Most Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes Many Businesses Make

Most Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes Many Businesses Make

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Irrespective of having the best sales tools and forming abundant B2B marketing strategies, many businesses fail to get desired leads. Although there could be several reasons behind failed B2B sales, growing competition and easy accessibility to service providers are the biggest challenges. Furthermore, most businesses commit common mistakes while forming their lead generation strategy that keeps them away from attaining their sales goals.

Lead generation is a critical aspect of the B2B marketing and sales process, and any mistake in this area can cost you sales. Here are the most common B2B lead generation mistakes to watch out for.

1. Directing potential leads to a wrong page

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Most businesses spend a lot of time and energy curating an ad campaign but send their potential lead to a generic page with no value. This little mistake hampers lead generation. Leading your visitors to a page that offers no value to them results in an increased bounce rate.
Some businesses consider leading their audience to the home page a viable solution to this problem, but it isn’t so. With several navigations for content and service and standard content, home pages do not provide any specific solution to their problems.
Make it a point to direct your potential leads to a page that answers their queries and offers them a viable solution. Create a specific landing page for different services and products and place the right CTA to guide your leads further in the funnel.

2. Not creating valuable content

Constantly churning out valuable content is the key to remain at the top of the game. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to realize the value of relevant and engaging content.

Create content that resonates with your target audience and keep optimizing it according to the changing needs of the users. Before you start a new campaign, review the performance of your old campaign and mark the shortcomings. Optimize your existing content and keep monitoring your content to find out the weak-performing pages. Replace the content of these pages with new content to fix the loopholes.
Create a strong B2B content marketing strategy to ensure your content reaches the audience.

3. Talking about features instead of benefits

One of the common mistakes that most businesses make is putting the focus on their features rather than the benefits.
When explaining an offer to the visitors, tell them the benefits rather than talking about the features. Tell your audience how your offer solves their problems or benefits them. Showing the value your offer will bring to your leads.
Remember, the audience invests time only on things that serve their purpose.

4. Creating a weak CTA

A compelling CTA is a must to turn your visitors into leads. Many businesses with unique content and a proper landing page also fail on the lead generation aspect.

It is critical to have a compelling CTA with relevant content so that the visitors don’t have to look for means to connect with you. A CTA naturally guides the visitors to the next step.

5. Not following up

Another common mistake that every B2B company commits is not following up with the clients who have already walked the initial steps. Taking time to respond to the leads turns them away, hampering the business.
Today, clients look for responsive companies. If you take three to four days to respond to your leads, they will vanish in no time.
Ensure to follow up consistently on leads and maintain an open line of communication. Use automation tools to get follow-up reminders and make your leads advance in the sales funnel.

The bottom line

The B2B landscape is highly competitive. There are ample businesses out there trying to lure the audience. Even one mistake on your part can kill your sales.

So, keep an eye out for these mistakes and fix them today to generate more leads and turn them into your regular customers.

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