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Students may not be at the level of professional academic writers. Obviously, these professionals have been in the business for many years and often acquired several degrees across different academic levels. In this article, experts explain some of the most common mistakes that students make when writing essays and other school papers. You can pay someone to write my paper if you have an urgent paper while you learn about the errors to avoid.

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1. Thinking a Citation Speaks for Itself

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When a student does locate the perfect source to cite in their essay, they shouldn’t count on the source’s information to actually back up their claims. Even if it’s clear to the reader why a source was used in a certain situation and how it supports the paper’s thesis statement, it should still be talked about and made sense of for the reader’s sake.

The writer should always explain why a source is important and how it supports the thesis. This is called “contextualizing” the source.

For example, if the writer says that Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” has an unreliable narrator, they will need to show proof that the narrator is mentally ill. They can then apply the following textual quotation in this situation:

If you still think I’m crazy, you won’t think so after hearing about the sensible measures I took to hide the body… I started by removing the corpse’s parts. The head, arms, and legs were all amputated by me. I then took three planks from the floor of the chamber and put them between the scantlings.

The student shouldn’t expect this piece to speak for itself while using it. First of all, they must make it clear that healthy, normal people do not commit murder. Even more convincingly, this narrator says he is not crazy and has a normal mind while trying to convince the reader of the opposite. But he most definitely is not. He cannot, under any circumstances, be believed to be the narrator.

No matter what the source is or where it is used, the writer must always explain where it is and why it is there to support their claim.

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2. Not Using Transitional and Linking Words and Phrases

If a piece of academic writing doesn’t say what it’s supposed to, we call it “ineffectual.” When it comes to communication, words and phrases are utilized in essays to mark changes in the text’s flow as well as to connect certain ideas, sentences, and examples.

When an essay moves from one supporting point of an argument or thought to another, or when a second, new topic is brought up, the reader needs to know. They can’t figure out how the story’s argument works, and they won’t be successful once each issue is clear and looked at on its own. It is up to the student to make sure that the reader understands and can follow their argument from start to finish.

An appropriate transitional word or phrase can be used to signal a shift in subject or point. First, first, second, second, third, next, next, next, next, last, conclusively, in conclusion, and finally are all words that serve the same purpose as conversational keywords: they show a change in thought quickly and clearly.

Linking words and phrases (like “on the other hand,” “yet,” “as a result,” “in contrast,” “this means that,” “including,” “most importantly,” and ” although”) are used to connect different parts of a sentence or paragraph.

Since linking words and phrases are typically used in a single paragraph to connect sentences and thoughts that validate a single point that is being examined in an essay, and since the body paragraphs in most academic essays are meant to defend a point, or an overall theme of the paper, they generally expand on each point, one at a time. Writers usually use these words and phrases when they need to explain more about just one point that supports their thesis.

The reader will miss the chance to learn something significant from a writer who fails to explain these particular types of shifts, explanations, and transitions, which will undermine the assignment’s goal and result in a poor grade.

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3. Too Much Ego in the Writing and Not Just to simply communicate a Thought

College-level writing isn’t just about using big words, weird phrases, and literary allusions to sound smart on paper. It means using everyday language to back up a point and choosing the right word instead of a big or small one.

It is important to write an essay that uses simple language to explain a complicated idea or set of ideas. Instead of a flowery, literary style like Fitzgerald’s, think of a concise, direct language like Hemingway’s.

When a writer writes with conviction and chooses to write a lot about a topic they care about, they will almost always make a strong case.


4. Not Including a Title

A good title is a requirement for any writing assignment because it is what the reader sees first before reading an essay. A title is another technique for luring the reader’s attention to something; a type of appetizer to the entrée; in addition to assisting the reader in avoiding a low grade on the project because it is a requirement for most, if not all, writing tasks.

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Also, since the reader scans the title before reading the whole essay, it does the important job of telling the reader what is going to happen. Once more, a reader is more likely to be persuaded of a point of view if they have been keeping up with it.

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5. Not Checking the Essay’s Flow and For Errors

Students should read their finished essays aloud numerous times before even thinking about turning them in for evaluation. No matter what the topic is, they want to make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes and that there is a strong argument for their point of view.

Before submitting a written work to a professor, it can be helpful to have a friend, writing tutor, or even one’s professor read it aloud and give their opinion.



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