15 Best Massage Chairs 2020 | What is the best massage chair for the money

15 Best Massage Chairs 2020 | What is the best massage chair for the money

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What is the best massage chair on the market? In this article, we review the 15 Best Massage Chairs 2020. Often times the closest substitute you can get for a stay at home masseuse or masseur is a massage chair, they are comfy and you don’t have to pay for every service which is quite convenient.

We do realize that these things are pricey and size consuming which may cause most people dilemma in finding that perfect one. Well, you are lucky as we have painstakingly gone through the US market and narrowed down the best fifteen massage chairs and their prices in order to aid your purchase.

15 Best Massage Chairs 2020 – Counting Down Review

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15. The Osaki OS-4000T Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-4000T offers Zero gravity design, a unique foot roller which works on your feet as the chair treats your upper body, your arms are not left out as the Osaki OS-4000T is equipped with arm massagers, the recliner has re-designed and developed the next level of air massage technology, streamlining the massager to a reduced count.

The Osaki comes with the best massage chair pad to ensure great massaging experience. Through innovative engineering, the designers have reduced the total number of air bags but have increased the volume and surface area of massage. By doing so the total number of working valves has drastically reduced from the Osaki’s prior model.


14. The Osaki OS7075RC Massage Chair

This massage chair takes you into a world of relaxation and comfort with a simple touch of a button, the Osaki OS7075RC comes with an infrared body scan technology, Thai body stretching massage not forgetting the foot rollers, one unique part of this massage technology is it comes with head, shoulders and even neck massages and a plethora of other features to enhance healthy relaxation. The Osaki OS7075RC is simply the best zero gravity massage chair.

With its many features to ensure head to toe relaxation the Osaki OS7075RC is a great choice for a healthy full body massage, reviewers highlight the fact that it can accommodate persons of very large physical appearance.


13. The Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair

The Titan Pro Alpha is simply the best massage chairs under $2000 at this time. This massage haven comes with a blend of the most advanced massage technology in the Titan Chair series. Now integrated with zero gravity positioning and outer shoulder massage, its easy to use remote control allows you to navigate through the features with relative ease.

Mused by NASA technology, the Zero Gravity position is the perfect position to enjoy a massage. The Pro Alpha remote vividly showcases what functions the chair has activated. There is also a flip down cover to access the manual functions of the chair, you know just in case you temporarily misplace your remote.

The Titan Pro Alpha comes with heating function on the back which would simulate that hot rock massage feeling. With the Titan Pro Alpha chair costing  $1,794  reviewers agree that you get enough value for money and are of the opinion that this is one of the best massage chairs in the market, they have gone on to incorporate it into their daily usage.


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12. Panasonic MA73T Real Pro Ultra Prestige Massage Chair

This standard luxury, a full-body EP-MA73T massage chair is paramount for healthy relaxation and well-being. Padded in top-notch brown vegan leather, this extremely comfortable chair is painstakingly built to duplicate the warmed, invigorating feeling of a professional massage therapist’s hands and the restorative sensation of hot-stone therapy.

From shoulders, neck, and hands to backs, feet, and calves, massage rollers provide relaxing heat and concentrated pressure. A multi-color, LED controller provides easy controls for six massage functions, plus targeted manual operations to fit your personal needs.


11. Osaki OS 3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair

The Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair offers a plethora of features that enable a thorough massage, or a mild massage. The 3D Roller goes in and out as well as up and down being able to extend 3.15 to give you a splendid massage experience.

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This massage recliner is a splendid chair that is equipped with basically all the expected massage features and more such as next level airbags, computer full-body scanner, NASA inspired Zero Gravity, lower back heater, MP3 music player system, Rollers, and a host of many others. This is best professional massage chair you will see at this time.


10. Titan TPPROALPINEB Model TP-Protp-pro Alpine Massage Chair

The Titan TPPROALPINEB Model TP-Pro Alpine massage chair has some of the most top-notch massage technology in the brand’s recliner entourage.

There is an array of top-notch features that make the titan tp-pro Alpine massage chair a great purchase for any home and or office. The pro Alpine comes equipped with zero gravity, mechanical foot rollers, air compression massage, body scan technology, easy to use remote, and does so many more.


9. Ap Pro Regent Massage Chair

This is APEX’s mostly recommended chair, designed with the freshest discoveries in massage recliner technology. This piece of mechanical massage luxury is engineered by top Japanese designers in the industry; the science behind the massage provides a unique life-like massage second to none.

The Pro Regent offers 4D real massage technology, 9 manual massage techniques, memory massage programs, heat blanket, adjustable foot extension, rhythmic massage feature, heated foot massage and a whole lot more.


8. Osaki OS 3000 CHIRO Massage Chair

The OS-3000 is one of the latest technological innovations from Osaki. Its massage track now reaches below your back and even down to your thighs, for those that seek a roller body massage going even more than  the lower spine, this is the chair for you.

The Osaki OS 3000 CHIRO also comes with; l-track roller sound system, leg settings for adjustment, massage styles, shiatsu, Swedish, double action, bum rolling, timer, therapy lighting, width control function, air massage vehemence, removable intensity pad, easy to use the remote control, computer body scan, heat and leg vibration massage.


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7. Relaxon Chair (MK-II Plus)

With the Relaxon MK-II you will get professional full body massage daily without having to leave the comfort of your home. The MK-II provides  full body massage recliner with Body Scan, varied Stages of Zero Gravity settings, 4 fascinating Programs, 5 states of the art Massage Techniques (Kneading, Tapping, Combo of Kneading & Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling), Built-in Heat for your back, Air Massage System for your Arm, Legs and Foot, and a plethora of many more.


6. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair AVILA

The Earthlite Massage Chair is of the best massage chair under 1000. It is the best 3d massage chair here on our list. If you are looking for a portable, easily movable massage chair then this is for you, although the Earthlite is not an electrically and mechanically enhanced massage chair it is great for you if you are a mobile massage therapist or when you need a good old fashioned human massage at home from a massage therapist or a family member and friend without you physically leaving your house.

The Earthlite features adjustability, it is, in fact, the most adjustable massage chair in the market, the Avila II comfortably seats clients from 4’ 6” to 6’ 6” and many more features.


5. Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair

The Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 accommodates all body type which makes it perfect for a range of clients, to maximize the massage effect, SM-7300 specially designed rollers has accupoint bumps on the 6 rollers which increases the massage effect to  the user to feel more rejuvenating and strong massage effect by increase more blood flow.

It offers acupressure point on the arm area as well as accupoint detection system to custom fit body massage and a host of other features.


4. Nouhaus (N-0003 Classic) Massage Chair

One common feature on almost all massage chairs is that they mostly look like dentist chairs, while others resemble one man spacecraft or an exo-skeleton. While most massage chairs feel amazing, the buffed up style and strange design leaves a visual dent on your home decor which you use for about an hour or half of an hour and abandon it afterwards but the N-0003 Classic is a portable massage chair that looks and feel good in the same proportion.

Notice the modern half-dome, stylish base, beautiful colors and compact size. Perhaps you’re imagining it right now in your home. But what you can’t see is our robust massage chair technology underneath. It’s one smart and beautiful seat with creative design. The Nouhaus also features l-track rollers, adjustable placement, hip-massage airbags and Bluetooth Speaker, the N-0003 chair melts tension from your shoulders, all the way to your hips and buttocks!

Opposed to the everyday buffed up massage chairs, this one comes in 3 spectacular colors alongside matching ottomans to fit your life and body!, The Massage Chair starts as a shoulder massager and provides 42 kneads per minute, finishing down at your glutes to relieve sciatica, pain and lower back tension. There’s also a tapping function, and 4x Airbags gently massage your hips and butt. Set it to full body massager or spot back massage, and pop your feet up and many more features.


3. Fujiiryoki EC-3800 Cyber Relax Massage Chair

The Fujiiryoki EC-3800 is Fujiiryoki’s new full spec, flagship model. Enforced with the state of the art  KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball , the crispy fresh ‘air magic’ shoulder care massage. The new KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system.

The new KIWAMI MECHA 4D knead ball system controls the speed and time of all 3D movements to replicate the movements of the human hand to realize off-speed and detailed massages and a plethora of other features.


2. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

The Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair offers full-frame massaging relief, way to eight rubdown rollers within the backrest, foot rollers and over  fifty airbags that offer soothing compression for your shoulders, arms, hips, legs, calves, and feet.

This durable faux leather-based chair has constructed-In heaters to add to the consolation for your lower back, butt and foot area, plus seat vibration loosens tension for your hips and low back. In fact, this chair even offers shiatsu massage factors on your legs and calves.

The zero gravity layout has 3 settings that leave you feeling light and enable your complete comfort whilst you relax and enjoy. This chair offers four auto-massage programs to pick out from – sleep, mild, relaxing, and robust mode, so you can pick out what suits your wishes on any given day.

You can also program the chair manually to just focus for up to 30 minutes at a time on those regions that need relief, in place of using one of the full frame rubdown modes. The easy to apply remote has a show screen, making chair operation simple. And whilst this chair may also look heavy, it’s simply smooth to move, thanks to wheels in the back.

If you’re willing to invest a little extra, this Real Relax massage chair also comes with a rocking characteristic alongside a Bluetooth track player and high constancy audio system built-in, as well as six preset massage features and a great design.


1. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

The OOTORI massage chair gives a double SL track gadget to higher mimic real hands-on massage from your neck to your buttocks. This chair reclines to 3 different zero gravity positions at the frenzy of a button to present you all the benefits of a full body massage using both rollers and airbags to govern away stress, aches, and pains.

A precise attribute of this massage recliner is the yoga stretch application that uses airbags to automatically hold your top and lower body in role and then gently stretches your legs towards the ground whilst pulling your middle and higher body upwards. Lower back heating allows your muscle tissues to loosen up and enables to increase circulation to improve the overall impact even more.

This extensive chair also has a very robust foot and leg massage which makes it a wonderful desire for folks that spend their days standing and be afflicted by foot and leg fatigue. With kneading, tapping, knocking, pressing and shiatsu modes, this chair offers plenty of the functions of more high-priced models at a quite affordable price.

The virtual body scan characteristic helps the chair discover your body size and customizes your massage precise to your length. This chair is additionally geared up with Bluetooth speakers to feature song in your enjoyable mix. Keep in mind, this is one of those chairs that can be too sturdy for some. If you are familiar with more extreme manipulation though, you will probably love the outcomes this chair delivers.


This list of massage chairs were painstakingly researched to aid you chose from the 15 best massage chairs currently in stock at the amazon store. Amazon would definitely update its massage chair stock and we would definitely be available to update you in turn.

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