10 Tips on How to Fix Your Thinning Hair

10 Tips on How to Fix Your Thinning Hair

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Looking for the best hair thinning treatment female and male? Then, we’ve got some amazing Tips on How to Fix Your Thinning Hair almost immediately.

Thinning hair can be referred to be the minor loss of hair which although doesn’t necessarily lead to baldness but can give rise to thinner spots of hair on the head. The causes of thinning hair can be majorly categorized into two: genetics and lifestyle.

10 Tips on How to Fix Your Thinning Hair

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Below are 10 Tips on How to Fix Your Thinning Hair;

1. Scalp Massage

This is one of the most effective and most pocket-friendly hair thinning treatment female. Scalp massage dilates arteries within your scalp which in turn increases the blood flowing to the follicles. It not only increases hair growth overtime but also increases its volume.


2. Eating Healthy

Just as we need to eat healthy to grow healthy, we also need to eat healthy to enable hair growth. If you are malnourished, your entire being including your hair will be malnourished. Try as much as possible to eat foods rich in biotin such as egg; selenium such as brazil nuts; Omega 3 such as fatty fish, walnuts, etc.


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3. Use of Essential Oils

Oils such as Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme can be used to treat thinning hair. All you need do is apply the oil to your palms and gently massage them unto your scalp. If you decide to try this out, test out a small quantity on your arm and watch out for any form of redness, itch or soreness to know whether or not you are allergic to it.


4. Use of Anti – Thinning Shampoo

This is one of the best thinning hair treatments in the market. Anti thinning shampoos contain vitamins and amino acids that help to not only grow hair but also make it thicker. To get better and faster results, its recommended to use it daily.


5. Multivitamins

As earlier said, it is important to eat healthily. A blood test is advised so as to know if you are deficient in some nutrients such as folic acid, zinc, and iron which aids the growth of strong and thick hair. If so, a daily multivitamin is required but if you are not lacking, do not bother taking in extra as there is no proof that it can help fix your thinning hair.


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6. Onion Juice

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This is another easy and home-based option. All you need do is to blend the onions to extract its juice, then apply it gently on ur scalp while massaging it. Do well to leave it in for some time so as to give the juice time to work before washing it off, preferably with an anti – thinning shampoo.


7. Use of Ginseng

This is a plant that not only prevents hair thinning and breakage but also promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff and grey hair. Ginseng hair products increase the dermal cells on the scalp which, in turn, strengthens the follicles and nourishes the roots of the hair.


8. At home laser therapy for hair

Laser therapy is often carried out by dermatologists and skin specialists. From its name, we can see that it is home friendly but however, costly. It helps regrow your hair while making it thicker! Here are the available hair growth devices available.


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9. Vitamin D

The importance of vitamins for hair growth is quite immense. Vitamin D is a great stimulant for hair follicles which in turn results in hair growth and deficiency of this Vitamin can cause loss of hair. Vitamin D is mainly sourced from early morning Sunlight. Other sources include fatty fish, egg yolks, mushrooms, etc. You can also use the available vitamin D supplements available in the market.


10. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is a hair loss treatment approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It is to be applied twice a day to balding or thinning areas and normally takes up to 16weeks to show results. However, consistency is key to fast and better results. This product is available in liquid or foam. Its major drawback is that people who consider this option Must continue with it or risk experiencing hair loss….again.

While doing any of the following above, try as much as possible to avoid stressing yourself out and packing up your hair tightly as they are causes of hair thinning. Do well too to understand how your body functions in certain conditions.

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