The Most Fashionable Crew Cut Haircuts for Men

5 Most Fashionable Crew Cut Haircuts Style for Men

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Fashion and practicability are two main elements that define a crew cut. It is quite hard to find a haircut that promises you these two features.

The crew haircut is a quite timeless cut for guys that they can choose for a sophisticated appearance with minimal styling. The haircut is not only sharp and neat, but it is also effortless to style and maintain.

Thus, it is a great look for men who value a sophisticated look without investing much of their time and money on hairstyling.

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So, if you are here because you need a haircut that is effortless and low maintenance, we have assembled some of the best crew cut styles for you to consider. Take a peek and choose your most preferred hairstyle.

1. Classic Crew Cut.

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This haircut doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It is a short and sharp haircut, something you will notice immediately when you see it. The haircut exudes minimalistic appearance, which is a great feature for business haircuts. Furthermore, the cut is neat and can complement any suit.

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So, if you are here because you beat a men’s hairstyle that is suitable for formal settings and fashionable as well, you would want to choose on the classic crew cut.

It is low maintenance and timeless. The haircut keeps the manes off your face, and that is great for your concentration at work. Besides, the low maintenance of this haircut will save you a considerable amount of time in styling.

2. Short Crew Haircut

If you are looking for a really short haircut than the classic crew cut, then the short crew haircut should be your best pick. It shorter compared to the classic cut.

This haircut provides more practicability and, at the same time, remains neat and tidy. It resembles a buzz haircut and also incorporates sides, top, and back, that have been clipped really short.

However, there is one thing that differentiates a buzz cut and a short crew cut. While the hair in buzz haircut is cut to the same length on the entire head, the short crew style incorporates tapered sides. As such, the haircut doesn’t deviate so much from the classic crew, but only what changes is the length of the hair.

3. Extended Crew Haircut.

A crew cut is not deemed to remained short; it can be long as well. In most cases, the traditional crew haircut is maintained at hair length that is not longer than one inch at the crown.

However, when it comes to a long crew haircut, this hair length is surpassed and can reach up to three inches long. Of course, to keep a true crew haircut, you don’t want to keep very long locks on top since as they grow long, the hair tends to fall flat, and technically this would cease to be called a crew haircut. To maintain the hair length on top, remain straight, apply the gel.

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4. Taper Fade Haircut

Generally, a typical crew cut incorporates tapered hair on the sides that is slowly graduated with hair clippers from the top length on the top to shorter hair on the sides and nape. While the tapering is accomplished pretty lightly, you can choose to enhance the intensity and add a modern touch to the entire style.

So, as opposed to the norm of the traditional crew cuts where the hair tapering doesn’t lead to exposing of the skin, in taper fade, the tapering is not gradual, and the hair is tapered until it reveals the skin near the ears. If trimmed perfectly, the side manes seem to melt away for a fashionable and sharp aesthetic.

5. Textured Crew Haircut.

Nowadays, most cuts are opting for a textured look to achieve a more polished and sleek look. The crew cut has not been left out from this trend. You can style yours to appear more modern and cool with the help of texture.

If you are blessed with manes with a natural wave, then you are on the lucky side since you already have natural texture. However, if you have straight strands, then you will need to achieve texture by use of a texturizing hair product. This is a great step, especially to men who have hair that looks too fluffy when styled into a crew cut.

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