5 Best Inverted Bob Hairstyles to Try This Year

5 Best Inverted Bob Hairstyles to Try This Year

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An inverted bob haircut can entirely transform your looks. If you want to change your usual styling, here are some options you may want to try.

Whether you want a completely new look or you are looking to chop your hair to get a low maintenance haircut, an inverted bob offers you the right answer. The hairstyle, which incorporates extended front and short hair at the nape of the neck, is both chic and sophisticated. It also offers various options to suit all ladies. That implies that women of all hair types and textures can rock this stylish haircut.

To wear this fashionable haircut, all that you need to do is choose the right haircut that suits you. So, to help you do that with ease, Glaminati has compiled some of the best – inverted bob haircuts for women in 2020. Just choose the most appropriate haircut for your hair type and show it to your hairstylist. We are sure you will love your new style.

1. Extended Inverted Bob

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If you have not yet come into terms with the idea of chopping off your long hair and you want to rock an bob, then this long bob will be an ideal option for you to go for. It is an extended version of a bob. However, the hair at the back is trimmed short of offering more volume to the entire hairstyle, and the long locks in front keep the long length that you don’t want to chop. Besides, with this hairstyle, you get the freedom to style it in different ways and cut it whenever you feel like.

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2. Short Inverted Bob

For women with a cropped cut, the short bob is the best haircut for you. To style the hairstyle while tailoring it to suit your face shape, choose to style the front hair slightly longer to reach the cheekbones. You may also want to try a middle part or a side part. Any of these will look great. You may also add bangs if you want.

3. Layered Bob

Want to rock an inverted bob with a modern vibe? Well, the layered bob is an excellent option for you. Try including choppy layers. The added layers at the back and front of your haircut create more volume while giving you a style that chic and sophisticated. Just don’t forget to include soft waves to your layered bob to avoid making it look overly round.

4. The Bob With Bangs

Bangs are universal additions to most hairstyles, and when it comes to bob haircuts, they do a great job, especially in face-framing. When matched with piece-y layers, the hairstyle looks incredibly stunning and eye-catching. While this bob looks great with the front fringe, you can also opt for a side fringe to add a soft vibe to your haircut.

5. Curly Bob

You shouldn’t avoid inverted bobs simply because your hair is curly. When it comes to bobs, there are many ways you can style your curly hair. All that you need is to choose a bob that looks great on you.

This curly bob is an excellent haircut if you want to show off your voluminous and curly hair in all its glory. The haircut will give those beautiful kinks full bounce.

Photo Source: Instagram.com

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