5 Foolproof Ways to Turn Your Social Media Into A Lead Funnel

5 Foolproof Ways to Turn Your Social Media Into A Lead Funnel


Do you ever wonder how can you turn your subscribers and followers into potential customers? Since businesses have been directed towards social media, people have been working tirelessly to find ways that could direct a more targeted audience towards their business. What if we tell you that your social media can act as a customer grabbing machine if you optimize it in that way? In order to do that, you need to identify and understand the ultimate goal of your business.

It may seem obvious that any business’s ultimate goal is to grab potential customer’s attention and keep it diverted towards their business. To do that, you need to know what audience are you targeting.  Knowing and identifying your target audience benefits you in creating content that will serve that specific group of audiences and they will be able to relate to it massively since the content was created having them in mind.

Here are some foolproof ways to turn your social media agency into a lead funnel that will direct your followers to your business, increasing your business page audience tremendously!

1.    Craft And Optimize Your Profile

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First and foremost, know what you want out of your social media existence. Then optimize your social media profile according to that. If you target to gather an audience for your business through your social profile, always use business profiles instead of personal accounts as they offer a vast range of options that can help you manage and boost your audience organically.

Make sure each and every individual who follows your social media, knows what you are representing. Add links to your business pages in your bio, pin the most relevant posts on top so more people can access them easily.

It is seen that being a bit general with your content is important as well. Create general content and post it every once in awhile, so more people get attracted to your account. And while the audience increases, use that opportunity to make them like your product by strategizing your product posts.

2.    Engage With Your Audience

Not enough emphasis can be put on how important engagement is! People tend to know and remember your brand if you or your brand knows and acknowledges them. Involve in different interactive activates on your social accounts with your audience so they feel heard and valued.

·       Conduct question-answer sessions

·       Do live sessions and webinars

·       Reply to comments

·       Hear customer feedback on your social accounts

·       Build a human face and create recognition for your brand

·       Choose bloggers and models with decent following and amazing content and brand them with your products

·       Post stories; how your brand came into existence, what hardships did you face while reaching where you are today?

·       Conduct giveaways

·       Give a shoutout to small businesses so they feel they need to reciprocate the act (besides, who doesn’t like helping people out?)

Practicing these steps will form a heartfelt connection between you and your audience and they will be more agreeable to what you say because they will feel an emotional connection with it. Win Their Hearts!

3.    Schedule Your Giveaways

Contests and giveaways play a huge part in inviting new people to your media accounts. To keep those new people interested in your account, you need to plan your giveaways beforehand. Target the audience you want to invite and select a prize or gift that will reside in their interests. Anything that will speak to them on a deeper level. So, they participate with more zest and zeal.

·       Create targeted content to be posted after the giveaway

·       Grab most audiences right before putting a sale on your brand

·       Be true with your contests and actually choose people who participate

·       Restrict your giveaways and contests to one or two annually. Too many giveaways can grab ghost followers. People who follow you for the gifts and then disappear, your business does not benefit from them.

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Following these strategies will ensure the longevity of the stay of your freshly grabbed audience.

4.    Broadcast Gated Content

Grow your email list! If you have made a change in your website, introduce that change through your social media. Add a gated link to your account, so that the user has to enter his details in order to be able to access that change. Gated content as the name portrays is the type of content that is guarded by a virtual gate that needs the customer’s email as a key to pass through.

By broadcasting gated content, businesses can advertise their promotions and offers to potential customers in their email addresses that have a direct reach and individual impact on them.

Asking for an email address or a phone number automatically generates a marketing list for your brand and save you the hassle of contacting marketing firms to gather mobile numbers and emails of people who might be interested in your product.

5.    Run Paid Campaigns

Instead of creating your content and putting it up on your social media, waiting for customers to find and reach it. You can always use paid ads, provided by Instagram and Facebook. Take benefit from their commitment to spreading out your ad to the people who have similar interests and reside in the demographic area where you want your business content to target.

Don’t shy away from paying a few bucks to Facebook and Instagram to run your campaigns because the revenue they will generate in return is far more than the price you pay.

Following all these tactics carefully will bear the sweetest fruit for your business and develop a great social media presence for your brand. All these tips and techniques will grab a lot of clients, but you still need to figure out ways that work perfectly for your business. Not every business is the same and not everything works for everyone.

However, there are a few things that work regardless of what category your business falls into. Keeping your content simple, understandable, and relevant will ensure more people engage with it. Regular posting and interacting will keep you in people’s eyes and minds. Staying fixated on a specific color theme or a template on your profile will help people remember you with that color or template.

Taking people’s opinion and actually considering and implementing it has also shown positive results. When people feel heard and noticed, they put in extra effort to keep things that way. This promotes audience engagement and hence, blooms the business audience relationship.

Basically, it is all about entering people’s minds and making a home there. Work loyally and smartly for it and your brand will be trending on social media!

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