7 Best Replacement Doors for Cold Weather (Winter)

7 Best Replacement Doors for Cold Weather (Winter)

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Are you looking for the the most energy-efficient doors? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we look at the 7 Best Replacement Doors for Cold Weather (Winter).

Winter is the season when you need to keep your homes warm and protect your family from cold weather. Doors and windows are very important in maintaining the energy efficiency of your homes. A small gap in doors or windows can leak the warm air and allow the entry of cold air into your house.

Improperly installed doors can reduce the energy efficiency of your homes and make your heating systems work harder against the cold weather. There are many brands and materials of doors that you can consider installing in your home for protection from the weather. Let us check out the best replacement doors for homes in cold locations.

7 Best Replacement Doors for Cold Weather (Winter)

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1. Exterior steel doors by Jeld Wen

Jeld Wen is the manufacturer of energy-efficient doors and windows for modern homes. Although steel doors are not considered energy efficient, they offer insulated steel doors with craftsman design at affordable prices.

The company offers these single doors -panel, two-panel, and three-panel variants. These steel doors are available with a 20 and 90-minute fire rating and ten years of warranty. They are energy efficient and protect your interior areas from the external cold weather. The steel doors by Jeld Wen also maintain your interior temperature in summer, protecting your family from the external heat.

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2. Fiberglass Doors by Marvin

Fiberglass is a material known for its durability, insulation, and energy efficiency. The integrity fiberglass doors are made by Marvin Company. The fiberglass material is better than aluminum and vinyl in many terms. Marvin offers its integrity door series in dark shades like Ebony that do not fade, degrade, and can tolerate heat loads.

Although made of fiberglass, the doors by Marvin are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. The company claims that the doors won’t suffer dents, chips, cracks or peeling and are virtually maintenance-free.

3. Fiberglass Doors by Kolbe & Kolbe

Kolbe & Kolbe is a company that offers insulated fiberglass doors for home entrances and exits. Such fiberglass entrance doors are made of textured and smooth versions and feature a heavily insulated core made without ozone-depleting carbons.

The composite material is not going to warp, and the color is clear throughout, says the company. The units are available in five-colored colors and 22 painted colors, along with a range of decorative glass pieces, as well as custom designs.

4. Windsor Doors

Windsor is a door and windows manufacturer that offers four products – pinnacle wood doors, Cellular PVC doors, vinyl, and revive replacement windows.

They use double strength glass in all doors, and their glazing system offers high energy efficiency to their products. Windsor also offers sliding, bifold, swinging, and multi-slide doors for interior and outdoor spaces. All the materials are energy efficient and, when installed with proper insulation, protects the exchange of warm and cold air, thereby protecting your family from the outside cold.

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5. Rotproof Doorjambs by Endura Products

The door manufacturer company Endura Products claims that their wooden doors won’t rot, crack, warp or absorb water. Endura products are known for manufacturing high quality and long-lasting wooden doors and windows. They offer a lifetime warranty for their products and offer doorjambs with a composite bottom.

The bottom is finger-jointed 4-inches deep in the wood and provides structural integrity to the door. Moreover, they also provide an entirely composite jamb that boosts the durability of the door. Wood being a poor conductor of heat provides energy efficiency and prevents the flow of warm air leaving the house. These doors are best for homeowners who prefer wood over other modern materials like glass or aluminum for their homes.

6. Multi-slide Doors

The Western Window systems offer multi-slide doors with Argon filled dual panes. The dual-pane glass filled with argon is suitable for multiple climates, including summer and winter. The dual-pane glass and argon protect the interiors from ultraviolet rays and also offer high insulation to prevent the exchange of air.

The doors fitted with argon filled dual-pane glass offer you protection from the external cold air and low temperatures. Moreover, the multi-slide feature allows you to use them conveniently and also save space in your rooms.

7. Insulated Aluminum doors by Tubelite

Although aluminum is a metal, it is a good conductor of heat-, it is used indoors with insulation. The insulated aluminum doors use two sheets of aluminum and fill an insulation material between them to provide perfect insulation. These doors are perfect to use in the interior as well as exterior areas like entries and exits. As aluminum is durable, you can also use these doors in the outdoor areas like patios and garages.

Aussie Aluminum Enterprise is a company that offers high quality insulated aluminum doors and windows. Their products are made in Australia and tested for quality and reliability. Their products include bifold windows, sliding doors, hinged doors, and aluminum bifold doors Newtown in Australia.

Some tips for home insulation 

The protection of your interiors from the outside cold weather depends on a variety of other factors. In addition to insulation, you need to consider other things like adequate sealing of entry and exit areas of your house. There should be no gap under the doors, windows, and trims.

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Moreover, your family members should not leave the doors or windows open when the heating system is in use. Also, insulate the drafty windows by using some plastic sheets and a hot air blower. You can use a plastic sheet with double tape and stick it to the walls and window sill. Then blow some hot air on the sheet to make it stick on the window frames.

Final words

These are some types of doors that protect your interiors from cold weather. The best material for winter doors is fiberglass, as it allows some heat from the sun to enter the house and traps it inside to make your house warmer. You can cover the glass with the vinyl of plastic sheets in the summer to block the sun rays from entering the house. The doors in this post can help homeowners around the world to make their homes weatherproof in winters.

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