15 best Gaming Chair and their Prices

15 best Gaming Chairs 2020 | What is the best gaming chair to buy?

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15 best Gaming Chairs 2020 – Are you looking for the best gaming chair 2020 to buy? If yes, you are in the right place. In this post, we will review the 15 chairs that are perfect for you. You might want to ask, who makes the best gaming chair? Here, we will review the best gaming chair manufacturers. We will also give you information on where to buy them at a cheaper rate.

Addiction to gaming is never being encouraged anywhere, but stopping people from spending hours with their console is one thing you may never achieve. With this in mind, one needs a good sitting posture when gaming and it starts with a good gaming chair.

Back pains, neck and waist pain are few illnesses people often experience when wrongly seated for hours. More so for game addicts who can spend the entire day in one position.

15 best Gaming Chairs 2020 | What is the best gaming chair to buy?

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Here we have selected some smart chairs that will allow you some super gaming experience. So here is our 15 best Gaming Chair and their Prices.

1. GTRACING Office Racing and Computer Gaming Chair

Price: $175.99 – Buy on Amazon

Rated as one of the best console gaming chairs. Smart looking GTRACING Office Racing and Computer Gaming Chair goes for $111.99 on Amazon as it stands.


  • Designed with strong metal frames to help maintain a comfortable sitting position for hours.
  • It comes with adjustable seat height and armrest height.
  • Its 360® swivel wheel is built with heavy-duty and smooth-rolling casters
  • Has a removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion.


2. Ergonomic Office and PC Gaming Chair

Price: $69.99 – Buy on Amazon

This is the best budget gaming chair you can find. It’s a bit surprising given the design and its quality it has. Maybe it is to allow the manufacturers to compete well.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble. No worries as buyers don’t need to hire a pro for chair assembly.
  • It comes with thick leather that guarantees all-day comfort, be it for gamers or office users.
  • Quality breathable leather that returns to its original shape after each use.
  • While its smooth pillow allows for neck rest, the 360 spins also allows users to rotate freely to comfortable positions.

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3. HugHouse Musso Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Price: $179.99 – Buy on Amazon

Amazon sells this product at the price above. Other popular stores in the US equally sell this product with the range.


  • Designed with a padded segment to deliver highly contoured support.
  • Its thick foam parts basically fit your sitting posture regardless.
  • It comes with an adjustable arm that goes side-west accommodating both the slim and plum.
  • The 360-degree swivel allows 90 to 180-degree backward movement


4. HEALGEN Back Message Gaming Chair

Price: $179.99 – Buy on Amazon

HEALGEN Back Message Gaming Chair goes for $179.99 on different popular stores including Amazon.


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  • Luxury and comfort are guaranteed with its removable headrest pillow.
  • HEALGEN Back Message Gaming Chair has a back massage function and lumbar cushion, whether it is used for intense gaming sessions or long workdays.
  • Has a full 360® of swivel rotation dynamic movement
  • Made with guarantees to last long while delivering quality to its users.


5. VON RACER Message Gaming Chair

Price: $149.99 – Buy on Amazon

It looks quite simple but guarantees quality which has shown in the price. The same amount is obtainable in top stores in the States including Amazon.


  • Comes with high durable PU leather, high-density foam and memory foam, explosion-proof gas spring of international standards and heavy-duty metal base with 5 smooth-rolling castors.
  • Its adjustable height and arm have you rocking back and forth.
  • VON RACER Message Gaming Chair has a recline locking system to lock the back up to 135®.

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6. Blue Whale Message Gaming Chair

Price: $169.99 – Buy on Amazon

Originally sold for $167 when newly introduced to the market, however, there is a little drop in the price but has nothing to do with its quality.


  • The most noticeable feature is its large frame, something that really differentiates it from other gaming chairs.
  • Its adjustability is massive. Goes from 90® to 155® for the backrest, while the arm can also be adjusted to any comfortable height.
  • The product is made with an integrated metal frame, skin-friendly artificial PU leather with high-density thicker sponge inside.
  • Has special soft pillow, lumbar and headrest.


7. Dowinx Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Price: $179.99 – Buy on Amazon

Intending buyers of the Dowinx Ergonomic Gaming Chair should budget within the price above, as it is what is obtainable at this time.


  • Amazing design as it comes with linkage armrest specifically made for good gaming posture.
  • Mobility is enabled with its little rollers. The adjustable swivel also allows for 360®
  • Easy installation and disassembly. It has a straight forward assembly method which allows every user to either fix or disassemble at any time.
  • The main material is allowed on the frames and quality breathable leather covering it.


8. KILLABEE High Back Message Gaming Chair

Price: $129.99 – Buy on Amazon

Initially sold for $159.99 in its market debut but the price has dropped to $139.99 on Amazon. Intending buyers can check-in and take advantage now.


  • The size of the KILLABEE High Back Message Gaming Chair is as follows; 6” wide x 27. 1” deep x 48. 4” – 51. 2” high, with a 21. 3”W x 20. 1”D seating area and high backrest (21. 3”W x 31. 9”H).
  • Comes with a retractable footrest was designed for superior functional comfort as it features a multitude of adjusting Systems and comfy seating.
  • The chair can easily be adjusted to any comfortable angle. This includes the arm as well as its height.

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9. Merax Racing Chair

Price: $139.99 – Buy on Amazon

This is one of the best pc gaming chair to use. A noticeable price drop on Merax Racing Chair as it was initially sold for $159.99. Amazon provides the best offer which stands at $146.04.


  • Crafted with perfection and designed to fit all body shapes naturally.
  • Has fully adjustable armrests and height to fit your size. Just adjust the chair back anywhere between 90 degrees in an upright position to 180 degrees laying completely flat for napping.
  • Its 360° swiveling ability allows you to position wherever seems comfortable.


10. LIANFENG Racing Style High Back Pack Leather Gaming Chair

Price: $129.99 – Buy on Amazon

Goes for $129.99 at this time on and ranks among the bestselling gaming chairs on Amazon.


  • The style and design allow gamers to stay comfortably for an hour.
  • Other little design to ensure comfort include an integrated headrest and padded arms which offer comfort and support your lower back.
  • Has adjustable height with tilt-lock to control tension


11. LC Power Gaming Chair

Price: $149.99 – Buy on Amazon

$219.99 was the price LC Power Gaming Chair came with when newly introduced into the market, but has since dropped to $149.99 on Amazon.


  • The product dimension goes as follows 0″ x 23.0″x 51″(W x D x H); seating area dimension: 21″ x 21″ (W x D); backrest dimension: 23″ x 32″ (W x H).
  • Has a big head and adjustable waist pillow to manage sitting positions
  • Uses a standard super-soft foam pad that lies between the elbow and arm area.

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12.   Homall Gaming Chair

Price: $104.98 – Buy on Amazon

Here is another best cheap gaming chair for you. The price seems to be dropping fast on Amazon as it formerly went for $114.99.


  • Elasticity resilience, more comfort, long service life, and stability are some of the few quality to expect from Homall Gaming Chair.
  • Multi-functionality is expected with its 360® swivel ability.
  • Adjustable arm and height to help position you for the best gaming experience


13. Ficmax Message Gaming Chair

Price: $139.99 – Buy on Amazon

One of the best gaming chairs under 200 on Amazon. Ficmax Message Gaming Chair is another high-quality gaming chair with a moderate price. This price is obtainable on Amazon and some of the best stores in the US. Count on this beautifully made chair as one of the best chairs for long hours of gaming.


  • Tilt to whichever position the user intends to. The adjustable swivel allows for comfortable movement.
  • Super metal framework further improved by the superb leather finish
  • Features dirt & fade resistant faux leather & 3.9-inch thick high-density foam.


14. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Price: $129.34 – Buy on Amazon

This is one of the best gaming chair under 200 dollars on amazon. Somehow costly buy one shouldn’t expect anything less from a gaming chair with the given quality. This is one of the best gaming chair for good posture.


  • Multi partitioned backseats with waist rest.
  • Superb alloy frames with rubbers on the arms and great breathable leather to finish the outer look.
  • Adjustability for both arm and height to allow user comfort.


15. AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair

Price: $335.08 – Buy on Amazon

For many, this is the best chair for gaming. The most costly on our list even after dropping some good percentage. Initially sold for $529 when newly manufactured but the price has dropped on Amazon currently going for $335.08.


  • Designed with upholstery on front and back – easy to clean and guaranteed to last for a minimum of 5 years.
  • It comes with metal frame and anti-corrosion coating.
  • Has and adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows for even more comfort.
  • This product is expected to deliver more comfort as it comes with gaming chair footrest.

Amazon Best Sellers Gaming Chairs

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