4 Reasons to Wear a Bridal Jumpsuit on Your Wedding Day

4 Reasons to Wear a Bridal Jumpsuit on Your Wedding Day


Most people think that every bride dreams of wearing a Cinderella-inspired ball gown that makes her look like a princess. However, times are changing just as the wedding fashion world we know, and love is.

What used to be the must-have traditional wedding dress is now competing with the more modern bridal jumpsuit. If you couldn’t imagine wearing a jumpsuit on your wedding day then just hear us out.

These aren’t your typical bulky, out on the town jumpsuits. The jumpsuits that we see trending in the fashion world are elegant, sleek, and beautiful.

Sure, a bridal jumpsuit isn’t for everyone, but if you find yourself on the fence as to whether or not you should be wearing one then take the time to keep on reading.

4 Reasons to Wear a Jumpsuit on Your Wedding Day

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Here are the 4 main reasons to wear a jumpsuit on your wedding day.

1. Flattering

Every person’s body type is different and when it comes to dress shopping there are so many dresses you should and shouldn’t wear based around your body type.

Fortunately, with a bridal jumpsuit, you don’t have to worry about that. Jumpsuits are effortlessly flattering on any body type. You can customize the top of the jumpsuits to flatter your upper half whether that’s a strapless top, halter top, or laced long sleeves. Then jumpsuits are typically fitted to the waist and flares out from there at the bottom half.

2. Modern

Not every bride is interested in being the traditional wedding bride that wears a sparkly ball gown and does everything “by the books.” These days, brides are opting to go the more modern route and wearing a jumpsuit for your wedding day doesn’t get more modern than that.

After Meghan Markle’s wedding dress appearance, going for a more minimal and modern look is the way brides want to go and we don’t blame them.

3. Comfort

There’s no hiding the fact that jumpsuits are more comfortable than a long ruffled dress. They offer coverage and comfort without compromising style.

The pants allow you to move around freely, so you don’t have to worry about your dress riding up or any of the annoyances that come with a dress versus a jumpsuit.

For example, the typical wedding dress will get stepped on by guests’ multiple times throughout the night on the dance floor. With a jumpsuit, the pants are tailored perfectly to your ideal height, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Additionally, every bride has heard of the horrors of trying to use the restroom while wearing their wedding gown. With a bridal jumpsuit, it’s typically an easy zip down with no assistance needed from your bridal party.

4. Options

As with all traditional wedding dresses, jumpsuits come in hundreds of options. You’re not limited to just a few silhouette styles or neckline options.

Bridal jumpsuits come in a variety of necklines, colors, fabrics, styles, and more. Elegant lace and minimalist satin have to be the most popular of the bridal jumpsuit options, but it doesn’t stop there.

Try on a bridal jumpsuit with ruffles or a plunging neckline. There are many ways to pull off the bridal jumpsuit since the options are never-ending. Don’t be afraid to experiment out of your comfort zone with a jumpsuit style you don’t think you’d ever wear. You may be surprised.

Bridal jumpsuits are always a good option to have and if you can’t get over the idea of a dress on your wedding day, but you’re in love with a bridal jumpsuit, consider wearing the dress for the ceremony and switching into a jumpsuit for the reception. Some jumpsuits come with skirt attachments to give you the best of both worlds.

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