10 unbelievable facts about lottery winners

10 unbelievable facts about lottery winners


Based on a study by the UK National Lottery Commission and Camelot Group, The Richest posted incredible data regarding the winners.

1. 68% of winners continue to buy lottery tickets

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Some people believe that lottery tickets are a burden to the poor, others say it is a challenge for the stupid. Two thirds of the lottery winners continue to buy tickets to prove that the results are not really important to them. In fact, lottery is a form of  gambling. Call it harmless pleasure or addictive temptation, that’s your job. But do you want to win the lottery a second time?

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2. 32% of the lottery winners gain weight

32% of the lottery winners gained weight, the main reason being laziness, refusing to take exercise, as well as overeating of frozen foods and cookie cream. However, there are also 12% spend money to go to the gym to lose weight in the hope that money can solve the problem.

3. 3% of lottery winners move their children from public schools to private schools

Money cannot buy intelligence, but it can help to produce more money. Some people after winning the lottery have moved their children to private schools to ensure they have a brighter and richer future despite the potential risks affecting their psychological development. But fortunately, only 3% of lottery winners do that

4. Most of the winners have traveled

It turned out that many winners had never been to the national borders. 19% of them went overseas for the first time after winning the lottery. Even 7% of the lottery winners also invest in an RV car with full amenities for travel purposes. Many are even more aggressive. The study found that 38% of the lucky winners moved in, 75% moved from an apartment to a private house and 24% bought real estate abroad. However, 12% of the winners have never been to a foreign country and have no intention of going abroad.

5. Only 1% of the lottery winners had plastic surgery

It is often claimed that wealth and the emphasis on appearance often go hand in hand. However, only 1% of the lottery winners choose cosmetic surgery to have a new look, after having addressed the top priorities. Callie Rogers is Britain’s youngest winner. After winning the $2.9 million award at the age of 16, she decided to spend $847,000 on 4 villas, $385,000 for partying and playing drugs, $135,000 for shopping and $18,000 for the first round.

6. 90% of lottery winners lose friends

You’ve just won the lottery? Congratulations, everyone hates you. Why? Simply because they are jealous with you. However, people who are jealous also have their logic. When luck comes to you, there’s nothing better than dividing a portion of that amount to those around you. Research also shows that men often donate a sum of money to three friends, while women only give one. 90% of winners have only one close friend after receiving the prize.

7. 83% of lottery winners win money for their families

Imagine, your father always wished to have a fishing boat. If he did not have to spend too much time, money and effort to raise you, he probably bought himself a boat. Camelot’s research shows that 17% of the winners of $100,000 to $500,000 “are” asked by “their families” for money. For winners from over US $4 million, that figure is up to 29%. That’s not to mention hints like “my parent has never been to Europe before?” Obviously, the bigger the prize, the more the family needs “to be” shared. Statistics show that 75% of lottery winners often spend money for their families. Of these, 66% goes to siblings, 57% goes to parents and 51% goes to their children.

8. About 50% of lottery winners feel happier

In fact, many millions of dollars do not necessarily bring happiness over other things. According to a study by Camelot Group, 55% of lottery winners claimed to be happier. On the other hand, 43% of the winners claimed that the prize money had no effect on their happiness level. And the remaining 2% admitted that winning the lottery made them unhappy.

9. 44% of lottery winners quickly spent all of the prize money

Wealth IS the product of labor, hard work and self-control. So many people think that when they win the lottery, people will cherish and keep that money carefully. But no, 44% of the winners burned out the prize in just 5 years. A few million dollars in bonuses were thrown into lavish castles and other delights.

10. The rules about the winner who are anonymous in the US

American law is known for its rigor and rigor. This is always true of the rules about winning the lottery.

It is worth noting that the tax law is high on the lottery winners while allowing the winners to remain anonymous depends on the rules of each state.

In each state, where the lottery is circulating, the government has a system to consider and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of whether the winner should be anonymous or not.

Usually, the matter will be proposed to the head of state for approval or by voting by a council. This is the reason, in the US, there are states that allow the winner of the lottery to be anonymous and some other states are required to publicize the winner’s name.

States in the US allow lottery winners to remain anonymous

Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, Delaware and South Carolina are eight states that allow lottery winners to remain anonymous. Accordingly, the winner can choose between disclosing his identity or denying this.

If based on the above data, in most states of the United States, the law requires the winner to publicly identify. They must sign on the back of the ticket, contact the lottery committee where they won and this unit will issue a notice about the winner.

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