5 Things To Know When Preparing Your Paintings For Sale

5 Things To Know When Preparing Your Paintings For Sale

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Every amateur artist knows that turning professional isn’t easy. Almost everybody knows how great artists such as Van Gogh and many others struggled to sell a single painting in their lifetime and ultimately died broke and depressed.

This would be enough to put off even the most enthusiastic artists thinking about turning pro. Nevertheless, true artist knows that there is something inside them that they simply must paint, and they will not be deterred from painting, no matter the cost.

Today, a wide array of tools at the artist’s disposal weren’t available before. The following article looks at some of these more modern ways of selling paintings, as well as some of the tips and tricks of the trade.

1. An Art Gallery

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An art gallery might seem like the most obvious and straightforward place to try and sell your paintings, and in reality, it is. For hundreds of years, art galleries have been the premier avenue for artists to showcase their artwork and get their name out there to the public.

Having one of your first paintings be an art gallery painting is an outstanding achievement and a goal every artist should strive for. Furthermore, art galleries regularly hold exhibitions for prospective buyers and can sometimes even rotate paintings between other galleries, meaning your painting will be seen by a larger number of people.

However, despite the many benefits of having a painting on display in a gallery, this old-fashioned approach limits your selling potential. There are several better, quicker, and more practical ways of getting your name and artwork to a much larger audience.


2. On the Street

Believe it or not, this grassroots method is much more feasible for selling your paintings than it might seem initially. Many famous painters started selling their fine art reproductions this way. In addition, getting started has little to no financial cost, and all control is in your hands.

There are many local markets and street markets out there that also specialize in selling homemade crafts and wares. Becoming a part of one of these local communities is a great way to promote the sale of your handmade paintings directly to the public.

However, selling oil paintings on the street or at your local street market might be a great way to get immediate access to potential buyers. Still, just like with an art gallery, it only allows you to sell to those who are physically present. Thanks to the internet, this local approach no longer needs to be the case as the whole world can now be your audience.


3. An Online Gallery

Over the last couple of years, online art galleries have swelled in popularity, with many of the world’s most prestigious galleries having online gallery websites and a social media presence. As a result, online galleries have easily taken over physical ones in terms of daily traction and views.

Many galleries, such as 1st Art Gallery.com, promote not only the paintings within their own collection but also sell art replicas and fine art reproductions of many of the most famous paintings in history. So if you are looking for an original oil painting reproduction, then an online gallery like 1st Art Gallery is the one for you.

Their business model is also worth copying as, in theory, anyone could sell art reproductions of any work in the public domain. Where 1st art gallery offers their art replicas as handmade oil paintings, you could just as easily produce oil painting prints and sell them at a more competitive price.


4. An Online Store

Having your original paintings and hand-painted portraits available in an online store is perhaps the best way to maximize your profits and presence nowadays. Many online stores, specialize in selling handmade crafts.

This is arguably the simplest and most user-friendly way of making the transition from amateur hobbyist painter to professional career painter. Every day, thousands of customers browse through these online stores looking for the perfect things to decorate their homes or gift a loved one.

For this access to worldwide buyers alone, it is more than worthwhile to consider this ultra-modern method of selling your art. For a small monthly fee, you essentially have your own storefront to work with and grow your sales and reputation as an upcoming artist.


5. Doing It All Yourself

Speaking of having an online presence and getting your artwork out there, it has never been easier, quicker, and more accessible than it is now. Back in the day, to pursue your dreams, you needed significant financial backing for starters and, not to mention a whole lot of luck.

Nowadays, though, starting your dream career is as simple as creating a social media account. By having a Facebook page or LinkedIn account, for example, you instantly gain access to millions of potential customers from all over the world.

With a couple of simple clicks, you can join dozens of groups and like-minded individuals to help you on your path to success, or you can link your social media accounts and online stores together to create an entrepreneurial network that grows and expands over time. If you are looking to sell your handmade oil paintings or hand-painted portraits, everything you need to succeed is truly within your own hands.


Becoming a professional artist may seem daunting at first, but thanks to modern technology, it has indeed never been easier than it is today. In just a few short weeks, you can have multiple online stores and social media pages linked up and running and be well on your way to a sustainable career doing something you love.

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