10 Best Baby Skin Protectant Ointments for Diaper Rash

10 Best Baby Skin Protectant Ointments for Diaper Rash 2020

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Diaper rash is a common condition of skin irritation in babies especially in the first year; it is a common type of contact dermatitis, it may become infected due to bacteria or yeast present on the skin surface. Signs include the diaper area becoming red and the affected skin may be a little puffy and feel warm when touched followed by the appearance of rashes in the diaper area.

Topical ointments are applied on the skin to provide rapid and effective healing. It is not a sign of parental negligence, there are many causes for this like wetness, new foods, sensitivity to chemicals, treatment with anti-biotics and bacterial or yeast infection. We will be looking at the best ten ointments that offer protection against diaper rash; these products soothe a baby’s sore skin and create a protective barrier.

10 Best Baby Skin Protectant Ointments for Diaper Rash 2020

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1. Olivene Diaper Rash Ointment

Price: $9.50 – Buy on Amazon

For over 50 years, Fischer Pharmaceuticals has specialized in the research and development of dermatological products and in particular baby care. This Diaper Rash Ointment is safe, exceptionally gentle, perfectly designed for delicate baby skin, exclusively formulated in cooperation with pediatricians and dermatologists and clinically tested and approved as hypoallergenic and sensitive. Dr. Fischer products are manufactured under the strictest international quality control standards (GMP, ISO 900) guaranteeing that only the safest, most advanced and rigorously tested ingredients are used in the process. It has four powerful ingredients that make it the best diaper cream. Zinc oxide, natural olive oil, licorice plant extract and beeswax.

2. Smith diaper ointment

Price: $12.99 – Buy on Amazon

Dr. Smith’s® Diaper Rash Ointment & Spray is a pediatrician-developed diaper rash treatment that delivers the fast relief you need for your baby. Its ingredients are Zinc Oxide, Beeswax, Lanolin, Mineral Oil, Olive Oil, Paraffin Wax, Petrolatum, Purified Water and Thymol Iodide. This is one of the best diaper rash cream you can get. From its first use, it offers a soothing relief and effectively treats diaper rash.

It creates a moisture barrier to protect the skin from wetness; it is free from paraben and very gentle on baby tender skin.


3. Aquaphor healing ointment

Price: $10.30 – Buy on Amazon

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment is the #1 Pediatrician Recommend Moisturizer Brand for chapped, irritated skin. It is clinically proven to help relieve diaper rash within 6 hours! Its gentle formula is fragrance, preservative and dye-free, so it is ideal for treating your baby’s sensitive skin. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment also protects delicate skin to soothe and help heal drool rash, dry, cracked or irritated skin. It can also be used to prevent diaper rash before it starts and to help make diaper change clean up easier, it also protects to help heal minor cuts, scrapes and burns; it can also soothe red irritated noses and cheeks that results from a cold or drool rash.


4. Desitin skin protectant and diaper rash ointment

Price: $12.92 – Buy on Amazon

Desitin Multi-Purpose Ointment helps protect and treat diaper rash. This hypoallergenic white petrolatum formula is enriched with vitamins A and D to create a protective layer, seal out wetness, and immediately soothe rash discomfort. The Desitin Multi-Purpose Ointment formula goes on clear. It protects chafed skin and seals out wetness, making Desitin Multi-Purpose Ointment your trusted partner for preventing and treating diaper rash. Its Active Ingredients is Petrolatum 70.3% (Skin protectant). The inactive Ingredients are Mineral oil, paraffin, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, tocopheryl acetate, sodium pyruvate, retinyl palmitate and cholecalciferol.


5. A & D Diaper rash cream

Price: $17.46 – Buy on Amazon

This ointment contains vitamin A and D which helps to protect against diaper rash; it is also good on sensitive skin and offers quick relief from diaper rash. It also heals minor cuts, cracked skin and lips. It contains white petroleum lanolin, vitamin A, vitamin D, paraffin and lavender oil.


6. A and D diaper rash ointment and skin protectant

Price: $9.49 – Buy on Amazon

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A+D Original Ointment helps prevent diaper rash by creating a protective barrier on your baby’s skin. The special formula includes vitamins A and D and lanolin and is gentle enough to use every day. When changing diapers, apply it to prevent diaper rash.


7. Baby butz butt paste diaper rash ointment

Price: $12.99 – Buy on Amazon

This amazing product works like magic, Baby Butz cream heals most diaper rashes in 4-6 hours and is an essential for babies. It contains 30% zinc oxide and is a thick, creamy formulation that provides superior barrier protection while quickly healing the skin. Used in Hospital Neonatal units on preemies with the most fragile of skin, Baby Butz cream is trusted and recommended by doctors, nurses and pharmacists. It is certified as a 100% all-natural product with only four ingredients, Baby Butz cream is guaranteed to eliminate most diaper rashes within as little as 4-6 hours after the first application. Its hypoallergenic formulation contains the highest amount of Zinc Oxide. It is safe for babies’ delicate skin and it was developed to heal even the worst diaper rashes fast.


8. Calmoseptine diaper rash ointment

Price: From $11.53 – Buy on Amazon

Calmoseptine Ointment Tube a moisture barrier that prevents and helps heal skin irritations; its active Ingredients are Menthol (0.44%) (external analgesic, first aid antiseptic), Zinc Oxide (20.625%) (skin protectant/moisture barrier), the inactive Ingredients are Calamine, Chlorothymol, Glycerin, Lanolin, Phenol, Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) and Thymol. Cleanse skin gently with milk skin cleanser. Pat dry or allow to air dry. Apply a thin layer of Calmoseptine Ointment to reddened or irritated skin 2-4 times daily, or after each incontinent episode or diaper change to promote comfort and long lasting protection. Get it here for


9. Baby salve, natural diaper cream

Price: $12.97 – Buy on Amazon

This salve is a natural healing ointment. First we infuse our blend of organic herbs in non-GMO grape seed oil in glass containers in cold and dark conditions. This extracts the nutrients and healing properties of the herbs into the oil and not any toxins that would leach from plastic infusion containers. Then beeswax is added to provide structure and protection, as well as organic raw coconut oil and a touch of castor oil to offer soothing and emollient. Vitamin E is well established to have benefit to the skin and extends the shelf life of the otherwise preservative free salve. This process has been used by herbalists, grandmothers, mothers and families for thousands of years, and now we continue the tradition. There is no better way to keep baby rash free than keeping skin dry by changing diapers often, avoiding food triggers, and avoiding diapers, detergents and other products that may cause irritation. Rashes do sometimes occur though, and when they do, we reach for our Baby Salve.


10. Pavlovic’s anti diaper rash ointment

Price: $19.99 – Buy on Amazon

The active component, bisabolol, has anti-inflammatory, soothing and mildly antiseptic effects upon sensitive baby skin. Its ingredients are petrolatum, lanoline, paraffinum liquidum, aqua amygdaleae amareae, zinc oxide, talc, bisabolol, citric acid. These help to heal diaper rash quickly and prevents formation of new rash when applied before wearing your baby diaper.

Diaper rash usually goes away on its own in 3 to 4 days, but if the rash shoes signs of infection please do not delay, call a doctor immediately. Signs of infection of diaper rash are blisters, pimples filled with pus, open sores and oozing yellow patches.

Amazon Best Sellers Baby Skin Protectant Ointments for Diaper Rash

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