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15 Best Trello Alternatives In 2022 – Sites Like Trello


15 Best Trello Alternatives In 2022 – Sites Like Trello – As technology is updated day by day, humans have invented a lot of things to make their job easier. Trello is one of the software that helps in daily operation.

Trello is a simple and effective project management tool that makes it easy for you to plan and execute projects both privately and professionally. The software was launched in 2011 and currently has more than 25 million users. It is characterized by its simple design and intuitive functions that, as a general rule, do not require any familiarization time.

Trello uses Kanban to display current tasks, responsibility levels, and work progress on the board. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about personal to-do lists or internal company project blueprints, Trello makes every project and its level of progress clear and simple.

But almost all software alternate advantages and disadvantages. In the case of the Trello project management tool, there are also more suitable alternatives for some projects. The determining advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific requirements of each project. In this article, we have listed 20 best Trello alternatives.

15 Best Trello Alternatives In 2022 – Sites Like Trello

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1. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular projects management tools outside of Trello. In the comparison, the visual similarity of both software products quickly stands out. One of the few differences is that in Asana the default view is the table view, while the Kanban board is available as an alternate view. If you value free programs, this Trello alternative will convince you with an attachment limit of up to 100 MB without purchasing any additional paid packages.

The number of Asana features can be expanded with the integration of other tools. In this context, you can turn Microsoft Teams conversations into hotspots, share Adobe Creative Cloud designs, or trigger notifications in Slack if changes are made in Asana. Synchronization with other tools brings great benefits for multi-user collaboration and enables more efficient teamwork. However, for some integrations like Salesforce or Table, as well as to create more than 15 users, you have to purchase the paid version.

Asana doesn’t have optional plugins, but this Trello-like app offers more features in return, like project progress tracking and the ability to interdependencies between multiple tasks. In comparison, Trello still stands out for its great clarity and organization, but Asana is better suited to projects with more than 30 tasks. Thanks to its visualization and integrations and features, Asana is a good alternative to Trello for large teams and more complex projects.

16 Best Trello Alternatives In 2022 – Sites Like Trello

1. Avaza

The features of this alternative to Trello go far beyond creating projects and tasks. Avaza also offers the possibility to register times, plan resources and manage expenses, as well as the creation of budgets and invoices. With these options, Avaza stands out among other project management tools. In addition, Avaza Expenses allows you to photograph and record purchase receipts even when you are away from the office. Project tasks, invoices, and expenses can be shared with external clients. With this feature, Avaza is especially useful for companies running projects for others.

The free version of this Trello-like app has a limited range of features: Although you can add an infinite number of project collaborators, the tool’s special features are only available to one user. These functions include, for example, the table of work times or access to invoices. The number of projects is also limited to a maximum of ten.

The paid versions are priced per user, as are most of the Trello alternatives discussed in this article. However, by bringing together the functions of different programs, this solution can be a cost-effective option even for large teams, it all depends on the specific situation.

2. ClickUp

This alternative to Trello ClickUp is very similar in terms of structure and organization. However, this tool allows you to switch between different views. You can choose, for example, between a Gantt and calendar view and a list view. The rest of the features also outperform Trello. At ClickUp you can create documents from scratch and share them with other people. With ClickUp’s built-in time tracking, resource management, or screen recording features, you won’t need any separate software to perform these tasks.

Even so, the alternative to Trello does not cover all the necessary or, at least useful, functions when working with projects and teams. To make working with other tools as efficient as possible, ClickUp allows integration of other tools, such as Basecamp, Todoist, Excel, or Trello itself. By switching between the different project management tools, you have the option of importing your existing Trello projects into ClickUp very easily.

The free version is severely limited by its storage capacity of only 100MB. However, the paid version is quite cheap compared to the other Trello alternatives we have reviewed here. Priced at just $5 per month per user, you get infinite storage space and unlimited integrations, dashboards, and views. Unlike Trello, this tool is only available in English.

3. Work zone

WorkZone is a project management system that has already built a good reputation over the years. This Trello alternative is less complicated than other high-end tools. It offers users a dedicated workspace and personalized task lists.

This easy-to-use tool has some powerful features and world-class customer support. You can also save files in the cloud and share them whenever you want.

4. Zenkit

Zenkit is headquartered in Germany and offers better GDPR compliance than alternatives to Trello. Apart from the Kanban board, this project management tool offers other display options to customize the prompt. For large teams, the Wiki view is very interesting to store important information for employees and facilitate access to internal guides, project updates, or branding and design features.

One of the outstanding options of Zenkit is the CRM system that allows you to create a customer database. With it, you will be able to follow communication threads and calculate important customer characteristic figures. If you’ve been using Asana or Trello up until now, Zenkit makes it easy for you to switch with its import feature. This Trello alternative also allows you to transfer existing projects via CSV import.

In its free version, Zenkit offers a storage space of 1 GB and up to three users. To access extra content such as Gantt charts, user roles, 50,000 items, custom layouts, and 6 GB of storage space, you need to purchase the paid version for $9 per month per user.

5. Meistertask

Like Trello, Meistertask project management software is very intuitive and has a simple structure that requires almost no familiarization time. However, this alternative also offers a built-in time stamp feature. This function can be started or stopped for each task with a single click.

The free version allows you to create up to three projects with an unlimited number of users. The paid version costs $8.25 per month regardless of the number of users and allows you to create infinite projects, and use more checklists and project groups, as well as statistics and reports. As such, Meistertask is especially affordable for large teams when compared to other Trello-like apps.

6. Podio

Podio is an impressive project management system. Unlike most others, this tool is quite flexible. It allows you to attach files to your project and view the status or comments on any project. The software is well organized and allows teamwork. In addition, it also has integrations with DropBox, Google Drive, and Box.

7. Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi is a free online project management, task management, and team collaboration tool. Of course, it uses the visual Kanban method to organize all the tablets in an interface that allows you to drag tasks from one column to another.

Kanbanchi works fully integrated with Google Drive and is ideal for those who use Google Apps for work. You can create an unlimited number of boards and share them with an unlimited number of collaborators for free.

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You can receive notifications in your email if a project is updated, you can use Google Calendar to add due dates to tasks and keep track, you can leave comments on the cards, identify them with labels and colors, and even import your Trello boards.

8. Archmule

Archmule is a great and pretty stripped-down alternative to Trello. It works the same way, a big board with columns from which you can drag different tasks in the form of cards. You also have a home page that shows you a summary with the most important of each updates of each team or project that you follow.

With Archmule you can create private or public projects and share them with the world. Here you can see an example of what they look like and how you can interact with them. Archmule is quite social, the boards offer the option to “follow” or “like”. In addition to this, you have a space to chat with the members of each board, the “hub” which is like a kind of mini chat.

The service is completely free and has no limits at the moment. You can attach files, assign tasks to any team member, make comments, assign dates and organize everything in the calendar view, and you also have integrations with Slack, HipChat, and Flowdock.

9. Airtable

The developers of Airtable define their project management tool as a mix of spreadsheet and database. Apart from the Kanban view that Trello offers, this software allows other representation options. While the grid view shows all your tasks in a table, the calendar option lets you take care of scheduling your tasks. The paid version even offers the Excel Gantt chart that allows you to plan dates and establish relationships with before and after items.

A prominent feature of Airtable is the so-called Airtable Blocks, with which you can create visual elements using different tools. These elements allow, depending on the case, to display new information and updates, as well as to share this data with other team members. This feature is part of the most expensive package of this Trello alternative.

10. wekan

Are you looking for free alternatives to Trello? Then wekan is the best for you. It is an open source software that surprisingly can manage the projects of the company. The best feature of this software is that you can chat with the team members assigned to the project. To store data, it provides tables in which you can organize the data in tabular form.

11. Xtensio

Xtensio is one of the most popular platforms that allows you to create, share and manage everything with ease. Packed with amazing features and impressive templates, it allows you to share and manage live documents and other business-related stuff.

12. Todoist Boards

Todoist Boards is a simple app that applies the Kanban method to organize projects on boards with interchangeable cards.

At the moment it is only available for Windows 10 but it is emerging as a great alternative, especially due to its integration with the aforementioned Todoist.

Todoist Boards is also free and offers a simple and easy-to-use interface that is ideal for those who are just getting acquainted with Kanban for the first time and are used to simpler tools like Todoist.

13. Taiga

Taiga is another project management platform designed for developers and designers who want a beautiful and useful tool that makes work easy to enjoy. It’s free, it’s open source, and it’s simple.

Taiga not only uses the Kanban method to manage tasks in columns but also uses Scrum, a software development methodology that helps programmers manage product development efficiently. Taiga even has its own wiki with all the necessary documentation.

14. Kanboard

Kanboard is the ultra-minimalistic option of the bunch, it’s also an open-source tool written in PHP and available under an MIT license. It has many useful features such as the inclusion of tasks and sub-tasks, search and content filters, attachments, comments, multiple projects, reports and analytics, plugins and integrations with external services, etc.

Obviously, you also have to host it yourself, but the installation is quite simple, plus it uses so few resources that you can run it on a Raspberry Pi.

15. Bitrix24

Looking for an app to manage your small business? Then Bitrix24 will work better for you. Bitrix24 will provide you with all the tools for social collaboration, communication, and managing your team.

You can also assign the task to members via email. Along with this, you will get different comparison tools that will help compare the progress of the project.

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