4 Best THOR broadcast IP to CATV Edge Modulators

4 Best THOR broadcast IP to CATV Edge Modulators


Thor broadcast is a company with a wide range of broadcasting and otherwise related technical equipment.  We’ll be reviewing the best THOR broadcast IP to CATV edge Modulators but before I dive in, a sneak peeks at what we’ll be looking at.

Thor broadcast IP to CATV edge Modulators are a high-quality, durable and reliable series of IP to CATV converters. This IP transport stream to CATV RF QAM or off-air –  ATSC converters can be used with multiple IP camera systems feeding in IP streams and converting to digital RF to be seen on your QAM cable TV. Pretty amazing huh, now, let’s dive into it.

Best THOR broadcast IP to CATV Edge Modulators
Best THOR broadcast IP to CATV Edge Modulators Picture, Photo Source; thorbroadcast.com

The Four (4) best available THOR BROADCAST IP TO CATV EDGE MODULATORS are:

Table of Contents

1. IPTV to 32 RF channel Analog NTSC PAL Modulator (H-IP-32RF).

H-IP-32RF is an Analog NSTC /PAL analogue modulator with IPTV input, works as a Digital IPTV and streams to 32 analogue channel modulator – gateway, it has two GB Ethernet ports for content IPTV SMPTS / MPTS TS’s input that will convert up to 32 programs to standard NTSC or PAL or SECAM  modulated channels. Each port can handle an average of up to 840 Mbps or 64 IP programs. H-IP-32RF supports H.265 HEVC, H.264, and MPEG2 transport stream encoded formats supported. The output is 32 programs on adjacent and/or non-adjacent carriers within a 400 MHz bandwidth between 47 and 862 MHz. It performs the function of an IPTV decoder demodulator integrated with an analogue modulator. The IPTV streams to 32 Analog channel modulators for Modulation Digital IPTV MPTS or SPTS’s streams, digital programs to analogue NTSC modulated channels. Most analogue modulators have Baseband Video Audio CVBS inputs, this unique modulator has an IPTV input, decodes those streams internally to analogue CVBS format and modulates them on the NTSC analogue channel carriers.


  • It supports OSD (Logo and Caption) insertion, CC/Subtitle/Teletext.
  • Program info modifies, and multiple audio selection options are available.
  • 2 GE ports (max 64 IP input over MPTS/SPTS), Max 840Mbps for each GE input capacity.
  • HEVC/H.265, H.264/AVC, MPEG-2 TS Decapsulation supported.
  • It can process up to 32 IP multicast groups of a Gigabit Ethernet MPEG TS into up to 32 standard PAL or NTSC.
  • It has 32 non-adjacent or adjacent carriers output within 400MHz capacity.
  • Web-based Network management is supported.
  • Prices range STARTING AT: $4 495,00

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2. IPTV to 16/32 CLEAR CHANNEL RF QAM/ATSC Modulator (H-IPRF-16/32QAM)

The H-IPTV-16 QAM modulator is a simple all-in-one utility device to convert up to 1024 IP Transport Streams from UDP / RTP into 16 non-adjacent QAM Channels. This Thor Broadcast high-density IP to QAM modulator is designed to take content delivered via an IP backbone and/or CDN system and modulate the programming onto digital QAM cable channels for distribution over coax. This product includes a 1RU chassis supporting two individual Ethernet inputs injecting up to 840Mbps on each Ethernet RJ45 connector and outputs all programming onto a single RF F-Type connector for easy output into your RF Coax infrastructure. This single RU form factor allows you to create your own IPTV to RF headend in this single chassis. All QAM Channels and IP inputs are managed from the easy-to-use NMS RJ45 port connection on the front of the unit allowing you to quickly, efficiently and easily access your programming from Thor’s easy-to-read GUI that can be accessed from anywhere on your network. The IPTV programming input is standard headend format, meaning basic UDP / RTP unicast/multicast IGMP v2 / v3 addresses and port formats are supported. This impressive density allows a single chassis to convert an IPTV Ethernet backbone feed to be converted to a full lineup of digital cable DVB-C channels for easy distribution. It is mainly a CABLE TV Headend in a Box. A QAM modulator for IP Edge QAM / ATSC /DVB-T /ISDB-T applications. This 1RU chassis has 2 GE inputs with an SFP interface allowing up to 1024 channels TS streams of UDP/RTP and supports unicast and multicast streams. The maximum input of each GE input is 840 Mbps which will be output through the RF output on 16 non-adjacent QAM carriers in the capacity range of 50-960Mhz.


  • IPTV Modulator supports 2x Gigabit Ethernet input interfaces.
  • 16 Clear QAM Channel Outputs – Non-Adjacent, frequency: 50-960Mhz.
  • Maximum 1024 Channels TS over UDP, RTP & Unicast or Multicast.
  • Output is Of RF on 16 Multiplexed, Scrambled, or QAM (DVB-C) Channels.
  • Its Gigabit Ethernet is serviced by the SFP interface.
  • Supports Unicast and Multicast, supports IGMP v2 or v3.
  • Max 840Mbps frequency for each GE Input.
  • Supports Up to 180 PIDs per channel with PID remapping (either manual or auto).
  • Includes Web NMS (Network Management Software) for easy online access and management.
  • Prices range STARTING AT: $4 495,00.

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3. ASI to QAM CATV RF Modulator (H-ASI-QAM)

This is basically a Digital modulator with ASI Input and CATV RF output – QAM or ATSC or DVB-T or ISDBT. It possesses a more powerful receiving ability of various Transport Streams that come from an encoder, multiplexer, DVB gateway, scrambler and video server. In addition, the modulator also has the ability to output RF while it is simultaneously disposing of the TS by RS encoding, convolution interlacing and QAM modulating. This device supports local and remote control through readily available NMS software. This unit has a wide array of functional uses from Broadcasting to Interactive Services to News Gathering and to other Broadband satellite applications.


  • It fully complies with DVB-C(EN300 429), ITU-T. J.83A/B/C standard
  • Symbol rate adjusting range: 5.0Msps – 9.0Msps.
  • It has five constellation modes: 16QAM, 32QAM, 64QAM, 128QAM and 256QAM.
  • ATSC, DVB-T, ISDB-T modulations are avaialble – model dependent.
  • ASI input is supported.
  • Scrambler is supported.
  • Web NMS Interface is available.
  • Huge buffer memory for burst code stream.
  • Intelligence null packet deleting, automatic TS filling.
  • Has PCR accurate adjusting ability.
  • NIT insertion supported.
  • It carries out PID filtering, re-mapping and PSI/SI update synchronously.
  • Output frequency range: 30MHz – 1000MHz in 1 kHz step.
  • Output frequency attenuation range: -16dBm – +12dBm in 0.5dB step
  • LCD and keyboard operation is supported.
  • NMS operation is available.
  • Prices range STARTING AT: $2 650,00

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4. IPTV to 8, 16 or 24 CLEAR CHANNEL RF QAM/ATSC Modulator (H-IPRF-ATSC).

It is majorly a CABLE TV Headend in a Box. QAM modulator for IP edge QAM applications is supported. Each IP-QAM card can support up to 256 SPTS inputs(or 8MPTS) and output to eight (8) independent RF QAM/ATSC channels. 3 Slot chassis can output up to 24 RF QAM channels – with 3 blade cards installed. 9 Slot chassis(Also Available.) That outputs up to 96 CATV RF QAM with a maximum of 3072 individual IPTV programs.


  • IP RF Blade supports input of up to 256 SPTS or 8 MPTS.
  • Up to 3 IP-RF Blades can be installed in this single chassis.
  • Each blade outputs 8 Clear QAM Channels.
  • Chassis with 3 modules outputs a total of 24 QAM HD Channels.
  • It supports 1 GE input (RJ45interface) for each Blade Card.
  • Supports unicast and multicast, and also supports IGMP v2/v3.
  • Max 840Mbps for all input channels.
  • Also supports MPEG2/4 multiplexing (MPTS pass through, SPTS re-multiplex).
  • Each module can output 8 Clear QAM RF frequencies in groups of 4 adjacent channels.
  • It has High-Density Clear QAM Modulator System for IP to RF.
  • It supports full QAM-256 outputs per card in two groups of 4 adjacent channels.
  • Also available in 3x (H-IPRF-3024) or 12x (H-IPRF-12096) card chassis.
  • Every 4 adjacent RF carriers an independently managed system.
  • It supports worldwide DVB standards: QAM, 8VSB, DVB-T, DVB-C, and ISDB-T.
  • It has front panel indicators for alarm status and system event errors.
  • It supports IP Input for use with IPTV Media Servers and Internet CDN Services.
  • Assign up to 30x IP addresses per 3 blades, and up to 120x IP for 12 blades.
  • Each card supports 2 independent systems, with dual power supplies
  • High-Density IP to QAM Blade Modules with 8 RF Output.
  • 3 or 12 Bay Chassis Support up to 96 Full Multi-Program QAM output Channels.
  • There are dual Power supplies in a three-bay 1RU or a 12-bay 4RU rack chassis.
  • Each modulator blade is fully independent and produces 8 full QAM outputs.
  • Each card processes up to 256 unique SPTS or 8 MPTS network streaming.
  • All programs can be cherry-picked and re-multiplexed with its PID remapping.
  • It has a Secondary redundant gigabit network interface for maximum reliability.

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Thor broadcast IP to CATV converters are the best, according to our opinion and list is comprehensively in accordance with the Thor broadcast store.

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