Which Cordless Drill Should You Get? Dewalt vs Makita

Which Cordless Drill Should You Get? Dewalt vs Makita


Cordless drill brands like Dewalt and Makita belong in the top tier of the said power tool as far as most users are concerned. But what exactly makes the two different from each other? More importantly, which one? Are these drill brands limited to certain users’ experience only? Below are but some of the fundamental buyer’s questions that we have outlined for your ready reference.

Are you more concerned with having plenty of power in your cordless drill?

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It’s a given that cordless drills don’t deliver as much power as most corded varieties. If you’re used to corded drills, you might have to lean more towards Dewalt cordless drills. They’re often built with that specific factor in mind after all. This rings truer in drills that also use Flexvolt technology like this one. These drills are powerful enough to rival even most corded varieties.

Do you prefer lightweight cordless drills that are easier to handle?

If so, then Makita cordless drills should be your bet most of the time. The company just designs their drills in such a way that they shed that excess weight for exceptional handling that makes them ideal for lengthy drilling.

That said, we stated most of the time because we can’t really completely hand over the trophy Makita for this factor. Dewalt cordless drills like the Dewalt DCD791D2 is actually praised for being lightweight and compact enough to let it handle tighter spaces and areas with ease.

Do you need a longer battery life and faster charging models?

Makita is the clear winner in this regard because most (if not all) of their models have outstanding battery life. Just look at the specs and feedback of the Makita XFD10R, and you’ll instantly see what makes most Makita models stand out.

Again, this fact makes Makita cordless drills very much recommended for DIYers that need to be using drills for lengthy periods of time or don’t want to have to wait long to use it or charge their unit frequently.

Is durability one of your top priorities?

There’s no clear winner when considering this factor. Others might be quick to say it’s Makita, but a case can certainly be made for Dewalt as well. Plenty of the user feedback that Dewalt cordless drills receive often has durability as their top quality. Just take note of the Dewalt DCD771C2 to see for yourself.

It’s clearly not for nothing that Dewalt has built a reputation based on power (as the high torque of their models can attest) and durability in their power tools. Wouldn’t it be a headscratcher if they skimp on the latter in their cordless drills?


The answers we gave above are just a rundown of what makes these drill brands more suitable for users and their respective purposes for using a cordless drill.  Click here to get a more vivid and detailed analysis of the two brands. You’ll certainly be able to make a more informed decision if you take the time to read it, especially if the budget is also your concern.

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