Classic & Trendy Boys Haircuts That Will Take Over In 2020

Classic & Trendy Boys Haircuts That Will Take Over In 2020

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The number of boys haircuts is growing bigger and bigger each day, following the footsteps of men’s haircuts in the fashion world. Now, every man can embrace his unique personality and reveal his character through his haircut, regardless of his age and status. However, when it comes to students, be it a school, college, or uni, dress codes may stand in the way of self-expression.

Luckily for modern teens, MensHaircuts have done their best to select not just school-appropriate but actually trendy boys haircuts that will rock this year. Now, let’s have a look at the options that stylish guys can try to have a decent but striking modern look.

Short Boys Haircuts

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Wearing short hair has nothing to do with styling limitations. On the contrary, short length offers a great canvas for creativity, where you can ask your barber to play around with the texture of structure. Below, you’re going to see the hottest picks for kids with short hair.

Textured Caesar

Being simple at first sight, the Caesar haircut may be pretty multifaceted in terms of texture on top and sides. For the sides, nothing will work better than a softly graduated fade or taper, while the top allows for a choppy and even colorful finish.

Smart Crew Cut

The crew cut is a perfect blend of practicality and stylishness, as this haircut comes with a short and even structure. But, once you individualize it with a low fade that will give it a neat finish, you will get a smart dapper look.

Sharp Buzz

Less is more, remember? A buzz, despite being a super-short haircut, has the power to reveal masculinity in young men. At the same time, it can whip unruly textures into shape. And when paired with a fade, this cuts makes a statement.

The High And Tight

This iconic haircut has a military background, that’s why it gives its wearers such a strict character. It’s a perfect option for guys who love to keep their hair simple but significant: the top is short and the sides are buzzed and blended, creating an impressive silhouette.

French Crop + Mid Fade

If you want to experiment with your texture but still have a moderate look, a French crop is key. And to balance out the play of texture on top, make sure to pair it with a smooth medium fade.

Medium Boys Haircuts

Medium hair length is the happy medium you’re looking for if you want your hair to be as hip as comfortable to wear. These ideas will certainly help you reach perfection in your student’s image!

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