10 Tips to Improve your Saggy Jawline – Edited

10 Tips to Improve your Saggy Jawline 2020

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These are proven Tips to Improve your Saggy Jawline. So, if you have been looking for how to tighten jawline naturally; then these tips are yours.

Accumulation of excess fat, weakening of facial muscles, and loss of elasticity of facial muscles are events that naturally accompany the aging process. Indeed, we all age, many of us fear it, but it is inevitable. Science fiction has created a couple of stories about the reversal of the aging process, but such stories have never been more than fiction.

The combined effect of the items listed in the first sentence of this piece leads to the development of jowls because gravity always acts downward. Though jowls are predominantly found on the faces of the elderly, even young people can have them. Young people commonly develop jowls because of genetic factors, poor lifestyles, and rapid loss of weight.

It is evident that a lot of people undergo psychological stress when they begin spotting jowls on their faces. Yes, it is a world where facial appearance is valued, and important choices like the choice of romantic partners are made based on it.

Saggy jawlines certainly stir mental stress because they depreciate the value of facial appearance. But, saggy jawlines are not beyond improvement. There are steps that can be taken to improve saggy jawlines, and worrying is not one of them.

1. Use Tightening Primers

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This is one way of how to get rid of jowls with cream. Tightening Primers help tighten the muscles and prevent them from slacking. They are typically applied directly to the skin.

For people whose skin isn’t the dry type, tightening primers can be applied on the skin around the jawline instead of moisturizers. One effective tightening primer in the market today is the Clarins Beauty Flash.


2. Watch Your Diet

Oxidation is one of the primary causes of decay in nature. From the rusting of iron to the combustion of paper, we see decay fueled by oxidation. Even the human body is not left out. Without oxygen, we cannot be alive, yet it also enforces our decay (aging) and death.

Since saggy jawlines go hand in hand with aging faces, consuming anti-oxidants to rival the natural process of oxidation that happens to our skin is an important way of improving saggy jawlines.

Eat food rich in anti-oxidants like onions, garlic, berries, mangoes, red wine, and seafood. You should also consume a lot of vitamin A. This vitamin can be found in meals like Cod liver oil, oranges, and egg.


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3. Develop A Healthier Lifestyle and Healthier Habits

There is no doubt that a person’s lifestyle plays a role in editing his/her looks as time passes. Habits that can lead to saggy jawlines include smoking, exposing the body to sunburns, staying dehydrated for long hours, alcoholism, consuming diets lacking antioxidants, stress, constantly frowning, or chewing gums and the likes. Such habits need to be suppressed to help facial muscles maintain a fine shape.


4. Facial Massage

Massaging the face regularly can help the muscles stay fit and tight. However, it must be noted that massaging the face must be a gentle exercise, as squeezing the face roughly can lead to saggy jawlines.

To massage, apply an oil cleanser all over the face, and begin massaging from the center of the chin by making small circular movements. Proceed to massaging the jawlines gently with the same circular movements.

Once done with the chins and jawlines, massage inwards, and around the wrinkles, giving special attention to the regions around each eye socket. You can also massage the forehead as well. Such general facial massages done regularly would improve saggy jawlines, and suppress wrinkles.


5. Facial Exercise

Facial exercises help slow down the decay of facial looks. They also delay the onset of jowl formation. A facial exercise is aimed at making the facial muscles work, but not stressing them.

There are a couple of facial exercises that can be employed. One of the most popular facial exercises that can improve saggy jawlines is yawning by opening the mouth as wide as possible, then closing it slowly but ensuring the teeth do not touch.

Another popular facial exercise that improves saggy jawlines is blowing the cheeks as much as possible, for 5 to 20 seconds.

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6. Use Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are substances injected into the cheeks to encourage the filing of uneven portions where the fat formerly present has been lost. The effect of using fillers on the cheeks is that it helps lift the cheeks.

Lifting the cheeks naturally lifts the jowls as well. Popular fillers in the market are OteSaly and Labo Fillerina. This is one of the proven sagging jowls treatment available at the moment.


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7. Wash Your Face

It is important to wash your face before and after sleeping. There is no doubt that some people just finish the hard day, jump on the bed, and begin to snore without thoroughly washing the face.

It is important to wash the face because makeups and other toxic materials cling to it as we go through our daily routine. Some of these makeups contain harmful chemicals that can ignite a chain reaction that leads to saggy jawlines.


8. Use Plant Juices

Apply natural fluids like coconut oil and cucumber juice. Purely organic coconut oil should be applied to the neck and entire face in the morning and before going to bed at night.

It acts as a moisturizer, and because of the low molecular density of its fat, it penetrates the skin’s tiny pores. The fat from the coconut oil ultimately prevents the face from losing proteins which are important to keeping a healthy jawline and eliminating wrinkles.

Cucumber juice improves the quantity and quality of collagen, and it tightens the skin to ensure saggy jawlines are improved.


9. Use Specialist Gadgets

An example of Specialist Gadgets that can be used to improve saggy jawlines is the Slendertone Face Headset. It treats the facial muscles by sending electrical impulses that are carried to the brain by nerves. This improves the thickness of the facial muscles and helps improve saggy jawlines.


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10. Use Animal Products

Like plant juices, animal products are also organic materials that can be used to improve saggy jawlines. The most useful animal products are egg (of hen) and honey.

Both egg and honey should be mixed and applied directly on the surface of the jawline and neck. Egg contains a lot of essential proteins that reduce the rate of aging, tighten the skin, and improve saggy jawlines. Honey, on the other hand, is hygroscopic.

This means that like common salt, honey absorbs water from the environment. Applying honey to the skin means that the skin has enough moisture to keep it healthy.


These ten tips would certainly tighten jowls, but you must know that it would not be a day’s journey. The skin would certainly need time to get tightened and rejuvenated. You need to faithfully and patiently use these tips. Henceforth, free yourself from mental stress, love yourself, and be happy because perpetual frowning could enforce saggy jawlines.

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