5 Tips to Clean Your Refrigerator Effectively

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Since your refrigerator is good at keeping your food cool and fresh, it may begin to show signs of deterioration. Maintain your fridge’s gleaming with these simple fridge cleaning tips for regular maintenance and thorough cleaning.


The refrigerator is an essential part of your kitchen, and yet you possibly don’t clean it as frequently as you should. Without routine maintenance, stains and food residue can accumulate around the outside surfaces as well as the inside drawers and shelves, and ignored perishable items in the rear can emit strange odors every moment you open the fridge door. Use all these helpful suggestions for the ideal way to clean a fridge inside and out to keep it in excellent condition and ward off bad odors.


Acquire a few green cleaning products as well as common household items like dish soap, water, baking soda, and dry clothes. After that, transfer your food to a chiller, and you’re prepared to undertake the task of cleaning a fridge. However, if your schedule is very tight and you have no time for cleaning, you can hire a part time cleaner out there and trust them to do an excellent job for you.


Cleaning the Interior of the Refrigerator

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Take some baking soda as well as some water for the shelves and drawers you can’t remove. Also included are the sides of the internal parts. Clean the inside of your refrigerator with a solution of 1 part baking soda and 6 to 7 parts water. Common cleaners that have strong chemical content should be avoided because their odor may transfer to food. To avoid moisture on the already cleaned surfaces, operate from top to bottom. To reach cracks and crevices that a cloth cannot reach, like hinges and other components, use a cleaning brush or toothpicks. After you do that, dry all of them with a new and clean cloth.


Cleaning the Exterior of the Refrigerator

A decent exterior cleaning will leave your fridge sparkling. Easily wipe with a cleaner-sprayed cloth, paying special attention to the handlebars, where grime tends to accumulate. Remember to wipe the surface of the fridge on a regular basis. Although this region doesn’t see daily traffic load from the handlebars and doors, debris can pile up there over time.


Because the procedure for cleaning a steel fridge differs, use these ideas to help remove smudges and handprints. To remove stains quickly, use a wet microfiber cloth first, followed by a dry one. If the grime is pretty troublesome, try rubbing alcohol. With a soft cloth, rub some sprays of isopropyl alcohol over the smudges. When cleaning stainless steel appliances, just like most of the fridge’s exterior surfaces, always wipe them gently without leaving scratches on them.


Cleaning The Fridge Drawers and Shelves

Initially, detach the removable fridge drawers, wire stackers, and shelves and hand-wash them in hot water with gentle dish soap. Enable any glass parts to reach room temperature before exposing them to the hot water. Allow these glass parts time to adjust to room temperature; otherwise, they may crack or break. To soften hard food spills, cover them with a warm, damp cloth for a few seconds or minutes before removing them with a non-abrasive scrubbing brush. Pay special consideration to the bottom of wire stackers, which collect dirt particles.


Cleaning the Refrigerator to Remove Bad Smells

Except if you take the appropriate steps, your fridge can create an ideal setting for foul odors. Luckily, you can get rid of bad fridge odors without using harmful chemical cleaners. Once you’ve washed and left to dry all surface areas, deodorize your fridge by placing an open bottle of dry baking soda on the bottom rack. It will soak up any potential smells that may linger near your food, so keep it in your refrigerator when you restock it.


Replace everything in your fridge after it has been cleaned and deodorized. It’s also an excellent time to clean out and rearrange your fridge. Toss out any due to expired or rotten food, group similar goods together, and think about using containers and bins to keep things organized.


Additional Cleaning Tips

Just a few easy measures can keep your fridge trying to look and smell fresh for a longer period of time. Resist reloading the refrigerator with untidy food storage or rotten fruits and vegetables to avoid soggy spills. Simply throw anything that has expired or is of doubtful freshness right away. Wipe down any bottles, or cans with droplets or moldy lids with baking soda and water. Utilize clean clothes and properly dry everything before placing it back. To make this task easier, clean fridge items when you use them in preparing food and meal prep.

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