How to Make Phone Recruitment Work

How to Make Phone Recruitment Work


The job industry is changing. Now that everyone is connected to the internet, communication has become easier and faster. This has revolutionized the way companies use to hire new people and how job-seekers find vacancies.

There are two ways of phone recruitment. The company itself, with a vacancy, can execute this entire process. On the other hand, companies can outsource their hiring needs to a third-party recruiter, who works as a bridge between job-seekers and job-providers.

No matter what type of over-the-phone recruitment we are talking about, it is no wonder that it is more effective than the traditional hiring process. Let us look at why over the phone recruitment is so popular and how it works.

Are Over the Phone Recruitments Effective?

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The Changing Trend

The job sector has changed. Now we have more types of jobs than ever before, and their popularity is at its peak too. For instance, now contractual, remote work is in high demand. It is equally beneficial for both employers and job seekers. And as we are experiencing a drastic rise in Digital Nomads, it is no surprise that over phone recruitment has its charm. 


Urgent Hiring Needs

Many companies need to hire new people on an urgent basis. This is where a traditional recruitment approach fails miserably. It is too bureaucratic and lengthy. Companies would first draft down their hiring needs, what responsibilities recruits will be accountable for, and mention remuneration.

Then comes the screening, interviewing, and viva phase. This is not how urgent hiring should be made. To make a hire before the deadline, the company needs something fast and reliable.


Larger Pool of Eligible Candidates

<p>Another advantage of phone recruitment is that it is highly effective in reaching out to a larger pool of eligible candidates in less time. There are many ways and many online tools a company can rely on to narrow down candidates’ lists, using a few key-words in seconds. This process is also precise as you get the profiles of only those candidates who meet your requirement.</p>


Breaking the Traditional Hiring Method

The new trend of job placement is much different than the one we had a decade ago. In earlier times, companies used to post their job vacancy advertisements in newspapers. Eligible candidates used to skim through the large papers to find a suitable job for them. After they submitted their application, a screening took place.

The company would then call the best candidates for an interview. After the second round of assessment, the recruitment would be finalized. But now, eligible candidates do not have to find jobs actively. The recruiters will find them.


How to Conduct Phone Recruitments?

To get higher engagement, you need to know the best practices of phone recruitment. Below are the most effective tips that can help fine-tune the recruitment process.


Define Your Needs

Before initiating the recruitment process, you need to define your needs. If you are the job provider and want to conduct the entire process using your team, you need to sit them down and draft the vacuum you are trying to fill with the recruit. While doing so, you must also note down the skills and experience a candidate must have to complete your project.


Collect Candidate’s Data

Before making a call, you should dig up all the necessary information about your candidate. Start with their educational qualification, their past work experience, and their extracurricular activities.


You might go one step ahead and contact their past employers. Relying only on certificates isn’t enough. You need to listen to a candidate’s friends and co-workers about who they are, how professional they are, and how good they are at meeting deadlines.

Next, the work ethics of a candidate matters above all. You do not want to hire someone who has poor standards, comes late, misses deadlines, and isn’t responsible. These traits are contagious. If you hire someone with these traits, the other workers in your company might get negatively affected.


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Streamline The Conversation

Once you have defined your needs and your candidate’s qualifications, you can make the call. Prepare a script if necessary. You do not want to be wasting your time digressing from what you need to know. Also, you do not want to waste your candidate’s time, as this might leave a negative impression of your company.

It is also important to pick a suitable time for your candidate. If it is a workday, do not call during office hours. You need to pick a time when the candidate can answer your questions peacefully. You can’t expect them to take you seriously if you call them in the early morning hours at the office when they are stressing out with the task at hand.


Set Expectations

<p>The last aspect is to set expectations. You have a particular need for the new vacancy you have. But not all candidates will be qualified enough to perform at the same level. Some might take more time to complete a project, whereas some might finish it before the deadline. So, you should form an idea about how your chosen candidate will perform. This will help you avoid any messy conflict.</p>


Find Candidate Phone Numbers

Now we know why phone recruitment is effective and how to conduct this process. It is now time to shift our focus to how one can find candidate phone numbers.

There are a few online tools that help you discover the personal contact information of your shortlisted candidates. And then there are some shady ones. If you want a tool that is reliable and fast, then Signalhire is the ideal pick for you.


Using this tool, you can find candidate phone numbers from their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Github, MeetUp, and a handful of other platforms.

Moreover, as this tool comes with a browser extension, curating your candidates’ phone numbers is a matter of seconds. When you are visiting your client’s profile on LinkedIn, or any other platform, simply hit the Signalhire icon at the address bar of your browser, and you will see emails, phone numbers, social network links appear in a popup window.

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