15 Best Languages To Learn In The World

15 Best Languages To Learn In The World


Language is a means of communication. Thus, communicating in your native language makes you comfortable than speaking in a foreign language. It becomes imperative to learn a new language if there is a need to communicate with other people for reasons other than pleasure. Today, education, business, politics, sports, economy, and security are a few of the reasons you may have to communicate with other languages different from yours.

As it is, learning a second or third language is becoming popular as the world has become a global village. Consequently, this list of 15 best languages to learn in the world will give you an idea of where to start your search on one or two other languages you can learn. The ability to speak more than one language, especially one or two that I will be listing will place you at an advantage among your peers and open doors of opportunities for pleasure, education, and business.

15 Best Languages To Learn In The World

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Come with me as we explore the best languages to learn in the world. Reading this means English is either your native or second language so I may not include it in my list.

1. Chinese

We know how renowned China has become over the years in terms of business, so Chinese is one of the best languages to learn for business. Apart from being the most populated nation in the world, we have over a billion people speaking the Chinese language. Though we have varieties other dialects fused into the language. Learning such a language puts you at an advantage to one of the world’s economic nations. About 70% of the people speak the Mandarin dialects while the remaining 30% variants are spoken by others. The good news is the there is no sharp variation in the dialects.

2. Hindi

Over six hundred million people speak this language both in Indians and across the world. The popularity of this language could be compared to the competition between American Hollywood and the Indians Bollywood.

3. Spanish

The Spanish language is home to over half a million people world over. It is a common or second language of most people across Europe after English. In South America, for instance, the Spanish language is having dominance and has been predicted to have an influence on entire America in a short distance time from now. Interestingly a few countries in Africa have Spanish as either official or second language.

4. Arabic

If you learn Arabic you are at home in the US and Britain as some of their political stalwarts are Muslims. Today, over three million people speak Arabic and most of the middle east nations speak Arabic including North Africa. Apart from its religious benefit, it offers job opportunities outside the Arabic nations especially the US. In the religious circle, the Arabic language is the second largest religious language apart from the Jewish Christianity language.

5. Portuguese

From my point of view, Portuguese seems one of the easiest languages to learn. Apart from Portugal and Brazil where the language is predominant, it is spoken in other parts of the world including five other African nations. It is easier to learn because of grammatical coloration with German, Spanish, and French. For sport and tourist lovers, learning the Portuguese language is a welcome development.

6. Bengali

Funny enough, not many people will not pick this language because it not as popular as others. But put on the scale of the number of speakers, it outnumbered French, German, and Korean with an average of 300 million speakers. The Bengali language ranks second to Hindi in India. Today the language is in high demand in the US. It is also one of the languages in Kuwait, Britain, and Italy. Surely one of the best languages to learn for the future.

7. Russian

Learning the Russian language means you are among the people with an understanding of a language that is eight in the world having over 800 thousand speakers in America alone. That is one of the major languages in Europe. With that, your employment and study chance is higher. Most Russian entrepreneurs cannot communicate in English, learning the language makes you in high demand. You are even safer in Russia if you can communicate in the language plus having the opportunity to get things cheaper.

8. Japanese

My choice of Japanese as one of the best languages to learn in the world to stern from the ample opportunities that come with it. First, you can be earning some money as a worker or a student when you teach the Japanese English language because of your knowledge of their language. Second, your understanding of the language will make it easy to come to terms with their other Asian nation’s language and culture. The other countries that share similar cultural values include China, Korea, and India. Third, technologically you have a better opportunity in that field if you understood the language.

9. German

For candidates and parents seeking admission that is quality and affordable, studying in Germany is one of the best options. This is one of the reasons you should consider learning as your second language. You are in for a good run before millions of Internet visitors if you can also write in the German language as a freelance. This is because the German domain ranks higher than the regular .com domain. I don’t need to tell you about the importance of trading with the US. But, what I must remind you if you already know is Germany is the number one trading partner with America. So your understanding of the German language is germane to your business success in America as well.

10. Korean

The language is the official means of communication for both the North and South Korea. It records over 77 million speakers apart from other speakers across China, the US, and Japan. It ranked among the four major languages in China. So if you do business, sport, or education in china, your knowledge of the Korean language is an added advantage to you. With just 24 alphabets, lesser than English, it will not take time for you to understand the language. Seeking for a job in the third world countries where Koreans are having a sound footing in business will place you ahead of others in employment.

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11. French

Learning French exposes you to a lovely culture with a unique set of people. The French language is competing favorably with the likes of Chinese, Arabic, and English. The Francophone nation of Africa, for instance, is increasing in leaps and bounds extending the political, economical, and cultural horizon of the French language. Since most nations of the world are vying for the market potential of the African nation, it will be a lofty idea to include this in the languages you will learn this year. Unarguably, this is one of the best languages to learn for English speakers around the world.

12. Turkish

This language is spoken by over 15 million across Europe apart from the Turkish natives. This does not include sizeable numbers of over 50 million in Asia. Turkish is a combination of other dialects like Azerbaijani, Uzbek, and Kazakh. Learning this language opens you to cross-cultural opportunities. It gives you an edge for business, leisure, and education across Europe.

13. Vietnamese

The language has a phonetic relation with Latin with over 90 million speakers. One, it is easier than English is you can use a verb in place of a noun as against that principle in the English language. You can also do away with gender and article which makes it easier to learn than English. With your understanding, you are comfortable with the neighboring countries of Asia especially Chinese. If you in the US, you will be comfortable in places like Washington, Texas, and Oklahoma where Vietnamese as their second language.

14. Indonesian

You have a competitive advantage if you learn the Bahasa Indonesian. This is the general Indonesian dialects that will help you communicate effectively with other Indonesian and learners elsewhere. You can even communicate flawlessly with the Malaysians. Currently, the nation is the only nation in Southeast Asia among the G 12 giving you a lot of opportunities if you can communicate in their language. The language is easier to know when you compare it to other languages.

15. Italian

If you are interested in art, literature, and history, the right place to go to is Italy. Today, more people study the language in the US more than any other language. One striking reason you should learn the Italian language is the business and employment opportunities. Why? Most American giants in business are found in Italy. Talk about ExxonMobil, general electric, and IBM are a few to mention. Learning this language opens you to the finest Italian dishes, the best of Opera, and the latest designer wares. This is in addition to opening you to the language spoken by well over 60 million people.

Apart from the many opportunities accrue to learning another language from your native language, it increases your mental capacity. Your understanding of other languages will make you value your own culture, respect, and understand other people ‘s cultures and ways of life. Picking one or more of my list of 15 best languages to learn in the world opens you to immense opportunities you can hardly imagine.

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