5 Steps to Use Freebie Events to build unlimited Email List

5 Steps to Use Freebie Events to build unlimited Email List

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We all know that the giveaway events are great for building list fast. I recently participated in one such event and got 118 subscribers in 72 hrs.

However, there’s an inherent problem with the subscribes you get form the giveaway events. You got to mine the list to find your ‘ideal prospects/subscribers’ from the freebie or gift collectors.

Although it takes some effort, it can be done.

In a nutshell the idea is to……

”Arrange a giveaway event that concentrates on one niche topic like – ‘List building’, ‘Product Creation’, ‘Membership sites’ etc.”

The advantage of arranging and participating in such events are as follows:

1) As an organizer you get in touch with gift contributors who are dealing with same topic as yours, hence opening up opportunity for future JVs

2) As a contributor you get more targeted subscriber. As all contribution are on same topic, this event attracts prospects looking for a specific solution

3) As subscriber of the event, people get a lot of options to choose from the same topic/problem that has been bugging them, instead of downloading 101 gifts on different topics which distracts them as most of those would not be of any immediate use to them.

It is a win-win for all.

Participating at giveaway events as a contributor is a great way to build a list very fast. In fact, I’ve received 80 subscribers in just 2 days from an event I participated recently and are getting new subscribers everyday but…

The problem with such giveaway events is……

Many of these subscribers are just freebie seekers with no serious desire for what you have to offer and therefore can’t be your ‘ideal subscribers’.

However, you can mine the gems and build a ‘real prospect/subscriber list’ from the list you build quickly through giveaway events.

Here’s a step by step plan I used to do it recently:

Step 1: Create or Compile 2 short reports closely related to one another on the topic you want to build list. Both should be able to stand alone as a product, but the second builds on the first and provides something more advanced. The reports should be of high quality, something you could easily sell for at least $20 each.

For example –I created two brand new reports that details 2 different blueprints to build list from scratch. Both blueprints are bound to one theme – ‘Build a laser targeted subscriber list from scratch –without JVs, without SEO, without PPC”

Step 2: List your gift in the Giveaway event.

Example – In my case it was “14 Days Action Plan to build a list from scratch” which included the 2 step by step blueprints mentioned above.

Step 3: The gift collectors in the giveaway event gets the first report immediately as soon as they subscribe to your autoresponder. Note: The report should contain some sort of exercise, task list or day-by-day plan to help your readers reach the objective you teach in the report. In the first Autoresponder message itself, mention that the report includes a task list/exercise which they should complete before receiving the 2nd report.

Step 4: Setup follow up messages that reminds your reader the task they need to complete that particular day. Also mention the page number inside the report where they will find the details.

Your objective here is to help them from getting distracted and consume the info you provide in the report.

If your report is really of high quality and helps the reader to reach his/her objective, you will get people hooked and they will be eager to get your next report. This is where you start differentiating the gift collectors from real prospects. These are the people who have taken time to actually read your report among the others they have collected from the giveaway events.

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Step 5: Setup another mail in your autoresponder series that invites your subscribers to download the second report. This mail should go out on the final day of the ‘exercise’ or ‘task list’ you have included in the first report.

For example – If your first report includes a ‘5 day plan’ to reach a goal. This mail should go out on 5th day.

However, don’t let them download this second report immediately. Your task here is to filter out the real prospects or subscribers from the freebie seekers and to that you have to make them ‘raise their hands’.

For example – to get the 2nd report, they need to do something like

a) Reply to a question you have sent them or
b) Take a short survey or
c) Send an email to you requesting the second report.

On performing the small task, they get to download the 2nd report, which builds on what you have taught them to do in the first report.

This separates the Freebie seekers or gift collectors from ‘real serious subscribers’ who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Note: Much of the success of this strategy will depend on the quality of the gifts you offer. Your first report should be of high quality enough to hold your readers interest and make them want your second report. Your second report should maintain the quality as usual so that your subscriber gets rewarded for their effort and at the same time get used to the fact that you provide quality info and not just some rehashed stuff. This is the first step of building relationship with your new subscribers and gain their trust.

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