; so you may be employed to work as an information technologist in US Navy frontline.

And this will give you an adventurous feeling.

21. Intelligent and Communication Rank: Enlisted and Officer:

Here you will be in charge of responding, tracking, and controlling intelligent task. Hence you will be in the vanguard of world issues. You will be trained to be familiar with every aspect of your work.  Trained on how to identify the target, foreign threat, and how to carry out sophisticated report and analysis and other things.

22. Special Operation Rank: Enlisted and Officer:

This rank is known for the capability of a soldier to quickly and cleverly target their opponent.

Here, one may specialize in explosion ordinance disposal EOD and US navy driver.

23. Telecommunication Rank: Enlisted.

Telecommunication naval is responsible for sending information to a far bases and vessels in the US navy fleet. They work with encryption technology companies, hence can code and decode classified materials.

24. Nuclear Power Rank: Enlisted and Officer;

Working in this field will expose you to the world latest nuclear weapon and technology

25. Human Resource Rank:

Here you work as a human capital resource specialist helping in the maintenance of good relationship between other workers and the US navy in charge of recruiting new intakes among others.

26. Submarine Rank:

The enlisted and official are essential for America safety and US navy strategic deployment.  A committed and responsible sailor may be promoted to this rank; the essential skills you must posse are resourcefulness and other skill used over the world today.

27. Civil Engineering Rank: Enlisted and Officer

Civil Engineers are responsible for different engineering maintenance throughout their duty; specifically during warfare, during the training of the entire fleet, give that chance to work with well-developed construction Tech companies.

28. Art and Photography Rank: Enlisted

Hope you are not among the people who think the navy job has nothing to do with art? You think it is just fighting and protection roles stuff navy are concerned with.

No that’s not true, who are those taking pictures or giving updates of warfare?

Event coverage is done by the photographer;

As you know w cannot do without a photo, a saying has it that a picture is worth a million words! So also the navy needs the services of well-seasoned photographers. They are employed to work as event covers. Also, you could work in collaboration with best technology visual equipment companies of the world.

29. Finance And Accounting: Enlisted Officer Accountant:

Accountant and financials are in high demand in the US navy. Their responsibility includes; payroll preparation, handle travel expenses and smooth running of the account, also record the purchase of a certain essential item for ship functioning.

30. The Sail Man

The navy typically recruits responsible sailors whose sole duty is the piloting of ship. Usually referred to as money jobs but they are at the heart of affair of the navy because without them the ship cannot be moved.

Warrant special officers usually hold holding particular position,  needs to acquire certain skill and knowledge to work in this position also are eligible for promoting CPO.


This position is of two type of navy chief warrant officer and navy officer. The first one is a special position, in which the holder must be well skilled and experienced; it may range from W-2 to W-5.

The Second is the navy warrant officer, more often than not ranges from E-6 Sailors who are due for selection and former enlisted personnel and may rank from E-7 to E-9.

32. Navy Enlisted Structure

This structure is often from E-1 to E-9, the sailors from E-1 to E-6 are seen as junior grade and earn lower than senior rank, which varies from E-7 to E-9.

E-7 to E -9 is with much responsibility for leadership and authority with a fat pay.

33. Navy officers:

People occupying this position have the responsibility of controlling and leading whatever units they find themselves, navy officer have authority over enlisted personnel.

A lot of dedication, skills, and experience is needed for one to reach this position.

34. Engineman:

The engineman handles the mechanical repairs and fixes of the engines just as the name implies but it does not just end there, you require quite several years experience to considerer in this post. The pay, of course, is big and tempting but do you posse the required skills and technical know-how?

35. Navy Submarine:

Are usually seen as a guard who stands around submarines on lookout; one may be promoted from this level to a greater rank after a series of years experience and obtaining more qualifications.

36. Navy Enlisted Electrician Mate:

This is really an important job in the navy;

The electrical wiring and repairs who do you think carry it out?

You know the answer, right?

Electricians hired in navy must demonstrate proven and verifiable years of experience to be considered in the post.

37. Legal Men:

These are usually people who studied law; assisting the sailor and other navy officers in making court proceedings such as courts-martial and court of inquiry as well as filing cases in court on legal matters related to navy.

38. Communication Specialist:

This post serves as the public relation officer of the navy, shooting and editing of videos, articles writing, press release, editing and news publishing with respect navy information affairs.  More so, Communication Specialists are responsible for creating online content and visibility.

39. Food, Nutrition and Dietetic:

Looks odd isn’t?

You really want to tell me these officials do not eat, oh that means hunger will suck all the energies they have got.

Just know it now; that the assistance and services of food and nutritionist are by and large needed by this force.


With all the above jobs listed, we hope you’ll be able to have a deeper understanding about the top twenty best jobs in the US navy and will look out for one of these jobs when seeking out a job in the US navy.

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