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What Are the Best Ways to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes?

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One cannot escape mistakes when it comes to writing. Writing mistakes are quite common and regularly seen in articles and essays. This page details a variety of the foremost common and simply avoidable writing mistakes. By learning to recognise such errors you’ll improve your writing skills and avoid common writing mistakes within the longer term.

You should also read our basics of English language pages to help your understanding of the writing process and assist you avoid other mistakes.

When you are writing something such as an email, and you’re unsure whether you’ve got the proper word. Getting it wrong can cause you to look bad, you will feel that people will judge your writing style — but you furthermore may don’t have all day to search for words. It helps to possess a simple reference for the fundamentals, bookmark some resources, and find out how to settle on your battles.

The Most Common Major Writing Mistakes

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Most editors first check for the large picture to try to do major edits. It includes handling the content of the story—how it flows, if it is cohesive, if the tone is acceptable, and if there are any questions we didn’t answer that readers may need . This type of editing is called defensive editing. Then comes editing where we edit the mechanics and language mistakes.


  • Avoid long introduction-Get to the main point in the first paragraph i.e., the introduction paragraph of any writing. The paragraph must not exceed 150 words long by most web page standards.
  • Avoid employing passive voice. Writers use passive too often. Passive voice sometimes makes a sentence incredibly wordy; this can be inconvenient for the readers. On the other hand, Active voice makes the sentence more direct and shorter.
  • Avoid jargon in your writing, because readers do not want to feel like an alien to the words you use, unless you will explain that jargon.
  • Avoid too many words- Wordiness in your writing is just like beating around the bush. As a result, you will lose your reader’s interest right from the beginning.
  • Avoid Overused adverbs and adjectives, such as “very” or “actually” or “quite.”
  • Conclusion must be satisfying for the readers, it must not feel that the draft has stopped abruptly, leaving the readers feeling lost and confused.


This page may be a very brief introduction to a number of the foremost common mistakes found in English writing.

However, you’ll see that the English language is unfortunately complex and most spelling and grammar checkers won’t devour subtle distinctions between a number of the often-confused words above.

Likewise, such checkers won’t devour mistyped words like “fir” rather than “for”, or “if” rather than “it” or indeed spot all missing words. You can hire or get help from expert paper writer available online to avoid writing mistakes.

It is vital that you simply therefore don’t believe a spell checker to proofread your writing for you.

The best advice is to read your writing or, better still, to urge somebody else to read it and check it for you.

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