Reasons Why Amazon Bought “”, “”, “” and redirect it to “

5 Reasons Why Amazon Bought “”, “”, “” and redirect it to “


Reasons Why Amazon Bought “”, “”, “” and redirect it to “

You can try it…

If you visit”, “”, “, it will take you to But why?

Why would Amazon acquired all the misspelled domain variations and redirected them to

Let’s find out, why!

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Amazon is the biggest eCommerce website in the United States and Europe. They have millions of customers and sellers using their website every day.

Because so many users visit their website every day, there are tendencies for them to dispel the website URL. We used a “keyword typo generator” and discovered over 100 variations of what people use to visit the website.

These misspelled variations are actually a mistake, could be typo error, when trying to type

These are the most popular ones…

  10. and more.

If you visit any of the sites above, it will take you to

Frankly speaking, Amazon has bought over 500 misspelled variations of their website URL name and redirected them to

People, mistakenly or unknowingly type the wrong URL and visit a different website. In the case of Amazon, they do the research and discovered all the variations people typed wrongly while looking for They acquire those domains and redirected them to 

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Reasons Why Amazon acquired all the misspelled domain variations and redirected them to

You’d be surprised how many people misspell amazon when trying to type it in their browser. So Amazon bought those domains to;

1. canalize these people to Amazon: They don’t want their would-be customers to go astray and elsewhere. Redirecting them to the main site leads to more traffic and more sales than hitherto would have missed because of domain URL misspelling.

2. protect its customers from fraud: Amazon collects payments on their website, which means that people enter their personal details and credit card information to purchase items on Amazon. So, they intentionally bought those misspelled domains and redirects them to the correct one to protect them from fraud.

3. protect Amazon’s image: If a person remembers Amazon and is redirected to a different website (which is not owned by Amazon) then their information (including card number, PIN) can be easily stolen by the owner of the duplicate website. This would tarnish Amazon’s image causing a huge market slump.

4. scare away competitors from its brand: Amazon had to buy all domain names so that their competitors can’t buy them and get their costumers through phishing or any other means.

5. they have money to buy them: Of course, if they don’t have money to buy and maintain those domains, they wouldn’t buy them.

This is a great lesson for other brands…

Hope this helps!

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