10 Ways in Which a Novel Writing App Can Help You To Write Your First Novel

10 Ways in Which a Novel Writing App Can Help You To Write Your First Novel

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Novel writing apps can help you archive your writing goal very effectively. These apps will help you become a better, smarter, and more productive writer.

There are plenty of novel writing applications available online. A novel writing app can be immensely useful in helping you manage your workflow and time.

These are the top 10 ways in which a novel-writing app can help you write your first novel:

1. Brainstorming

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Novel writing apps can help you to brainstorm and conceptualize your ideas in a better way. They are equipped with a story or thought generator intended to help you explore your ideas.

Their main goal is to help you think in new ways and to prompt you to write extraordinary narratives. When you hit on the “Brainstorm” button on such applications, you’ll be presented with three expressions.

The inner wheel presents a specific conflict, the central wheel presents a tone and a setting, and the outer one presents a subject.

When you combine all three wheels, they will give marvelous ideas to work on. It is crucial to know that not every one of them will give you that spark, but every word in each wheel has been chosen carefully with the end goal to boost your creative thinking.

2. Relevant Tips 

Novel writing apps offer brief and significant advice to writers seeking to enter the literary field. Users can discover a plethora of tips and tricks that encompass everything from language, creative thinking to publishing.

Since the publishing process is very intricate, you will get your novel published without any kind of difficulties with the assistance of such applications.

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3. Write Consistently 

Many people find it really tough to write consistently. Some novel writing applications persuade you and make you write more and faster. These applications work like a marvel as they let you set word count goals, as well as a time limit in which you need to finish the goal.

A notification pops up to remind you again and again about your half-cooked book. These applications are an unquestionable requirement for the slowpokes and the ones who give a blind eye to their writing work for extended periods.

4. Clean Interface 

The minimalistic writing interface on these apps permits you to focus on your writing and molding your ideas into text. Approach your creative writing without any interruptions and compose your content effortlessly.

These apps permit you to briefly block other applications, websites, and social media on all your gadgets so you can concentrate on your writing endeavors. Don’t worry since people will still be able to contact you during any kind of emergency.

5. Collaborations and Autosave

Some apps allow users to collaborate with colleagues, co-authors, or editors on the go. Two individuals can likewise transfer commonly available “Resources” for reference during the creative process and devise various “Tasks” for each other.

AutoSave feature is handy since you don’t have to worry about your content getting deleted. Every single word you write is automatically saved, every few seconds, as you work.

When you are offline, your files are automatically saved on your computer, which makes you focus solely on your writing workflow.

6. Dictation and Editing

Dictation applications perceive and interpret your verbally expressed words at lightning speed, which gives you the adaptability to dictate for any kind of situation.

If you have ideas in your head and don’t want to lose the flow by writing them down, these apps will allow you to convert your speech to text effortlessly.

You can save a ton of time by transcribing these meetings on the off chance that you are interviewing somebody to write non-fiction books.

Proofreading and language checker writing applications will help you improve your writing and aid you in mastering the art of self-editing. The best book writing app has incredible tools that correct typos and syntax errors for ease of editing.

They also give numerous writing suggestions, for example, maintaining a strategic distance from passive voice, utilizing shorter sentences, appropriate word recommendations for utilizing a more extensive vocabulary, and so on.

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7. Writer’s Essentials 

Some applications accompany feature-rich word processors that authors can’t live without. Some of them incorporate a dark theme, phrase search, Markdown, broadened keyboard, word count, snapshots, bulleted lists as well as checklists.

Novel writing apps also have inbuilt thesaurus that is smartly designed, is quick, and has a simplistic interface custom-tailored to fit different types of writers’ needs.

Expertly recorded elocution for each and every entry, word origin data (Etymologies), built-in spell checker with spelling suggestions, note creation, and unique case search are some of the ground-breaking features found in such applications.

8. Adaptable Content Blocks 

You can swap blocks around, add media, and develop your content with adaptable content blocks, CSV tables, and photographs on some apps. You can also stitch separate parts together into one master file.

This visual workspace lets you concisely associate your ideas and make mind maps. You can list all the components of your story like you would on a mood board. This is crucial when you are in the initial planning phases of writing your novel.

Items can be altered, moved, combined, split, merged, and deleted. You can even set a status, compose notes and messages or add labels, metadata, and pictures to each item.

Furthermore, if you are someone who truly struggles to get started, these apps are packed with professionally itemized templates, which could be precisely what you need to get straight down to business.

9. Unleash Your Innovativeness 

With an assortment of excellent typefaces and customizable typography, you can make your very own writing space to make your creativity flow and remain focused on writing.

Such creation tools typeset as you write, transforming your writing into a wholly designed novel or an electronic book that can compete expertly published books.

You can create attractive looking e-books within a matter of minutes with such applications.

10. Cloud Services 

Several apps have a feature to connect your content with all your cloud services, be it Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, and store your content that you can edit later on.

They sync your work when you are online with their ground-breaking synchronization. You can likewise share your content with others through these cloud services.

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